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[devlog] Crowkid

A topic by jebbbs created Jan 03, 2016 Views: 866 Replies: 31
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ohhkay time to commit. wish me luck ;w;

The title is not %100 concrete yet

Outline: it's a story driven side-scroller - the ending of the story will be influenced by the player's choices (or at least that's what I'm thinking right now)! The setting will be very much inspired by the novel Titus Groan by Mervyn Peake. The quality I love about it is the portrayal of, quiet fantasy? A lot of surreal, strange things happen but it feels so natural and calming. So, with that in thought, I want the player to come across fantastically weird scenes and just be able to explore it (and convey a sense of wonder, if possible). Kind of like Sworcery with its poetic, beautiful scenes. (And storytelling through images rather than words? I love that).

I'll add more details as I go :')

Programming: I've been playing around with Unity and I quite like it. I'll see how that goes. I took a class in java so uh, I'm sure it'll be fine /sweats

here are some rough concepts of the protag

 photo tumblr_nzscf4cTRa1v2cxkzo1_500.png</a> photo tumblr_nzscf4cTRa1v2cxkzo2_12280.png

 photo tumblr_inline_nzsc81seYE1stra2h_540.png

I'm not 100% content with the design above so I'll prolly play around with it a bit

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Trying to do a walk cycle and realising I've never actually done one before. So I did a sketch to visualise it better.

 photo walkawlakdf.gif


it looks good tho very nice and relaxed! i also just did my first walk cycle few weeks back and wow i didnt expect it to be so complicated!


I know right? My respect for pixel animators (and just animators in general) went up big time!

i like the idea! also that sprite looks really cute!


I really like the look of the sprite! It's really well done and I can't wait to see how it looks animated :>

Jam HostSubmitted

i love these designs!!! i can't wait to see what you hash out when you solidify your plans!!!


whoa your pixel art is incredible *___* !!! i can't wait to see the final walk sprite!


also that pixel art is amazing

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Thank you all for the kind comments ;w;

Animating the first sprite would've taken a...ges.... so I experimented with a simpler approach? The hair bob still feels janky but ah well x_x

 photo walalaal.gif  photo sprite test.png

edit: also I've seen some people post gifs of their work environment and I was wondering if there was a program that lets recording that kind of stuff easy?


I use Licecap!

I asked about if from another gamedev and they told me its a rly good tool and yeah, here I am using it too. I made all my gifs with it and they're really neat! Its incredibly simple and easy to use try it out.

Also really good job on that animation it looks really nice and fluid! :>

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i use this for my gifs !


we actually posted a few resources for gifs on our blog! i personally use screentogif but i also have licecap.

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let me share with you some concept sketches

a chimera

an old king

a graveyard

and progression; church -> graveyard -> forest -> drawbridge/cliff -> castle


ohhh gosh your art is sooo lovely!! and i love your pixel style so much ;;o;; i'm seriously breathless already i know full screenshots of this game are gonna blow me away


I love this idea! Calm exploratory games, visual storytelling, quiet fantasy--these are all things that appeal to me a lot. I also think the concept art looks really nice! I can't wait to see what it looks like finished.

Holy shit this is such a nice concept? Quiet fantasy is so much fun and its such a nice vibe to go for like the whole. Looking at something and being awed by it. Alsooo on a less serious note, your fashion design is really nice and I want to meet your character and get cool fashion tips. Floofy skirts are so much fun!!!


Super cute style, I love the MC's colour scheme


man I'm so happy people dig quiet fantasy. your comments are like sweet music to my ears.

ok so I putted around with the programming today

PLOP jiggle jiggle jiggle


also I spent WAY too long trying to figure out how to make it pixel perfect. Then I realised Unity isn't the best with 2D. SIGHhh


i'm sure there is a way to get it to work? i dont know anything about unity but try googling unity pixel perfect there are tutorials for getting your pixels to work perfect!


omg this is so exciting to see moving!! i'm not too familiar with 2D in unity but maybe try this gamasutra article and maybe look at this article for other possible solutions?


you're a life-saver... look at that crispyness ;w;


OH GOSH THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL IM YELLIN !!!! very nice omg ;;o;;;


Your character sprite is seriously perfect. It almost looks like a 3d pixel, when they sway back and forth. I'm so impressed.

The quiet fantasy thing has always been a favourite of mine, so I can not wait to see this game more fleshed out !!!

Ahh what wonderful sketches and color choices! I can't wait!


Thank you v much otomeido and aprilcot! :)

nothing too exciting right now, got camera movement and scene transition worked out (I am quite proud for working out the latter :^)). The backgrounds are just placeholder images for now.


save her


that transition looks so nice!!! also placeholder images are an art :)c

Oh my god that is so beautiful ;; w ;;//

question : will there be jumpscares?

I Can't handle that at all lmao

thank you! ^^

no there won't be any jumpscares, although there might be sliightly scary parts? My first conception of the game was quite dark and I'm thinking 'yeah ok I need to make this more about 'wonder' rather than 'scary'' so that's what I'm doing :')

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I've been really lazy these past couple of days (getting Bloodborne did not help oh gosh) so I sat myself down today and did some backgrounds. Still a bit more backgrounds to paint though wheeew


the thing

inside church! it is... super repetitive, but, gothic architectures shhh

edit: also I would like to add a glowy affect to those pannels. hmm...


Nice!! That outside background look is the exact one I would go for my game if i was better and more patient at pixels lol! :D

this looks amazing :> easy way to make a pattern non-repetitive is make 2-4 slight variations and make a system to randomly(or manually) use the different versions :>