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[devlog] The Cabin of the Doe

A topic by dinkydau created Jan 04, 2016 Views: 290 Replies: 10
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Greetings! I am making a Ren'py game about three friends trying to unravel a mystery of who killed their friend and how, while stuck inside a stranger's cabin during a blizzard. I'm aiming for something along the lines of a 999 style mystery with some of the mechanics cribbed from Until Dawn (like the totems that volunteered info about how to avoid certain outcomes). My goal is to have at least one animated sequence, at least two moments where a character could die, and a courtroom-type interrogation leading to a revelation about the victim.

For now, I'll post what I've gotten down for the game graphically:

ooo interesting!! cant wait to see more

Current progress so far.

ooo this is a v intriguing concept!! i was really interested in until dawn, and i was really hoping to see more decision-based games with that cabin in the woods scenario. this looks really solid, i'm excited to see where it goes.


Very cool concept ! I love decision based games

Submitted (1 edit)

New character. One investigation scene nailed out so far. Hoping to get the principle writing bits done before the 9th.

Still got a long way to go, but I'm really liking how this thing's coming together.

Well, my game's as done as it's getting before the deadline, so here it is!

this looks SO COOL!!! i love the artstyle and i can't wait to play!!!