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Game Title/URL:

Pitch/Information: A short game about traversing an area and finding eight coins.

I'd like feedback on: whether or not the game has potential as a prototype for other stuff I make in the future. What can I tighten up to make gameplay more enjoyable, and what can I do to improve on what I have?

after some finagling with the zip file, here's what I got done for this jam! It's not much, but I'm glad to have finally made something presentable in 3D!

The game over condition, the exit gate's transparency, and the coins needed to activate the gate are all working as intended! We also now have an official name for the game - "Find And Pick Up Some Coins"

I've added the last of the structures and coins I intended! Currently banging my head against the exit gate I made not becoming active when you reach a certain number of coins. The only stuff left is some UI work, a victory screen, some music, and a death condition for falling out of bounds.

work didn't let me out until 1 AM tonight but i got some color lerping done for an exit gate for when you collect all the coins!

(does anybody know how i make it translucent b/c i don't want a solid color cylinder it looks janky)

appreciated! but they're a free asset, i  had nothing to do with it

we now have a terrain! much prettier. the coins now rotate as well

This go-around, I'll be making a proper 3D game based on collecting coins and reaching a goal. Here is what I managed to accomplish so far! For the next update, I'll be aiming to make the full map you can explore.

PS: Does anyone know how to make GIFs of your game in motion? I'm at a loss.

NOTE: In order to run this game, you will require the RPGXP RTP, which has to be downloaded manually. You can retrieve this RTP from this link:

Whoa, this was frentic! Great game, and I especially loved the music/sound design you had going on!

Really digging the character design in this!

That was nice! Being able to make a ghost smile was refreshing.

Hey, I enjoyed this a lot! It's easy to jump in and start playing, the characters make a satisfying splat when shot, and the whole thing is very cohisive as to what you're doing. The only thing I wish was that there was more of a marker to enemies appearing from the ground, or at least a moment before they hit you when they spawn nearby. Anyway, I enjoyed it, good work!

Updated Game (2/20/17)

- Fixed a bug where the opening text plays indefinitely when going back upstairs.
- Fixed a bug in the first room where you could go through the desk(s) in your room and the sandwich shop.
- Fixed a bug where you could pass through the void in both your room and the sandwich shop.
- Fixed a bug where you are stopped by the weeds outside the shed.
- Removed the smokestack from the farmhouse's front.
- Replaced the tree stumps in the lawn with a fence.

Alright! Finished the game I set out to do. Pretty happy about it! Here's where I'll try to formulate a way to tackle the next game I decide to make in RPG Maker based on how this one did.

The Positives: What I like about RPG Maker as an engine is that it's permissive of very text-heavy games, without expecting the text to carry the game. Like, I like writing, but I find myself at a loss working with engines like Ren'py or Twine, where writing is all there is. I like games that offer movement!

My biggest accomplishment in this game was easily coding the grass you ran into that allowed for long complicated move routes. This way, I could move DEATH GIRL in a way that suggested quick slashing of grass without demanding a lot of custom sprites on my end.

The Just Theres: I used the built-in assets to make this game, and as much time it saved me in development, I wonder if maybe leaning on those assets meant that I didn't put in a strong enough effort in making the game look distinctive. I had plenty of time to make at least a custom tileset...I don't know. It's not really a negative. It's just that there's this looming thought in my head that in order for a game to 'count', you have to build it from scratch, aesthetically.

One thing I love about the RPG Maker graphics engine is how extensive your options are for altering the graphics you have to work with. Being able to change the hue and saturation of the tiles in real-time, as opposed to having to do it from a paint program, took a huge load off.

The Negatives: Y'know...I REALLY didn't think I'd run into the issue of people not having the RTP to run the game. I had that happen multiple times when the game was released. That really sneaked up on me, and I'm sure my failure to include the run-time files in the game led to a lot of people not giving it a chance.

But, anyway! Lessons learned, and I'll certainly be using this engine again in the future! Thanks to everyone for giving my work a shot, and esp. for giving me the opportunity to take a second chance at this thing. I'm glad to have finally completed a game, for real this time! And congratuations to everyone who participated, you've all done great!

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For those of you that couldn't play the game earlier, it turns out that you need the RPGXP RTP in order to run the game. I'm including a link to where you can get the RTP here:

Hopefully, that should fix the issues with playing the game that came up!

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So, I figured out the problem - in order to actually run this without RPG Maker XP installed on your system, you have to have the RPGXP RTP installed on your system already. Here's a link to where you can get the RTP:

I have no idea currently if there's any way to include the game and the RTP in the same download (I'm sure there is), but this can work as a workaround until I can find a better solution. I also changed the download from the .exe file to the .zip file. Let me know if that works any better, and thank you for alerting me to this problem!

Nvm it's out now, haha

Pretty much all the work on the game is finished. I'l probably post the game later tomorrow, but for now, here's the title screen.

It's very nice! I love a good murder mystery. Just out of curiosity, are you making this in Adventure Game Studio, or a different engine?

First screenshots. So far, I have custom sprites and a custom windowskin. Only time will tell if I can be bothered to make custom tilesets " >^>

Death Girl Mows the Lawn is a game I'm making in RPG Maker XP. It revolves around a young lady using fiction to contextualize a death in the family. Here are the main characters.

 photo dgmtg_zpsksocq49i.png

F.G is the character to the far left. She will look different in the final game, but her journey to resolve her feelings about her sister's passing is the story's main conflict. To the far right is Pop, F.G's dad. Front and center is DEATH GIRL, a character from an anime. Hopefully, I'll soon be able to update with screenshots.

1. Hi there! What's your name? Want to introduce yourself?

Hello, I'm Ryan! I'm an aspiring game developer. I also write a webcomic called Newheimburg.

2. Did you participate in the last jam we held? If so, what do you plan on doing better this time? If not, what's your reason for joining?

The last few times I did this jam, I got too ambitious w/ my work, and ended up creating half-finished stuff that's going to have to get re-worked in the future. THIS time, I'm following the K.I.S.S rule. I'm working with RPG Maker XP, using the premade assets, doing my darndest to make the work easier and more rewarding for myself.

3. What games are your favorites? Did any of them inspire you, or made you want to make your own?

Not any favorites in particular! One of my big inspos would have to be those old Clik' n Play amateur games you used to be able to buy from those 1000-in-1 Game CD's at Sam's Mart. That was the main thing that solidified in my mind that 'I could do this exact thing! I could just MAKE a game!"

Of course, two game jams later and I have no complete work seems to say otherwise, but... (-P

4. Do you have experience with game development? What did you do/with what engine?

I've done this jam twice last year, once in Ren'py and once in Unity. I've also fiddled with Adobe Flash, Clickteam Fusion, and Twine.

5. Tell us about something you're passionate about!

Comics! I love comics so much.

6. Any advice to new jammers (if you're a veteran)?

If you're anything like me, you likely have mapped out an extensive concept for how your game's finished product's going to turn out. Don't fall for it. Even if you do accomplish your vision, the process will leave you bitter and drained. Who wants to leave a game jam feeling like that? Not me, and I'm guessing not you, either. I recommend pin-pointing ONE specific thing you want from your vision that you can manage, and everything else can be ad-libbed.

Frog Sleepover is out! It's not done, but it's as done as it's getting before the 23rd.

J, that was, in fact, the most helpful comment to hear right now. It's hard to accept that sometimes, the biggest and brightest of your ideas will takes years to fully develop. In an environment where most game devs I've seen have the experience and know-how to bang out a workable prototype within 24 hours, and knowing that's just the standard for a lot of people - it really messes with my head sometimes. So, I appreciate the pep talk - but I especially appreciate how you've been ready and willing to take the time necessary to comment on my thread since I started. It means a lot to know that there really are people out there paying attention to what you're doing and hoping you'll succeed. It gets hard to remember sometimes.

I've come to terms with the fact that this particular project won't be 'completely' done in time for the jam, but I can still spend enough time tinkering with the prototype that it might result in something fun anyway! So, I'll try that!

And, once again, thank you very much for your time and patience!

Frog Sleepover Progress: Day 8

Added triggers and scripts for a quest to complete by walking from one zone to another. I think importing assets screwed up the way triggers register (or, I'm just coding it wrong). Only thing I know for sure is thank goodness for Gamesplusjames on Youtube, otherwise this game would NOT be happening right now.

Frog Sleepover Progress: Day 6.5

Dreams over. The buttons I got to work earlier don't work anymore. They don't work anymore because I imported a free asset bundle to try and get the battle systems working. It didn't work because it was made in Unity 4, and the API's or whatever didn't fit with the code I'd already scripted, so now the buttons don't even HIGHLIGHT when you click them!!

It's just fucked, you know? Unity will draw you in with how versatile it has the potential to be, and then not give you ANY working material to get started unless you downgrade to an earlier version, costing you a bunch of time you SHOULDN'T HAVE HAD TO WASTE.

I expected to be SO much further along than I am now!! I have NOTHING! I have a bunch of cobbled-together sprite assets, and some non-functional buttons. I just...I reallllly thought making an RPG in this engine should've been easier. This week has not been easy. This week has been an uphill battle from the beginning, and what I have is barely a game. I KNOW that that's part of the risk and the fun that comes with being part of a game jam, but I was still clinging on to the vain hope that I was going to be the exception. Why was I not the exception?? Was I too lazy? Too inept? Both??

I don't know. I mean...nobody enters into a game jam thinking it's going to go on their CV, or get them a job or whatever. So, I don't know why I'm so riled up. The whole point was to have fun, and I'm not. I feel like dogshit. I have the components in place to make a different battle system, I guess. Anything to not come away from this feeling miserable.

Frog Sleepover Progress: Day 6

By some miracle, I finally got one scene to link to another; pressing the play button in the middle of the first screen takes you to the rest of the game.

I made some buttons for the battle system once I get it up and running. They don't do anything yet. I'm trying to stay optimistic, but I'm not convinced this game will be ready by the 23rd.

Frog Sleepover Progress: Day 5

Got some tiles set up! They don't fit together right! But, whatever!

You'll also notice, I've got a standard GUI element in the top left. In theory, I should be able to click that, and it'll send me to the BattleEvents scene I'm setting up tomorrow. But, for whatever reason, the button doesn't want to be clicked. Hovering over it does nothing, clicking it does nothing. Yet another mystery to solve! Thankfully, tomorrow is another of my off days, and I will hopefully make the most of it! :

Frog Sleepover Progress: Day 4

So, I finally managed to get every character to be able to fulfill a speaking role. Big steps. Sadly, I attempted to use quads to work in place of the background, and instead it only managed to cause another problem. It's looking like I'll actually need to remove these quads and create a proper tileset for the background. I'm not really looking forward to piecing together the in's and out's of UV texture mapping, but what choice do I have?

I shouldn't really complain too much. The real challenge of coding actual gameplay is still to come.

Frog Sleepover Progress: Day 3

Got the problems from yesterday quelled down a little, but sadly, still not much progress. This one screen is all I can make happen with the dialogue for the moment, until I figure out tomorrow how to make that little blue piece clickable. After that is a matter of putting triggers on colliders to make dialogue for multiple characters, but once that's done, then I can have some real fun with writing the story proper!

I should also think about getting these folks a real environment to stand around in. I have my day off tomorrow, so hopefully that'll be the day everything comes together!

That's a really rad concept with a lot of potential! I'm looking forward to it!

Frog Sleepover Progress: Day 2

So, essentially what's going on is, I haven't had a lot of time to actually work on this project b/c of work, so I haven't been able to properly do anything about THIS.

I downloaded Fungus, but as helpful as it could potentially be, the codes are all giving error messages. Every last one. I assume this is because all these assets occurred when Unity 4 was the model, and I'm using Unity 5? Oh well. Point is, I'm trying to reverse engineer the stuff I'm seeing for narrative gameplay, and now everything's on fire. Will report back tomorrow, when hopefully everything isn't as on fire. Sure would've been nice if the error console could at least point me in a direction of what went wrong, but I can't go asking for the moon.

Frog Sleepover Progress: Day 1

So, in lieu of managing to actually fix the problem with the scene trigger, i instead decided to just parent the camera to the player, and have the whole game be a single scene that you can navigate. Hey, I don't have all month!

Anyway, here's all the art assets I've got so far: first pic, you can see your friend Marco in the bottom right. He's a fidgety sort. Second pic to the left is his mom, and the third pic, you can see his dad.

The seal on the couch? Well, she's…let's just say, she's a catalyst for stuff to happen. The cat's just a placeholder.

Tomorrow, I'm hoping to get a system ready where you can exchange dialogue. I hope I can make that much work, this entire project's kind of hinged on being able to talk.

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{edit} please excuse the post that this one replaced, i wasn't really in a good place mentally when i wrote it.

I'm developing a game in Unity called Frog Sleepover! In essence, you play as a frog, and you've been dropped off by your dad to stay with a friend from school for a sleepover.

I originally wanted to make this game in RPG Maker, but I quickly found that any attempts to make anything custom work with that software seriously limited what I wanted to do, hence why I chose to make this game in Unity. Because it's a carryover from RPG Maker, I want it to function much like RPG Maker did, but with a few added quirks. The game will have a few enemies to learn how to deal with, and mini-games you can play to try and learn more about your friend Marco and his family. The endgame is a confrontation with Marco himself...

1. Hi there! What's your name? Want to introduce yourself?

I am Ryan. I guess you could say I'm a failed artist. Four years out of college, got a BA in Studio Art, have done next to nothing with it, live with my parents - you get the picture.

2. Did you participate in the last jam we held? If so, what do you plan on doing better this time? If not, what's your reason for joining?

I did. The end result was an alpha build for a prospective game called The Cabin of the Doe. Working on that was the most animated I'd ever been since the year prior about making any kind of artwork, but I simply let the project get too big for its britches - there was simply no way to incorporate everything I wanted to do with that game in the span of a fortnight, and now that that jam has wrapped up, I've lost momentum on it entirely. I'll want to wrap things up with that game in the future, but for now, there's another work I've been itching to put a bow on for a while now. Like the last attempt, this game will simply be too big to finish in two weeks - so I'm sticking to a tight scenario that would play out in the full title, should I even get that far.

3. What games are your favorites? Did any of them inspire you, or made you want to make your own?

I love Barkley Shut Up and Jam Gaiden by Tales of Games, Dog of Dracula by TEAM BATSU, Dys4ia by Anna Anthropy, and Lakeview Cabin Collection by Roope Tamminen, among others. I suppose there's a lot of games that encouraged me to make my own, but my main motivator is personal irritation. I've had so many pie-in-the-sky ideas that never went anywhere because of a lack of understanding on my part, or just a failure to capitulate on my own wants and needs from a project. So, I guess I'm inspired by bitterness.

I4. Do you have experience with game development? What did you do/with what engine?

I have a fair to middling amount of experience with game development, having made alpha builds of visual novels in Ren'py and platformers in Adobe Flash. This will be my first time doing any work in Unity, and I'm slowly building up anticipation, working through tutorials to see what's what with the system.

5. Tell us about something you're passionate about!

Comics! I love telling stories in comic format, and that's a main source that I draw from and approach any artistic project with. This one is no exception, as I want to use my skills with storytelling to hopefully navigate this project into something playable.

I'd welcome any conversation about how my game worked, and what I could improve in future builds.

The Cabin of the Doe Alpha Build 1.0


I'd like feedback on: how people are feeling about how the plot is going, if there's anything pulling you out of the experience I need to address, etc.