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[ ! ] Post-Jam Playtesting! Share your games here! Sticky

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Jam Host

Please use this form if you'd like critique on your game!

Game Title/URL: Self-explanatory.  Link your game here. 

Pitch/Information: A short description of the game.

I'd like feedback on: You can put a list, questions, or description of what you would like critique on. Can be "anything!" if you're not looking for anything specific.

I need help on: Optional; remove if unnecessary, but if you have a specific problem or bug that you would like help or advice with solving, put it here!

Submitted (1 edit)

Kupid Vein

This game is about navigating the artery maze to reach the dark heart at the end and purify it. Your aim is to get through the maze without touching the walls.

I'd like feedback on the gameplay and pretty much everything. What is done well and what isn't, as a list would be great. This is so I can write down the feedback and use it for later when designing other projects. The maze may be pretty easy (probably because I have played it so much) but that is because it is a prototype level meant for testing the mechanics, such as the deadly solid walls and the moveable obstacles (blood clots).

Same goes for help. I would like to know what I could do better next time, as I am pretty new to publishing games/jam entries. This would benefit my future a lot.

Thank you.

- Caleb (LebbyFoxx)


Game Title: Ineptitude

Information: Ineptitude is a comedic, D&D inspired text adventure game with a classic 90's terminal style layout.

Feedback: I'd like feedback on absolutely anything. I'm constantly updating the demo while I work on the paid chapters to give everyone the best impression of my game that I can.


Hey, I enjoyed playing this demo!

The writing style's great, I think the snarky, self-aware tone is really entertaining. And since that's the backbone of your game, I think you have a pretty solid base. 

The main thing that I think can be improved is general text readability. The typing effect is cool and atmospheric, but it feels a little bit slow compared to my reading speed (might be good to add an option to change the typing speed if possible?), and choosing to display all the text at once immediately hits you with a big wall of text. Might be good to have the space button load a paragraph at a time rather than the whole page!


Thank you, that's some great feedback. That's actually relatively easy to implement, so I'll get right on that now and update the demo.


Game Title/URL: G. Ramirez and the Missing Hat

Pitch/Information: A point and click game where you help a detective find their hat in their messy, messy office. 5-30m play time, probably towards the shorter side.

I'd like feedback on: Anything except music (the one thing I didn't make myself). It'd especially be nice to know if anything is distractingly ugly, confusing, or just generally bad. Is there too much text, or not enough interaction points? I'll take critique on anything, though.


This game was one I was excited about from reading through the devlogs, and I'm glad it turned out so good! The art and presentation is beautiful, especially considering you're using an engine meant for Lucasarts-style games. I enjoyed poking around the room a lot, it's a very rich environment for three screens. (I like the lighthouse photo joke.) I like that combination lock puzzle - putting the clues in the room together was satisfying. I didn't spot any bugs or glitches.

The one big thing that bothered me was that the inventory items should have descriptions - the letters repeat their contents, which is great and exactly what I wanted, but I think the photos should do that too (especially since one of them has a puzzle clue!) - right now the photos and the hat are just "some junk in my inventory," which conflicts with their importance in the story. Maybe that's just because of game jam time pressure, though? Anyway, your game is great :)


Hey, thanks for the in-depth feedback! Very much appreciated.

Yeah, editing the inventory system was a bit of a struggle for me. I actually messed around trying to add a description line to that inventory screen, but in the end it was one of the few things that defeated me... You're right that it's p important to be able to see that information again, though! Gotta keep that in mind for the next(?) game :0!


Game Title/URL:

Pitch/Information: A short game about traversing an area and finding eight coins.

I'd like feedback on: whether or not the game has potential as a prototype for other stuff I make in the future. What can I tighten up to make gameplay more enjoyable, and what can I do to improve on what I have?


Game Title: Crazy Cat Collector


Pitch/Information:  A simple platforming game about collecting cats.

I'd Like Feedback On:  Art, Gameplay, fun-factor.  Music as well, though a friend made it, so I can pass that feedback along to him for him to improve.  

Thanks in advance!

Submitted (1 edit)

Love Collector
A platform game made for My First Game Jam 2019
Platformer prototype
Play in browser
Thank you for your comments any critic is wellcome, just consider i haven't ever played platform games and before this year i have 0 knowledge about the engine i used.


Game Title: Violet's Castle


Pitch/Information: A short platformer where you play as Violet and try to climb to the top of a castle in order to find her gf

I'd Like Feedback On: Everything except the weird camera bugs


Game Title/URL: The Haunting of Fractured Peak (demo)

Pitch/Information: A short demo for a visual novel about three queer best friends and their dog, returning to their beloved vacation spot before they head off to college, only to find that it's being 'haunted.' Play as Iris and investigate what's going on!

We'd like feedback on: We'd like feedback on the writing , primarily, and if there are any issues with the mechanics/transitions. Please let us know if the writing has mistakes, is paced too slow or too fast, or just sounds strange. The backgrounds and music within the actual playable part of the game are pretty terrible, and we are aware - they're just placeholders for now, as we had to prioritize fixing the code before the deadline!

We need help on: If anyone has any links or information about how to insert a custom UI, or more complicated choice trees. please feel free to share it with us! It was our first time coding, but we'd like to implement more complex choices and a user interface perhaps similar to a journal that Iris keeps, if possible.

Thanks much!


Game Title/URL: Arcane

Pitch/Information: A puzzle game inspired by classic tile-based puzzlers like Chip's Challenge and DROD. The main gimmick is that certain blocks can be teleported to anywhere they'll fit in the room  in order to weigh down pressure plates, block enemies, etc.

I'd like feedback on: Anything, really - I made the game solo, so any comments or criticism will help. I'm especially interested in comments on the puzzle design, since I think I'd like to expand Arcane as a full-fledged puzzle game.


Hey, just got to your game now! And oh man, the puzzle design is really clever. I got stuck on the slime rancher ones for a while, so those were really fun to figure out. I really like how you expanded the simple mechanic of the monsters' movement into really complex puzzles... and I also thought you did a good job of teaching how the AI moved through earlier puzzles, so it was Very Possible to logic out the moves needed to solve the more complex levels.

Just one potential suggestion: I think purple's a good thematic colour, but the game feels a bit saturated to be staring at for a while. I'd suggest maybe toning down the saturation of the walls and floor, and maybe making the movable blocks brighter/more colourful so they stand out a bit more (I almost missed them on the first slime rancher level, since they blended into the square wall shape).

In general, I thought the difficulty curve of the game was pretty reasonable and overall it's a pretty good short game already! I'd love to see what other puzzles you come up with in the future!

the music is also really great btw :o


aa thank you! Very kind of you! You're probably right about the saturation - I'm not an artist, so I was just using the colours in Game Maker's sprite editor, which are all very bright. I'll look at tweaking it if/when I come back to Arcane. Thanks so much for playing!


Game Title/URL: Warfront Nations

Pitch/Information: An online strategy game where you can create your own country/nation.

I'd like feedback on: Fun factor and the appeal of the game.


Game Title/URL: Gravity Chaos.

Pitch/Information: This is my first game.I am good at programming so worked my game around that point and compromised with graphics.I made this game inspired from Jetpack Joyride

I'd like feedback on: I would like to know review about the game,which help me to get better.


Game Title/URL:  wOnderseed

Pitch/Information: A  relaxing game where you experiment with different tools in a little garden in order to grow different plants. We had a lot of fun designing plants and thinking of ways to integrate them. It's still pretty much just a prototype and we'll keep working on it!

We'd like feedback on: Any kind of feedback is highly appreciated! 


Garry's Great Groundhog Campaign:


An earthquake has destroyed Groundhog Gary's burrow!  Help him find his missing beloved, Phillomena, by navigating him through the maze.

I'd like feedback on: 

  • Does anyone have any tips on how I can allow the user to save their progress in the game?
  • Garry kind of slides around when he moves, so how can I make the controls more responsive and accurate?
  • I know it's short, but how did you enjoy the demo?  
  • Just in general, how can I make the game better? (adding monster worms, beetles, obstacles, etc.?)

Game Title/URL:

Pitch/Information: A mutant survivor of Transigen copes with body dysmorphia. (X-Men AU Fic)It's an interactive twine fanfic with two endings dealing with themes of body modification, reclaiming one's body after trauma and coping with anxiety along with the stress of dealing with family. 

I'd like feedback on: Grammer, world building, pacing, plot holes, the storyline itself, if the writing is engrossing. 

I need help on: Keeping the storyline interesting.