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1. Hi there! What's your name? Want to introduce yourself?

I go by Alaris or Alarikun online, and Tom IRL.  28 year-old male. I'm a retail-monkey IRL, but I hope to get into game-development full-time one day.

2. Did you participate in the last jam we held? If so, what do you plan on doing better this time? If not, what's your reason for joining?

I didn't participate in the Summer Jam, but I did in the 2017 Winter Jam. I kind of fizzled out after my second game last year, and I'd like to get back into 'jamming' and making games in general.  What better way than to jump back in on January 5th?

3. What games are your favorites? Did any of them inspire you, or made you want to make your own?

Well, I don't think I can say I have on favorite, but of the games that may have inspired me to make my own, I would say Undertale. It was made primarily by one guy, and that is an inspiration to solo game developers, especially since he used an engine I own to make it.

4. Do you have experience with game development? What did you do/with what engine?

I've made 2 games (in Game-Jams mostly), and while I wouldn't call them complete, they do function, and at least a few people seemed to enjoy them. I used Game Maker Language to make them, but I might branch out from that in a future jam. For now, I'll stick with it.

5. Tell us about something you're passionate about!

Well, video games for one, but I guess that's obvious. 

6. What are your goals for this game jam?

To re-ignite my passion of game-making. I hope to get back into jamming with this, and maybe... just maybe, I'll make a prototype I can branch from to make a fully developed game.

7. Any advice to new jammers (if you're a veteran)?

Umm... I wouldn't consider 2 jams a "Veteran," but if I can recommend anything, I would say to set a plan. The first thing you should do on Day 1 is open up a wordpad, and write out your plan, and how you want to accomplish it. What sprites you need to make, what code, sound assets, etc.

It's a lot easier when you know what you have to tackle, rather than leaving anything to wait until the last day.

8. If you're a returning jammer, what can the admins do to improve your jam experience?

Nothing I Can think of off the top of my head.

While this might have been pretty big scope for a first game, I don't think you should give up on the idea; maybe come back to it when you're more experienced (or keep working on it). I think it could be a really good game with some polish!

V0.2 Released to fix a Game-Crashing Bug involving Gooshy Food!

Unfortunately not yet. If you ever do, please let me know... it would be nice to know how it works.

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It is simply hosted through Wordpress (going to upgrade to Premium at some point, but it's not self-hosted regardless).

I'll give switching themes a try.

Edit: I'm using the simple Twenty-Sixteen theme. Tried 3 others, and it will not embed.

Does the free-Wordpress not allow Itch.io? Like I said before, it's fine with Youtube embedding... so this would seem arbitrary and weird.

I've tested it in several other places with much success, but attempting to embed the Widget for my game to my Wordpress site does not work.

I'm able to use other iframe features, like for Youtube, but Itch.io simply does not work.

Any suggestions? Anyone else have the same issue?

Created a new topic [Post-Mortem] Cat in a Box

So uhh... given the simplicity of the game, I wouldn't think there would really need to be a Post-Mortem, but... well, here I am.

I had a very minimal amount of GameMaker experience going into this game, as well as Zero Artist experience, Zero Music experience... well... all in all, it was a project doomed to fail.

But seeing how many people were working diligently on their own games, I kind of pushed myself to finally do it; after all, I really do want to get into Game Developing as more than just a passing thought or a hobby.

Anyway... my initial thought for Cat in a Box was as a platformer; you would control a Human, picking up cats and putting them in boxes. It seemed like a simple, cool idea to me, for a first game anyway.

So... as a non-artist (my sister got all the artist genes in the family), I started scouring the Asset sites for sprites. Found a decent cat one... but I couldn't find a Human one that really... clicked for me.

I figured I would get to that later, and decided to focus on getting the basics of the code down. I got a basic walking system down, as well as gravity (because what platformer DOESN'T have gravity).

Real life kind of got in the way in droves shortly thereafter, and the rest of my first week was pretty much eaten away.

And with the start of the second week, I decided that, since I couldn't find a Human sprite that would satisfy my needs, I guess I would completely change how I envisioned the game; let's just pick the cat up with the mouse! Because that won't have any issues...

This had many issues. Many... many issues. Collision. The mouse leaving the room. Getting stuck in walls.

I sought some help from a mentor, and managed to get it at least... semi-functional. I could pick up the cat. Drop it. Put it down. So on and so forth.

I threw together a box sprite, as well as a food sprite, and started working on the mechanics of AI for the cat; it must follow food. Harder than it sounds, actually.

Real life (hate work) ate up even more of my time, and then I was down to a day and a half to finish the game. So I scrambled together a 'rage' mechanic, and with my last few hours, threw together a handful of 'test levels.' It... didn't turn out how I really wanted it... but it was a game. One you could play from start to finish. And I was proud to be able to submit it.

What I Wanted:

I wanted to create a puzzle game involving putting cats in boxes. You would use toys to lure the cat, and food to appease it so that it would not attack. Various different items and mechanics were in mind, but I just didn't have the time to implement them properly.

Instead, I got a game where you must grab the cat and rush it to the box ASAP, because a timer starts when you pick them up. Ideally, I wanted their 'rage meter' to rise the further you moved them, not the longer you held them. But I couldn't figure out that mechanic in time either.

Where Do I Go?:

Well, I'd like to polish up the game; get some consistent sprites, program the mechanics the way I'd like them, implement a lot of other features... yeah.

After that, I'm not sure. I definitely want to do more Game Jams; they've pushed me to actually make my first game!

This all kind of turned into a long rant about my shoddy development, rather than a decent post-mortem, but it definitely helped to put this down in writing.

I'd like to give a special thanks to the MFGJ team, for hosting this event. You guys are pretty freaking awesome!

A very playable prototype, especially for your first game! I had some fun with it, and I could see it becoming really awesome if you worked at it.

I did run into a small glitch (couldn't switch to red magic when I got it, I had to restart to be able to do so). Other than that, it was cool.

Thanks again; it's been bought. I look forward to this course!

That would be awesome; I will definitely purchase it if you can do that for me. Thank you so much!

Created a new topic Can We Still Get Early Access?

I remember coming across this page a few weeks ago, and I didn't have the funds to purchase it early. I can't find the button for purchase anymore; was it removed? Is there any way to still get early access?