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Day 4 (Late):  Getting ready to head out for work, so I'm going to throw together a devlog of my last few hours of progress for the day, since I won't be working on it when I get home.

Today was a... mess of different things.

I got tired of seeing static sprites representing the characters, so I wasted some time on the placeholder sprites making them blink... because reasons.  Not good ones, but they were reasons.

I arted up some new ground, instead of that eyesore of what it was before.  This may or may not make it into the final game, I still have no idea.  I also made some background, rather than the atrocious green.  Not sure if it's better, but it doesn't hurt my eyes as much, so I'll take it.

Finally, and the big thing that took most of my 4 hours of time... was setting up wandering.  The cats will now, at random intervals, wander a random distance within their area.  They won't just wander back and forth between two walls, but actual random distances.  This is harder than it sounds, I swear.

And finally, I'll give a glimpse of my workspace currently in GMS2, including my attempts at a cat sprite (today).  We'll see if it evolves into something... passable. XD

Thank you for reading, and until next time!

Wow that random direction behaviour is really impressive ! :O I would have no idea personally on how to achieve this in Godot... XD And I honestly like the floor tiles a lot. They may be simple but they're very pleasing to look at. And I'm sure you'll be able to make a nice cat sprite, you're doing a great job so far !