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Widget Embed not working with Wordpress?

A topic by Alaris created Feb 03, 2017 Views: 818 Replies: 6
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I've tested it in several other places with much success, but attempting to embed the Widget for my game to my Wordpress site does not work.

I'm able to use other iframe features, like for Youtube, but simply does not work.

Any suggestions? Anyone else have the same issue?


Nope, I was able to embed a widget just fine on my own WP site. Might be a problem with your theme -- many have all kinds of Javascript doing weird things. Is your blog self-hosted?

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It is simply hosted through Wordpress (going to upgrade to Premium at some point, but it's not self-hosted regardless).

I'll give switching themes a try.

Edit: I'm using the simple Twenty-Sixteen theme. Tried 3 others, and it will not embed.

Does the free-Wordpress not allow Like I said before, it's fine with Youtube embedding... so this would seem arbitrary and weird.


I doubt it's anything so specific. More likely, they're only allowing embeds from just a few whitelisted sources -- or else they simply have some Javascript doing bad things in there. Worth a question to WP support, either way.


Have you guys figured this out?


Unfortunately not yet. If you ever do, please let me know... it would be nice to know how it works.

I had this problem, I've got an up-to-date standard self-hosted WP and it just seemed to eat up iframe contents where the src was

A colleague suggested I looked at plugins, and I used the popular 'advanced iframe' one - and that works great!

Pretty-much just pasted in the code from the widget generator, and dumped it straight into a post in my WP blog, and it works. I've not tried playing the game 'in the widget' - I'm happy having the user see the widget banner and click to go through to my page on itself.