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Day 3-ish?:  Day 2 was a bit of a bust, due to extenuating circumstances... and Day 3 doesn't seem like it will be much better for the moment.  Full-Time work + some schooling is a pain.

Anywho, enough about me... you're all here to see the wonderful progress I've made.

Well... the answer to that question is... not much.  I read more documentation and toyed with my code some more to create the very basics of "collecting cats".  As I said before, this is super basic, and I intend to expand upon this a lot more once I have the time, but I wanted to put something into place for the moment.

Also, I drew a box sprite.  And you can't tell me it isn't great. XD

Anyway, like I said, very simple right now.  My intention is a bit more complicated:

  • Animated Sprites
  • Moving Cats
  • Obstacles
  • Cats fighting being moved by you
  • Using tools to lure them around
  • Allergy:  Cool concept I'd like to introduce is that the Player Character is actually allergic to cats; the more she interacts with them, the more severe symptoms appear.  This can be mitigated by finding/using allergy medicine.  

It's a work in progress, but I'll get there.  11 Days to go!