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[Devlog] He Was A Good Boy

A topic by adanteallegro created Feb 06, 2019 Views: 72 Replies: 3
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This past Saturday, I had to make one of the hardest decisions in my life.

I had to put down one of my dogs.

I was hesitant on joining the game jam at first, because when I first saw the announcement pop up, I was concerned about adding on another stressor on top of worrying about my dog's health. However, after driving home from the vet and looking at the announcement again, I noticed the optional theme: 'Love'. 

This game will be a tribute to my friend, Tigger. He lived a long and happy life, and I want to show everyone how he was a good boy.

He Was A Good Boy is going to be a very simple and short game: it's an auto runner where you collect an object (I'm thinking stars?) while the scenery changes, from the adoption center to the dog park. There are no obstacles, just collectables to nab as you're running. Hopefully, as the game goes on, there will be little tricks you have to pull in order to collect all of the collectables, but for now, I'm just going to focus on making the game work. This game will be made in Game Maker and published on browser (hopefully - I bought a Humble Bundle a while back that had the browser extension, so it should work...?)

Because I just joined the jam, I don't have a lot done already - I'm working on a piece of music for the game and I sketched some rough ideas for what I'd like to do. With joining the jam with 10 days left however, I don't have much wiggle room. I want to create the best possible game I can in this short amount of time, and that means making it work first before making it look pretty. 

To Do Tonight:

-Make placeholder images for Tiggs and the collectable object

-Start sketching out sprites for Tiggs and the collectable object (doesn't need to be completed, I just need to get started on it)

-Start sketching out backgrounds


I love the concept for your little game, and I'm definitely looking forward to it! I normally don't enjoy the runner style games, but this one sounds like it will be worth it.


I'm sorry to hear about your beloved pet and good luck on the game making.


aww i'm sorry to hear about your dog--it's really touching and i'm so glad you can honor him in a game.