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Day 5 (Late):  

Day 5 has been... fun.

I went into Day 5 with two main goals:

  • Implement the Allergy Symptoms
  • Create a Win Condition

I wouldn't have complained if I had done more, but at the bare minimum, I did both of these things.

I have implemented Sneezing as the primary allergy symptom, though I still want to do more with that... possibly.

And I have implemented an end-level condition (though I intend to refine it a bit before release, obviously).

For now, the end condition is a mere door that appears when you have captured all the cats in this level.

Below, I have a GIF (my longest yet) of completing the test level, sneezing and end-screen included!

With Day 5 over, we have less than 10 days until the end of the Jam.  I feel like I'm making good progress.

Tomorrow, I'd like to work on some more art, hopefully.

Until then, thanks for reading!

This is so awesome and creative ! I love it :D