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Day 6: 

I did not have as much time as I would have liked to work on my project today... I wouldn't be able to get into more coding, so I instead chose to work on sprites.

People have told me the cat sprite stares into their souls... so I figured she wold be the first one to be changed up.

Now, if you don't know me, I will explain... I am not an artist.  The last time I drew anything seriously was definitely when I was a kid... and even then.  My sister inherited all of my art genes.

So, I looked up some references, and started attempting to sprite a cat.  

After doing a little bit of shading (if you can call it that... the references had it, so I figured it would look nice), it turned out to be not... god-awful.

I took this sprite, and with some heavy modifications, got a standing one out of it.

And finally, the challenge of the day... animating.  As fun as it would be to see our cat just skate across the ground, like our Space Cat Lady... I chose to give our cat some walking legs.  Now I warn you... what you are about to see may horrify you... watch at your own risk.

So there we have it... a mostly functioning cat sprite for use. Hopefully tomorrow brings... well, maybe a Cat Lady sprite... if I'm lucky.  I can only imagine that humanoids are harder to deal with.

Thanks for reading!

Really loving that new cat and his new animation ! How he triples looks so playful and fun ! You're making so much progress. :D