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Day 12 (Early): In the whee hours of 2 AM, I have discovered the solution to my glitch!  Thank the lord, I didn't want to give up on this project.

I don't have anything to really show for it, but for those interested, in gamemaker, there are (I think) two functions for creating instances of an object.

I was using instance_create_layer, and for some reason, this was causing me to be unable to drop a cat if I have used the "room_goto" function. 

I switched over to instance_create_depth, and it seems to work 100% correctly.

I have no idea why this is the case... but maybe one day I'll figure it out.  Until then, I'm just happy I can continue my project.

Now, today is Valentines day, so you probably won't get another Devlog until Day 13, but I promise, it will have some progress!  We're in the last couple of days... so it better!  

Until then, peace out!