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Day 9.5:  

Today is mostly just the second half of Day 9... and while I should be working on level design (and I will, I swear!), I actually ended up just working on more mechanics that I'm introducing in Level 1 (Tutorial Level).

This time, I made a Switch that can affect other blocks within the world. If you find yourself stuck and unable to progress, perhaps there is a switch somewhere that will change the world around you, so that you can?

As you can see with all the floating letters/numbers, the Switch is linked by a common variable to other blocks; right now, it can make those blocks inherit gravity, and fall.  But I'm thinking allowing it to make them float, move in different directions, vanish altogether, etc.

I'm not going to make many more mechanics, as the game jam is in the home stretch, but I wanted to add a little more puzzle before I move solely to level-making and bug-fixing.  


  • Title Screen + Maybe Mini-Intro to Show Story (might just be text-based)
  • Sneezing Tutorial + Voluntary Sneezing
    • Voluntary Sneezing:  Sneezing grants a lot more horizontal distance than normal jumps, and can be used to jump over larger gaps.  This should require you to intentionally increase the allergy meter, and may or may not require allergy medicine or something to do at will

Anywho, thanks for reading, and I'll catch y'all tomorrow for more Devlogs!