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Day 4 (Early):  Well, just got home from work... it's after midnight... and I feel like working on something.   But, well... not anything specifically related to what I was working on before.

Sooo... onto the Cat Temperament Mechanic!  

As I think I explained in my first post, you can directly pick up the cat to bring them to the box, but they tend not to be agreeable in regards to being picked up.  There are risks, including your allergies, and well... angering the cat.

Obviously, you'll want to use other means of moving the cat, such as using toys or food (to be implemented soon!).  However, here's what I have so far... in the whee morning hours.

First thing you may notice is that I have put in a Debug Menu on the left, to show the various stats by numbers.  This makes things easier on my development end, and will not be available in the actual game.

Next, we have a little cat's paw in the top right corner, crafted by yours truly (and his epic "art skillz").  

After picking up the cat, the anger stat will begin to increase, and as it reaches certain threshholds (30, 60, 90), claws begin to protrude from the cat's paw in the top right.  This is to give the player a general idea of how long they have until the cat attacks.

I don't have it implemented yet, but my intention is that, when you reach 100 anger, the Cat will claw the player, increasing their allergy meter substantially, as well as forcing the player to drop the cat, who will then run away (and have to be recaptured).

I know it's not what was on the immediate agenda, but my brain doesn't always cooperate, so this will have to do.

Thanks for reading, I'll likely make another post at some point after I wake up in the morning, with hopefully more progress!