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LOL that "fun and action" is not implemented on this version.

Wonderful job, very adictive simple, not easy it's engaging I love it.

No way!
Are they drunk or something? LOL
Thank you for playing!

Thank You. I'm glas You liked it

Thank You. That was the idea.

I hope it was from having a fun time :D

Thank you for playing and for reporting these issues, I will check them.
Kanako's dresses are on the game, I will check about that missing dress.

A lot of wonderful ideas to implement in further versions and expansions... Thank you.

Wonderful ideas!
They could be implemented!

Sounds good. It could contain a clicker action in order to make it more interactive. About the energy and the gifts it could be needed to insert a shop, or a traveling merchant that comes from time to time to sell these kind of items... Cool ideas.

I really wanted to see this project alive. I want to add animations to the actions and some kind of training to the girls, I have a small amount of animations but I hide them because only some clients and girls will have them.
I will think in other ways to make money, bar should give money as pole dancing, i like the idea of cam shows.
Thank you for your reply, your time playing and all your suggestions!!
Your name will apppear on the game.

Cool suggestion! Also I think clients should walk to those places and expend money, It should be clear they are doing that.

Thank you

It makes me think in some reward system, on the first stages player will recieve rewards by completing tasks and then on later stages you should make money and gems with effort because there will be no near prizes. I really appreciate all your feedback!

I will check Bree and make her work... It seems she is a rebel...


Thank you for reporting, I will fix it.

Will check and fix!

I think i will insert a validation before upgrading living and bar, some conditions should be fullfilled before doing this.

Will check and fix it! Thank you for your time reporting!

Thank you, I agree about the tutorial and explanation of each button and stage.

You are right, I know this game need a tutorial and due to lack of time I just inserted those screens that does not train the player.
I agree with you a step by step tutorial will help the player to understand the mechanics further because even when they are simple it could be hard to understand how you do this and that.

A tutorial instead instructions is needed!

Thank you for playing and for your suggestions

Thank you for report it and solve it!
I hope you can play from now on.

Oops... I hope to have something playable by the end of the jam.

(1 edit)

I have a project that participated in the  44 day summer 2022: Chronicles. I was thinking to use the world map and mechanics already inserted there, but with an entirely new sidequest, so this means i have to work twice because the story already in chronicles should be mixed with this, but from a different approach, with it's own story and quests.
what am i asking for this?
Well i think it will lead me to a bigger and better game, instead short unfinished games, and have continuity on the same main story and that way i will continue developing this world story, folklore, legends and heroes.

Game jam rules are:

- You can only start working on the actual game project after the submission period starts, but you can start planning and creating/gathering assets, plugins and other resources before that time. > Well as this is an entirely new approach i already have the resources and assets and i should create new ones when needed, but there was no planning ahead, in fact the theme was the one that gave me this idea of separate stories inside a big game.

- You can use whatever assets, resources and scripts/plugins you want, so long as you have the rights to use them, abide by their Terms of Use and give credit. >I already have the assets, resources, scripts, plugins and main data. I think in-game mechanics also fits here.

- Your game must be made in an RPG Maker engine (2000, 2003, XP, VX, VX Ace, MV, MZ). > No problem here

- Abide by the EULA of whichever version of RPG Maker you use to make your game. > No problem here

- Your game must incorporate the Theme in some way, > Side story is about the theme and the bonus challenges will be incorporated.

- Abide by's Terms of Service.> No problem here

I will wait for the confirmation to keep on working on it before starting a completely new project.

(1 edit)

hmmmm that is a weird error I Will check the script. Thank you.

Done checked it. It was my mistake i got a wrong number.
I will add the extra fields you said before but they will be only 4.

In the first house on the blue chest is a watering can and a hoe (both rusted).
If you already have a watering can, the game gives you onion seeds instead.
Also, if you already have a hoe, then the game gives you strawberry seeds.

It's a good idea to have a very small plots to farm, I was thinking to set it on the field that connect your house and the farm and barn plots. Thank you for this idea.

Hi and thank you!

Issue is related to autosave feature, I have re-scripted it and now it is working. Game will be autosaved on the actual slot. Also I added your name on the credits as tester if you don't mind is my way to say thank you for your hard work testing this game.

Next week I will upgrade the comments to a dedicated discussion board there I will check all reports.

Devlog: Added autosave, fixed bugs related to images and save, working on upgrading television, added save book on your house, soon or later the save option will be deleted from the main menu.

CubeDudes-Farm community · Created a new topic SUGGESTIONS

Let me hear about your suggestions!
What would you like to see?
Any ideas are welcome, not everyone should be implemented, but it is possible you help me to make this game better!

Please report here any bugs or errors found on Cubic Dudes Life at Farm.

Done! Thank you for reporting.

You are working pretty hard! 

Sorry, that error is a missing file, please allow me to check the game and i will upload a version with these fixes in a day or two

Thank you.

Randomization it's wonderful but sometimes lead to a dead end.
Nice effects, I haven't seen a GameMaker game since... I cannot remember since when It was cool to find it was made on GM!
A simple but addictive game... wanna keep playing :D
Nice work.

Thank you, there is a lot I want to add, opening doors should't be open sounds wonderful to find surprises... it gave me some ideas.

Thank you, I will check it!

There is one on the Inn and another one at the church.

Interesting game play and concept. It's funny and simple but clever. Art is bright and colors vibrant, also music gives a happy feel. Good work!

Thank you, I will insert some instructions at the main map to tell they need to select a level. I'm glad you liked it.

Cool! Congratulations!


WOW!!! It gives me the creeps.

I like the concept, definitely it's a game you should play with a companion or a pretty smart pet. Playing alone is really hard but it's interesting. Maybe some previous stages where you can learn and raise your skills could work. A small tutorial perhaps.

Good luck and keep on the good work