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Thank you.

Y en todo caso, gracias!

Thank you very much! Suscribed!

Thank you for your feed back, i will consider the movement speed on next projects.

Good luck!

I understand now your comment in my game... i get out of bullets and being killed for some shooter... Atmosphere is inmersive, sound and graphics work pretty good, and the game goes really smooth my only complain is pallete and high contrast textures sometimes are hard to see. Overall very enjoyable.

Nice entry!

Nice and cute game.
Platform mechanics are well done and feel smooth, background changes give a sense of change, but is not enough, further levels feel repetitive also is hard to know where to land because of the screen size, sometimes you just jump hoping to fall in a platform and not die.

As others said it will be better to use keyboard only to restart the level when you die instead using the mouse.
Wish you luck!

Thank you for your feedback.

I agree, game needs more action, speed and difficulty was intended to increase with each new level, i worked in some other kind of enemies and bosses, but school don't allow me to go further. Ammo is refilled on each end of stage and the city objects you can broke will give ammo cartridges randomly.

thank you again for playing and for your comments, i appreciate them.

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No doubt you're a clever person.
That's the main story and it was intended because, actually, I took the idea from a radical feminist website: "to create a formula to chemically castrate all men because they are potential rapists", according to the author. 
So it's not pure fiction.
I think this is sad, because we complement each other, but it gave me the chance to create a fiction story (i hope).
Besides that, the game is, as you noticed just a sideview beat em up  and no more.

Hard to beat and master. Mechanics were also hard to understand... LOL.
It's just so funny i need to try again and again.

I love the graphics, it's interesting to see a sim date in this small resolution.

I found an error, after the first day Luna was on the beach but codie's las text was on screen and the game stucked right there.

Cute entry!

I've enjoyed the puzzle solving, i had problems recognizing the icons to detect the criminal, but it was very fun overall. Good entry!

Nice game!

I haven't seen so many construct games, so good for this.

I like the atmosphere, music and art.

As others said the instructions interface don't follow the rules, but the game overall does so i think it can be fixed later on.

Wish you luck on this entry!

Thank you for the report, fixed already if you want to give it another try.

I'm glad you liked the art.

Sounds like tons of challenges, but the game idea and mechanics surpases it.

About the grayish feel of the game, consider asking help to a graphic artist and the game will jump, you can ask some people offering in the jams i'm sure one of them gladly help. Anyway i recommend you to pick less pure gray colors and use some light brown, sand or earth colors a simple change as this will change the look a lot, about the sounds, just use whats necesary, a sound for the shot and another when the enemy dies and that's enough.

In Open Game Art there are tons of sounds and musics you can use, just remember that you want to make it web and portable, so pick the ogg format for music and audio.

Good luck!!!

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Still in progress. You've reached the end of this version. Thank you for playing.
I'm working on the next chapter

I like the concept is innovative and fun, game definitely needs audio, background music and action sounds will improve it greatly.

I really enjoyed the incremental difficulty i think you can add an auto jump feature, when a stage is completed, jumps to the next instead going back and forth each time.

It's a little hard if mechanics are not completely understood that's when tutorial stages come in hand and it's something i appreciate.

It seems you polished mechanics and flow from the first version to this, i think you can work a little on the look and feel to give the game a boost.

Keep on the good work.

I love the city graphics and visual system, music suits pretty good also ambience sounds.

I like the randomization it allows to feel freshness and variety.

Adding action sounds (jumping i.e.) would improve the experience

Character is so tiny i didn't notice it on the first try.

Lower buttons have any realted mechanic or meanning for the game?

Sometimes character is missing because camera does not follow it

Nice submit! Keep on the good work!

Thank you for playing and for your feedback.
I'm actually working on the text/mechanics balance and the grammar mistakes.

I should find someone to review the dialogues, because english is not my main language.

Thank you again, and good luck with your entry!

At least it was good. :D I hope you enjoyed it.

Interesting idea, need sound, graphics can wait. Also it needs instructions i was trying the entire keyboard, then the mouse till i found it moves using the right button, something unusual.

It will be great to play with friends having 2 teams.

You polished a lot the game from that old version to this one i'm sure you can go further, it seems the mechanics and the engine is finished, now you can go for the sound and graphics.

Good luck!

Thank you for you feedback, i was thinking on that. I was checking the dialogs and i agree with you, they can be polished, also i found i can rewrite the game and insert some actions here and there to make it more enjoyable and keep the story. I've never used Grammarly, thank you for this recomendation i will check it!

Glad you have enjoyed the graphics and sound and for your time playing and commenting.

I don't like horror games... and it's because games as this... LOL. Pretty well done, the atmosphere and the graphics, sounds fit incredible and made me want to quit from the second scene.
I think you can polish a little the hero mechanics and animations, but they are already great.
I noticed a lot of symbolism in this game that gives me the creeps.
Well done!

Thank you for playing and for your comments, i'm still trying to find a way to balance text and mix it with playing,

Some actions keep going until you stop them by using ESC.
Have you tried this?
I have tested the game with Firefox, Chrome and Brave and it works.

Can you tell me in which action are you gettin stucked?
Thank you for playing.

Thank you for playing!

I'm glad you have enjoyed it, it will be released for GBC as soon as it's finished. Thank you for playing!

I'm pretty sure your team can find a particular style that suits for both of them, the game is easy on the first stages but then enemies start comming from everyplace and it turns a pandemonium LOL. I hope you find a way to reorder the UI accordly to screen size.

I don't use Unity, but i think there should be a way to implement something like relative coordinates calculating screen size and tile the UI anchoring the elements relative to those calculations. These calculations are not so hard to set i hope you find a way to do this. Also i think you can set a small letter related to it's actions in the UI, i.e. setting 1 for the first skill and so on.
Good luck!

:( sounds are not working for me. Game art and animations are so cute, i really enjoyed the peace and cuteness of this game.

What is that green thing that makes the panda runs?

Nice and interesting game. I like the concept and the mechanics, but there is a complaint: Controls are unclear in game, i had to look twice on the page to attack, after that it was just matter of time to die, i've read your intentions was to make this an arcade style where the main goal is to get the bigger score so it works like that, but i think there should be some walls to help you react to the enemies. Graphics don't work well togheter, same style could give this game a great boost. Also the UI is glitched for me.
Keep on the good work!

Interesting idea, and the fact that you are an otaku (otaku by day and reaper at night?) gives it a funny turn, but i didn't find that inside the game.
As others said the game is hard and the curve of learning is unbalanced, but i think it just need some polish here and there and i see potential in this game. Good luck!

I love the end, i think there should be a way to disarm those cops but i didn't found it.

I think the game needs some polish on graphics and, perhaps game mechanics, but overall is very enjoyable. Good work!

I know, the fact is i wanted to mix visual novel with rpg features applied to GBC.
I will try to balance action and story on the next updates. Thank you for playing and for your comment.

I really apreciate the time you took to review so deeply the game.
I took notes about each point you mention and will consider all the feedback you gave me.

I'm actually working on a battle system and it will, of course be implemented with Danae! I will check if there is a way to polish the door mechanics due to limitations of the GBC engine.

Thank you, your comments are a great help and nothing harsh at all.

Thank you for playing and for your time evaluating so deeply the game
GBC has a lot of limitations i didn't know, i.e you can only have 10 active characters at the same time in any screen, and no more. Sprites and tiles count towards a total of 192 unique graphics for the game, each animation counts towards this, but i think i can reciclate more to animate the characters.
Sprites are only 16*16 size, so clouds should use a lot of sprites, make animals and animate them seems like a posible implementation i agree they will give a boost to the scenes, perhaps i will add them to the forest scene (still in development)
I've noticed already the long intro issue and thinking how to solve without sacrificing the story. The variable secuencia message was intended only for debugging, but i missed it and it was still on this version.
I'm working on a battle system to implement for the first scene before intro and it will be implemented to Danae.
After Danae, there is not so much to do in this version, Sandy comes around the 8th day and in this version are not implemented yet the mountain and forest, also the hearings.
I hope you give it a second chance later on when the jam is over and i can upload a new version.
Again, thank you so much!

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I like the concept, but why a chest?
It could be a normal human sidekick thiner and smaller than hero, anyway i enjoyed the near 300 miles, meters? played. I like to see more options because as somebody already said it turns monotonous, perhaps after some distance they could find a shop or a town and break the monotony of the same monsters and same background.

I think this game has a lot of potential and can be expanded further. Keep on the good work!
P.S. on a second round i saw the sidekicker is holding a big chest LOL...

I like the concept and the gameplay, some skills are needed to pick and throw in the right direction, but it goes smooth. I have a complain about the GUI, it's unclear and need polish, particulary to locate any variable that could makes you lose. Also i'm not sure if the Mario's style music really suits it, but it works.

Very fun and adictive, but i'm pretty sure it will give me the raw for the heroes i cooked...

After so much crazyness rolling around the screen and tried to figure wich side is which but the game was beaten in 4 minutes... it gave me the dizzy but it's an interesting and funny idea!

The bug of light in browser version does not let apreciate the game, the download version allows you to enjoy the atmosphere.

I didn't understand why that monster was attacking me and how to defend myself, i was collecting things and could not avoid him :(
Anyway i like the dungeon atmosphere, the colors, lights and the exploration/collection-

i concur with Jon Bieber, a health bar could be a great adition.

Nice job and good luck!

I'm glad you have enjoyed the story and art, art is related to the limits of the GBC, i tried to set them my own style. Thank you for your comment and for playing.
Your entry is also really well done i hope you can fix the light issue on the browser version later on.

Nice concept, a little hard to complete and tons of geometry to analize, but it's pretty cool done, i like also the graphics and the engine. There is just one small detail the game seems to glitch between scenes the music scratches. Good luck!