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Game Title/URL: The Haunting of Fractured Peak (demo)

Pitch/Information: A short demo for a visual novel about three queer best friends and their dog, returning to their beloved vacation spot before they head off to college, only to find that it's being 'haunted.' Play as Iris and investigate what's going on!

We'd like feedback on: We'd like feedback on the writing , primarily, and if there are any issues with the mechanics/transitions. Please let us know if the writing has mistakes, is paced too slow or too fast, or just sounds strange. The backgrounds and music within the actual playable part of the game are pretty terrible, and we are aware - they're just placeholders for now, as we had to prioritize fixing the code before the deadline!

We need help on: If anyone has any links or information about how to insert a custom UI, or more complicated choice trees. please feel free to share it with us! It was our first time coding, but we'd like to implement more complex choices and a user interface perhaps similar to a journal that Iris keeps, if possible.

Thanks much!

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OUR DEMO IS DONE! check it out right here!

After two weeks of almost literal backbreaking work learning to code, trying to make simple looping music, and beating writer’s block to death with my bare fists, our demo is done!

Please keep in mind that this is only a 15 minute demo - the backgrounds are rough sketches, and nothing is finalized! We will continue to work on the game at our leisure now that the jam is done, so if you want to hear more, you can follow us at these places:


Dresden did all the character sprites! Huge thanks to our friend Noah for the amazing title screen music!

Thanks for checking out our demo, we hope you enjoy!


We're almost done with our demo, but we're gonna be cutting it a little close! At this point in time, I'm done writing the script, Dresden is almost done with all the sprites needed, and our good friend has provided some awesome title screen music. Here's our checklist of what we have left to accomplish:

- finish sprites for Coyote Joe and Ghost
-3 backgrounds (maybe 4)
-menu bg
-plug all assets into Ren'Py
-check for errors
-export it!

Very excited to show off our demo, so look forward to it!


Whoops, I didn't keep up here as much as I wanted to - balancing school, work, and personal projects is pretty difficult, to say the least. But we haven't been idle all this time! We have had to cut back how much content will be in the demo due to time constraints, but all the character sprites and the script for the demo are just about done! We still have some music and backgrounds to make, and since tomorrow is a Friday, you can be sure we'll be working hard to have a nice little demo ready for the end of the jam!

As for after the jam... we plan on continuing to make this game!  If you're interested on following us for updates, I'll provide links in our final devlog on the 16th, so keep an eye out! Wow, I've used too many exclamation points here already, but oh well!

Here's a peek at the characters who will appear in the demo, and silhouettes of the characters who come along later:

Also, a big thanks for all your positive comments, both here and across various social media platforms - we really appreciate it!!

LOVE this art style, and it seems like a fun concept! looking forward to seeing more!!

this is a really cute concept!! looking forward to seeing more!


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Off to a bit of a late start, but we're starting nonetheless! My name is Sam - I like to write stories about and for fellow queer folks, and my talented girlfriend Dresden is an artist, so we're joining creative forces to attempt our very first game! I anticipate that we'll only be able to make a prototype/demo of the game in these next couple weeks, but that's just fine with us! I'm not sure how much information is too much, so I'll keep this short and sweet:

THE HAUNTING OF FRACTURED PEAK is going to be a visual novel about three queer best friends and their dog the summer before they become high school seniors. You play as IRIS SHARPE, on a last minute vacation up to a certain mountain lodge with her dog GHOST and her best pals JULES and MOOSE. The lodge has been a favorite destination of theirs for years, but upon arrival, they find that the owner, COYOTE JOE, isn't doing so well - a new rival lodge has stolen all of his customers, and at night he is haunted by eerie wailing and strange figures at night.  This is a mystery solving visual novel, where you have to discover clues, interrogate strangers, and put it all together to figure out just what is going down.

As I write this, Dresden is working on sprites, and I'm about to get back to polishing the plot. I'm using Ren'Py for the first time, and attempting to compose music through Bosca Ceoil, so we'll see if this goes as planned - wish us luck!

EDIT: here's a peek at a wip of Jules, Moose, Iris and Ghost!