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Devlog - Star Studded Letter (Visual Novel)

A topic by fancy_octo created Feb 02, 2019 Views: 211 Replies: 23
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Hi everyone! I'm Mo and this is the thread where I will post updates on my progress! (Hopefully!) This is the first time I'm going to be making anything even in resemblance to a game so we'll see how this goes!

Basic Story Premise: You play as a young wizard boy named Tarsell, who's been left home alone with his friend for 2 whole hours! Naturally, hijinks ensues.

I guess I should also share how I'm making the game- I'm going to be using Renpy to put the game together, Clip Studio Paint to make the art, and *Bosca Ceoil for music! *Maybe! Music is sort of a very low concern to me but I would like to have it if I can!

I don't know what else to put here so I guess this is where I'll end this for now! I'll be posting at the end of the day the progress I've made (if any). Thanks for reading and good luck to other jammers!!

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Heya! I don't really know what I should say in these aside from what exactly I've done today if there is any thing else I should say, so let's just get into it!


  1. The entire outline of the plot of the game!
  2. The introduction dialogue!
  3. Came up with a name!


  1. After introduction dialogue! (only a single line but. still. it counts.)

And that's it so far! Here's a quick peek of it (though I know a single still isn't much it's all I kinda wanna show for now),

(Please...excuse the placeholder images :'y)


This looks really cool! Good luck :D

(I think the placeholder image is cute! Poor Tarsell looks so panicked, haha)

Thank you!!

What if the whole game was just placeholder images? Just a thought

Asdfjkl; Depending how these 2 weeks go it just might be!

Placeholder image looks like Bart Simpson to me?! 😂
Where's my Simpson VN guys come on now

It really does yeah asdfjkl; COMING SOON: The Simpsons VN Style brought to you by Fancy Octopus Studios


Hiya! So, not much to report over here today! Not to say I didn't get much done! It's just that most of it was of one specific thing- Dialogue! I managed to write quite a fair bit today!! I'm not sure how far I am roughly in the entirety of the game, but I wanna say maybe.. 1/4? 1/3? Maybe.

Here's a very small excerpt for yall!


haha this summary has me on the edge of my seat. what will these kids get up to!!

Who knows!! ...Well I do, but that's a secret >:3c asdfjkl;


this is a really cute concept!! looking forward to seeing more!

Thank you!!



Heya! Still working on dialogue for the most part, and I've made some really good progress!! I'd probably say i'm like... 3/4 done? Maybe. It's hard to tell until I actually start writing but I know for sure I'm getting closer to the end!!

I don't have any new dialogue I can show y'all without spoiling anything but I have been working on the art aspect just a teensy bit so have a little snip of that!


awww so cute!! i love this little star blush

They're  freckles! but the idea of star blush is also 100% very good. Thank you!!


I like the art so far!

Thank you!!


The design is adorable, and the game seems like such a fun playground for WIZARD MISCHIEF

Thank you!! Wizard mischief is certainly afoot!


Heya! So long story short my internet was out for all day yesterday so I couldn't really get much done unfortunately! (couldn't acess my google doc with the dialogue so I can't work on that, and I couldn't work on the actual code script of the game because I need the dialogue for me to know when I want what done, ect.) I did manage to get some drawing for the game done but not enough to show. Hopefully today will be a little more productive!


Heya! So some of you may have noticed (or not) that I didn't post one of these yesterday! That's because yesterday I did quite literally nothing and didn't feel like posting a devlog specifically just to say that. But! I did do stuff today! and That is once again- You guessed it! Dialogue! Mostly rewriting some of the stuff I already had though but I do have a little somethin new that I can share with ya from it! Boop!


Still doing dialogue! But! I also did some of the game's actual script! Not a whole lot but it's a start! Have a look in gif form! (gotta love place holder art.)


HEYA! So it's been a while since I've done one of these- not cause I haven't made progress! but because I've just been working on the same thing for a very long time! and didn't think yall would want me to be all like "Oh hey it's ___ again" each devlog. but I finished the dialogue so now I can do everything else, like art and the actual coding! I'm already  done to 1/3 of the total options in game (as in like. total choices you have to make. there are defo more than 3 options in total asdfgjkl;) and I've done 3 sprites (granted the only changing things on them are the expressions, don't be afraid to cut corners to make ur life easier yall.)

Plus this!