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Are you allowed to have a game where the numbers do different things in different situations? Like for example a text-based adventure game where you can choose choices 1-9 and the choices change every screen, or do the controls need to remain constant and always do the same thing?

I won

Nice reference to NSP

I never thought Big foot could make me cry, until I played this

It's good, you can program better than I can. I don't think this game is appropriate for this jam. This is a game jam that is for making games about candles in the bitsy engine. zyou should keep making games though.

Like my game, but higher quality and actually means something.

pretty good

I liked the part where he danced with a slice of pizza

I haven't played the demo yet, but it was free. So it's already good.

You need to make a fully fledged game

She gave me good taste in classic film and cartoons.

I have no words.

These characters look really professional. I really like the little details like how GHOST has small scars on his face.

This sounds unique and amazing! This is like what walking simulators wanted to, but failed to do.

It's so interesting to see a team think about making an Open World Game. I wish the best of luck to you and your team!

This sounds really cool and the graphics look great! I have an idea for a potential name, "Match Maker Waiter"

What if the whole game was just placeholder images? Just a thought

What? You're making this in two weeks?!