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Would it be possible to print these maps for use as a traditional tabletop map?

Thanks, I'll check it out

nice story

Deserves more attention


I which there were more games like this

Twelve out of SHmelve

I made an art gallery then walked until I fell into the void

Good Game

Other than Earth Cards filling me with a primal rage I never knew existed until now, I enjoyed it; fun game.

I use to play this game all the time as a kid

What kind of sociopath covers their window in tar?

Bug Report: When transitioning from the first bench area to the level after that you can fall through the floor by holding left.

Spent more time speedrunning this and went from a 2:36:30 to a 2:16:57 deathless. This beat the previous record (set by me) by 19.33 seconds (using in game time). While my goal is a sub 2 minute, I'm starting to doubt if it's possible. I haven't discovered any gate clips even though I have discovered a ceiling clip which dev_dwarf says he's currently patching. This has brought me into the next level before without getting all the souls but it's only happened once by accident and I can't get to happen again. since I can't replicate I don't even know if it saves any time or not. I'm also messing around with the length of my soul to see if soul jumping (jump soul soul or space x x) is fast enough when compared to regular souling to be useful, or if the startup nullifies it. I will keep messing around with this prototype. I can't wait to run the real game when it comes out!

I've been speedrunning this game and I've got my time down to a 2:36:30. I'm aiming for a sub 2 minute and will update when that happens

Sorry, I didn't mention it first, but it's the second to last level. Good luck.

Bug Report: I found a ceiling clip where if you soul boost above a wall in a specific level with breakable floors, 3 jars, and 2 jars you'll end up trapped out of bounds. The wall is above the exit and the fixed camera hides the fact that there's no ceiling. boosting onto this ledge traps you up there. You can soul boost once more while your up there then you can't anymore. While the camera is stuck down in the playspace it will still follow your left and right movement. Hopefully this information is useful dev_dwarf.

Don't make a mobile game. If controllers aren't allowed then touch screen isn't allowed either.

I got the True Ending

Nice Twist on the Typing Game Genre. The use of backspace while fun leads t finger reaching which makes it hareder to type though. Pretty good game though.

Blind Ball

Are you allowed to have a game where the numbers do different things in different situations? Like for example a text-based adventure game where you can choose choices 1-9 and the choices change every screen, or do the controls need to remain constant and always do the same thing?

I won

Nice reference to NSP

I never thought Big foot could make me cry, until I played this

It's good, you can program better than I can. I don't think this game is appropriate for this jam. This is a game jam that is for making games about candles in the bitsy engine. zyou should keep making games though.

Like my game, but higher quality and actually means something.

I liked the part where he danced with a slice of pizza

You need to make a fully fledged game

She gave me good taste in classic film and cartoons.

I have no words.

These characters look really professional. I really like the little details like how GHOST has small scars on his face.

This sounds unique and amazing! This is like what walking simulators wanted to, but failed to do.

It's so interesting to see a team think about making an Open World Game. I wish the best of luck to you and your team!

This sounds really cool and the graphics look great! I have an idea for a potential name, "Match Maker Waiter"