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A member registered Dec 23, 2015

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ahhhhhh thank you so much!

oh thank you!!!!!

thank you!!!

even though i'm far from done and the jam is ending soon, i'm going to still try and work on it in unreal. I think i may try unity out too!!! thanks so much!

thats ok!!! your writing is very interesting!

yeah definitely that comes across!!!! its soft!

every character is so interesting and creative!!! i love the bosses/enemies too!! this looks SO GOOD!

the aliens looks really neat!!! this looks very fun!

this sounds so interested!!! i love the character!

i LOVE the robot!!! they're so cute!!!

Posted in [devlog] hico

this looks amazing!!!! i am v excited for it!!

ohhh!! this sounds so wonderful!!!

this sounds so wonderful! i love all the characters!! the variety is so wonderful!!

this is a really interesting concept!! it looks wonderful so far!

WOOOWWW!!! i love the pumpkin and the gorgon head is amazing!!!

i love how this looks!!! the character is SO CUTE!!!!! the idle animations are wonderful!

i love bipos look up animation! the purples & tilesets are so beautiful!

Posted in [Devlog] Neru

i love the sprites for this and your dialogue is SO GOOD!!!

the sprites are soooo lovely!!! the colours are beautiful as well!

i love the concept!!! it sounds really charming!

this looks AMAZING!!!! i love the concept so much! its creepy but so intriguing!

paula is SO CUTE!!! i love the sprites and they look lovely on the map!

WOW looks so good!!!!! i can't wait to play!!

Posted in [DevLog] KiiMyy

i love the transformation idea!!! and your jumping animation for kii looks so good!!!!!!

the nestle is the cutest!!!! the maps look wonderful!! i love the cornfield!!!

reading the storytest it seems really interesting!!!!

omg this looks so great!!! i love the races (esp wolfmen!!) and the concept is really neat!

this is so cool!!!!! i love the bee idea and the hexagonal grid is really lovely!

omg this looks great!!!!! i love the story so far!!!

i LOVE THIS!!!!!! the characters are so adorable and i love the style!! i super love that mole enemy!!!!!!!!

this looks amazing so far!!! i love the animation on the sprites! they look so fluid!


the sprite is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! this is a really cute character!

omg this is the cutest idea!!! i love the sprites and movements are great!!!

this sounds really cute!!! i love the concept for the story!!!

Posted in [devlog] sw1tch

this is such a neat idea!!! i love the look of it and can't wait to play!!!

the characters are SO AMAZING!! i truly love the main!!!! they are beautiful!

WOW!! i love the little ninja! the sprite looks great and i can't wait to play :3

this is the neatest concept!!! i love this idea its so cute!!!!! i will play as soon as i can!