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[DevLog] Phishing

A topic by radiobarro created Jan 03, 2016 Views: 721 Replies: 21
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Phishing is a silly game idea I came up with as I fell asleep one night. The player becomes hexed by a witch and transported to a different world where they have to figure out how to act appropriately. It will be mainly text based and I'm unsure whether to make it in renpy, twine, or something else like html5. I do have character designs if I do decide to add pictures.

The game should run similar to a choose-your-own adventure with at least two endings and a bunch of quiz questions in order to get the 'good' ending. There should also be options that do not change the ending but give different dialogue.

My main goals are to

1. Finish a game.

2. Make sure my information is correct and interesting

3. Learn how to draw fish

If I complete those than I will add more endings and maybe some music. I'll put concept art and updates here to see.

Happy Game Jam!



I wonder who this lady is?


WHOA whoa i love your art!! even though you haven't revealed too much i'm already really intrigued omg...

Jam HostSubmitted

witchy games!! we always need more witchy games, especially interactive fiction ones !!


she is!!!! lovely!!!

i like how the goal is Acting Right, i am very curious to play this!


Ooohhh?? What could this be?

(I'm going to improve the bg later, this is a placeholder~)

I think I might add more characters to give hints for the ending questions...

Originally, everything was going to be in this style, but I decided to use a more clean shading type with distinct coloring.

Who could this be? (spoiler: I don't think she will actually be in the game. I wrote out her character.)



I've added music as well now! I haven't been able to have sound effects work so I just keep them in the music channel for now.

I'm really excited... I kinda wish I could post it even though it's not done so you can hear!


This idea seems really interesting and I love your art! I can't wait to play


aaa i love your arts!! if you want u could prob upload to soundcloud :3c


Fun Fact!

Whenever I haven't drawn backgrounds or developed areas I just put a high school musical screenshot with a mouse drawing and filler text in it's place so I can make sure the length is okay.


hahahah FANTASTIC for one of my vn projects we just put screenshots of shinji for backgrounds :)c

It took me two hours to make an end screen... the only thing it says is the end.

One day I will make credits... one day....

Yesterday's updates were all code based so you couldn't really see progress but today I added stand-ins and longer dialogue as well as fixing the name colors that didn't show visible enough.

I'm okay with how this bg looks for now, farewell Troy Bolton.

Wow! I really can't draw fish!

But I did learn how to not have two characters overlap on the same screen!

Overall: Not much but I am now halfway through the plot and have all nessisary character sprites (regardless of how badly drawn orz)

Today's goal: Finish writing the basics of each ending! If I can get this done then I'll have time to improve the graphics and add more detail into the writing.

(Let's cross our fingers, my common app is due friday)

Woohooo! Actual sprites are now complete! This just leaves writing the ending and any finishing touches for tomorrow!

I'm super excited to show it to everyone.

Almost done! Is it possible to update the game later if I add another ending after the fact?

the characters are SO AMAZING!! i truly love the main!!!! they are beautiful!

Oh gosh thank you! I'm still trying to improve but it get's kinda tough haha!

I'm done! Thanks to all of you for tracking my progress this far! I'll upload the game in a few minutes after I make sure there are no bugs.

Submitted! Have fun everyone!