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[Devlog] Other Things Seen, Other Things Heard (Title of project may change.)

A topic by XianXian created Jan 02, 2016 Views: 453 Replies: 14
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Other Things Seen, Other Things Heard is a Twine game I'm working on. Title may change, but this project was slightly inspired by a Korean American artist named Theresa Hak Kyung Cha and is named after one of her performance works.

Summary: I don't have the idea really molded yet. But I will put some keywords: Growth, diaspora, loss, spiral, digital, and endings.

I do have a bad ending outlined though. I will have a neutral and a good ending I'm a person that just writes and waits for the ideas to come.

I have been messing with Twine for awhile, but just now been researching things like html and CSS. So I'm going to be learning a lot. But I am obsessive with certain things and I keep fretting with how I want it to look. I like the Sugarcube thing and I'm using 2.0. but I want to use this twine stylesheet, The Earth's Story 1.0, It says there's no sidebar, but I put the stylesheet in and there is a sidebar? I want to keep things simple and minimal but I still want it to look nice....


i'm not too familiar with this performance work but not gonna lie these themes you've named resonate with me so hard. i love love love twine games especially the ones that traverse more abstract concepts... i look forward to seeing how you develop this concept.

i might shoot lysander a q about the css stuff since i'm not too familiar O: ?? best of luck friend!!


Well, lol, I've never seen it, but I've seen pictures of her work. I wasn't even a cell when it happened and for some reason it's so hard to find photos of the performance that detail every part of it. Thanks so much, I hope I will be able to get it across in the story. i think it will be written in poetry style, not sure. But these comments touch me. I will do the best I can! I haven't been reading much and reading will just make my writing better, so lets hope in these two weeks, I will read a book or two. I decided to use Twine 1.4 right after reading this comment and I tried the theme and it worked like I wanted, But I see random characters before the paragraphs, so I'm going to figure that out at some point.

Jam HostSubmitted(+1)

hi there!! first off, the concept you laid out sounds super intriguing!! i feel like it'll be right up my alley once you post more info on it!!

secondly, i'm pretty familiar with twine 1.4x, so i can help you out with it! that theme from l's blog will only work in 1.4, not twine 2. you can probably try switching if you wantβ€” in my opinion, twine 1.4 is a lot easier to use and has more functions/scripts. but i do believe there's guides out there for modding the appearance of twine 2? it's all cssβ€” i could play with it a little and help you out if you'd like. o:


Thanks! I'm slowly trying to figure it out. I will post a summary that will make more sense soon. I'm just now playing with Twine 1.4 and I kind of like the layout so far, it's pretty small and seems easy to handle. I've been watching tutorials on all of this coding, it seems easy, but I know I will eventually hit a wall. But I like simplicity, so I feel like I won't be using too much complexity, but at the same time I feel I will. Like I wouldn't learn anything if I ran from it. I will send over questions though. Actually like mentioned in a previous response to Cloudhime, I keep seeing a bunch of characters before my paragraphs, I thought I would be able to fix it while writing this reply, but I keep seeing this: •. Thanks for the help.

Jam HostSubmitted

ohh, can you show me a screenshot of the twine node you're having an issue with, and also a screenshot of what it looks like in your browser? i might be able to help you o:


I think I fixed it, I just deleted it out of the stylesheet coding and everything seems fine. That's weird.



Is it necessary to put a date lol? I was previously putting these entries on Tumblr, but I think I will just copy and paste. Tumblr is such a huge distraction.

So my progress so far, definitely better than the past few days. I barely did anything except mess around with the theme which I managed to get working and I like so far. Simple and sleek. But who knows it may change in the future. Um. How do you take screenshots of the work? Lol. Windows 10, why?

I'm going to work on the Bad Ending path. I'm starting to feel a story element somewhat similar to Franz Kafka's The Trial. Which I never read but have an idea of what it's about. (I should get on that.)

I will post the text of the first passage which is a quote from Spring Snow by Yukio Mishima

"There's no doubt that he's heading straight for tragedy. It will be beautiful, of course, but should he throw his whole life away as a sacrificial offering to such a fleeting beauty - like a bird in flight glimpsed from a window?

Yukio Mishima"

As of yet, i can't figure if the main character is male or female or non-binary or any of the characteristics. I guess I will make this story reflect on the reader, like have the reader place theirself in the story. (I'm being too ambitious.)


Written 1/6/2015 (Posted 1/9/15)

I haven't done much work from the last post I made here. Just a smidge. Here's some snapshots of the Twine project. This is kind of a first draft, I hope the story will make sense by the time I finish one of the endings. I honestly feel like the writing is so so vague and doesn't even make sense anymore. I'm starting to sense that this is a psychological thriller type of story instead of the one intended before, it has gone full circle...

The intro quote. Beginning or epilogue, the birth, indicated by peanut color.


The start of the game indicated by the mint color.


One of the paths to one of the endings. Each path has a different color(I hope this all makes sense.)



ohhh this is a really cool theme especially for your surreal tone!! these snippets sound so intriguing already.


1/12/16 Devlog

Lol, I got distracted and started doing another Twine project. I think I will keep it short and the only reason why I might submit this one is bc I actually learned something, which is basic CSS. That's progress. Who cares about content, how about learning?And maybe I will experiment and learn more and hopefully submit it on time.

ohhh!! this sounds so wonderful!!!


Hey, thanks a lot. Unfortunately I went into the game jam with no central idea, so the twine game is completely different, It might even have a different name.


thats ok!!! your writing is very interesting!


*Is flattered.*