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[devlog] sw1tch

A topic by presolace created Jan 06, 2016 Views: 481 Replies: 7
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sw1tch is a puzzle game. in sw1tch, you play a small ball.

you navigate rooms by pressing buttons which reveal some parts of the room and hide others.
it's made with rpgmaker and will be available for windows for sure, ports if i got time (if i don't get them done by jam time, i'll try after)

i decided to use the basic looks of another game i've got shelved right now (blok), using solid colors for the layout and simple graphics for things that really need it. while i want to learn to use spritesheets better and make art too, this lets me really just do the simplest work on the tilesets and focus on the game logic. (and music and sound effects, which idk quite where to start yet there)

i also want to work with readability. accessibility is important to me in games, so i enjoy using different colors to guide goals, and try to work with things that are easy to see (for low vision), and systems that are challenging but not too difficult / easy enough to learn.

above are images from the tutorial, which is complete! (link to a lil gif)
i'm working on some neat things you can unlock by completing levels. not quite sure how much on that front will be included since my priority is churning out a bunch of levels at this point. i have three done so far.

stuff to do: (list made on day 1.5 or jan 6 @3pm)
- cut out the start+esc menu done, jan 6 pm
- add saving/loading system done, jan 6 pm
- finish new game intro done, jan 6 pm
- make and add 1switch sounds, 2dialogue box sounds, 3between levels sounds done b4 the 14th
- theme sound? background music? done b4 the 14th
- upload tutorial for demo (?) [not doing for 1st release]
- make more prizes / add system for accessing prizes (?) [not doing for 1st release]
- clean up walk cycle [not doing for 1st release. it looks fine]

new priority list:
- game end screens
- re-color test/alterations
- event clean up, maps/files clean up
- test uploading
- one more level?


I enjoy puzzle games like this so I hope it all goes well for you.

I also appreciate how you aim to be sight-friendly.


this gameplay sounds like it can expand into some really interesting levels! i was going to suggest tho that for accessibility relying on color to convey game elements might need some work to assist colorblind players. the simple layout + graphics makes it very easy to read but for the blue level i might push the contrast a bit more--it looks a bit similar in value to read quickly. looking forward to seeing the gameplay!

thanks! yeah it's p tough to see, i'll either darken up the walls or lighten up the floor a bit. it's challenging to balance not having too high a contrast (which increases visual snow / headache sensitivity) with having things easily parsable, and also trying to get enough color variety in.


I love this! The art looks really clean and nice. Even if it's not fancy, it seems really well designed. I think it's really cool that you have accessability as one of your main goals. Plus, I love simple puzzle games like this so I'm really looking forward to seeing how it turns out!

thanks for the comments :) i hope it'll feel as fun and rewarding to play for you all as it does for me...
for anyone interested, i'm using coblis color blindess simulator to check the graphics readability

tonight i:
made a theme song / main background music! it's kind of spacey and weird and sweet!
got stuck on a rude level i'm still unsure about, making me hope the way that i work w logic is going to make sense
saving - done, menu - done, intro, totally done
going through things and cleaning up events, organizing code, making sure my erase events are in place

and, a title! bam!

cool, been doin other meat-space things for a bit, and thought i had one day to wrap it up, but i have two!
i've gotten 6 levels done total (not counting the tutorial). i realllly want to get at least one more done by the time it's done. i was hoping for 10 levels but i'm happy with what i have :)
gonna put the bonuses for winning on hold. i want to come back to this someday when i got a little more skills, it'll all go in then.

you can check out a video with music and sound effects here!

this is such a neat idea!!! i love the look of it and can't wait to play!!!