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Bipo's Adventure - Finished!

A topic by FIuffyBunny created Jan 03, 2016 Views: 596 Replies: 14
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My game is finished! Five levels to play and a title screen, end screen, and level select to... look at? This was a lot of work and I'm glad it worked out.


Here is a little video showing what I have working so far.

I am making this in Construct 2.

After a few hours of work last night I have basic movement and camera working how I want them. Art assets aren't final, but are pretty close to what I'm going to use. I figure if I limit every aspect of this it will be more likely I can finish it. I still want to figure out another way of moving to make this stand out more instead of being a cookie-cutter platformer. Once I have all of my engine stuff sorted out I'll probably go straight to making levels and then more art.

So here is a little list of things I'm going to be figuring out while I make this. When I think of more I'll extend the list

  • menus
  • start screen
  • collectibles
  • music with famitracker (pxtone if I can't figure out famitracker)

My Goals

  • Have some unique form of movement
  • Make a few levels that take advantage of it

I'm pretty pleased already honestly, since this is already much farther along than most things I've tried to make in Construct.

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Figured out how to add a score display and made a thing to get score.


That is a really well animated little square person!

Thanks! I've been struggling with animation so I'm glad my work is paying off.


hi!! this is so cute--i love your art style so far, the animation gives it a lot of personality! this is quite bit of progress already, i can't wait to see how you develop your unique movement.

also you can post images in html mode using <img src="imageurl">

Thank you for the compliment and the html tip! I'm still brainstorming new moves but it's pretty tough. If I start taking too long I'll just wing it and start adding whatever until something sticks.

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So I've added a few new things, but I'm losing steam. I really wanted to come up with something for this character to do besides just jumping. If I can't figure it out by tomorrow I'll just skip that and make a few levels with what I have.

I have implemented a countdown timer. I put in my own sprite font instead of the huge default one in Construct. Added the events to take you to a "win" screen when you get all the things in the level and a "lose" screen when your time runs out.

When "ok" pops up it should pause the same as the sign text, but the timer and the collectibles keep going so it just freezes the player. They're using identical events so I really don't get what I did this time.

This is resolved now. I tweeted it and @yurigods helped me. basically since it checks if either IsPaused is happening they can interfere with each other so I need just one Boolean to control all pausing instead of the separate ones.

Also I just realized that GifCam defaults to like 10 frames a second and it makes my game look bad lol. Here is a big fancy gif to show my little animations better.


glad to have helped :9 !! this is coming along nicely and even if you don't have a more complex platforming mechanic there's always the opportunity to extend it beyond the jam!! i'm guessing something related to ice or maybe your character's shape might make the most sense with your game's aesthetic + world? i always feel that game's visuals mirror their gameplay. i'm curious to see more of your levels even with the gameplay you have so far!! keep it up!

Hello! I have not given up, and I am not planning on it. I was feeling a little burnt out so I took a day off. Now that I'm back I am full of purpose. Decided all this white would be hard on the eyes when someone plays this for more than a few minutes. To fix that I'm switching to a gameboy-esque set of colors, but with purple instead of green.

Clearly I need to do some cleanup on these tiles, because i can see a few areas that are lined up to nicely.

I figure since I hit a wall with the engine I'm going to just start making levels and art assets. Soon I'll start learning how to do music in famitracker. I also want to try to make a simple parallax background to make the character easy to see. Hopefully I'll have enough good posts in here in time to make the day 12 highlights or something lol.

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ohhh i really like this purple color!! i see a lot of the monochrome games tending toward greens and sometimes blue-ish palettes so i'm really eager to see how this looks!! i look forward to some screenshots to highlight :3c

Here is the latest scoop.

Working on a parallax background and I feel pretty good about it. I've spent most of today and last night working on this to make sure it looks good.


i said it already but this art is sooo nice aaaa

I haven't really given this project my full focus the last few days, but I've made a little progress and I'm still confident. Here is a sneak peek at my parallax! Now with clouds and more trees!


i love bipos look up animation! the purples & tilesets are so beautiful!

I did it!


I made a whole game. Edited the first post so people can find the link easier too.