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[devlog] a gang of weirdos

A topic by scitydreamer created Jan 03, 2016 Views: 707 Replies: 27
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Howdy! I'm an amateur dev that worked on a Yume Nikki fangame made in RPG Maker VX Ace and a Twine thing, but I haven't really worked on anything in the new RPG Maker MV engine, so I chose it for this game jam.

The story is about a survivor of a dead world collecting the souls of other dead worlds in the hopes of using them to revive their world. You play as someone that calls themself Mx. Gunslinger, an individual from the dead Astral race that equips bullets for the guns they hide under their cloak. Their first ally they meet is Mr. Keepe, a salesman that would rather be rich in a new world than deal with the stresses of ruling one and supports them by being the game's shopkeeper. They also meet the party members Herb, a cactus dude, and Sylvian, a lady that keeps glitching due to the destabilization of her plain of existence.

Progress: Started working on the second to last area!

My dev blog is found here!

And also here's a vid of my progress so far!

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>Yume Nikki

yes good. i'm so happy to see more yn fans come out of the woodworks because I, Too, Am One. i think a lot of yn fans get interested in game development because of how transformative playing yn can be... either way WOW!! hyped for this!! i can'y wait to see more!!


Yume Nikki is a huge inspiration to me when it comes to RPG Maker, and I'd probably get into the community more if I didn't hate uboachan so much.


1/3/16 Progress:

  • Made the overworld sprites for a party member that has not yet been shown and will not show yet
  • Worked on the opening area.
  • Made really lazy face sprites because on one hand the game needs face sprites but on the other hand I don't care about them
  • Also considering changing the game's title to "Gang of Weirdos"

i like the eye guy!!


He is probably your friend


ooo this is a very interesting world and characters so far. i can't wait to see more!


So I was going to put screenshots and stuff but then I remembered that the game recording thing was the only good feature of Windows 10. This is my progress up to this point. There's still some things to fix (I forgot to turn the quest plug-in back on, lmao) but I'm happy with how things have been going so far.


wow this is definitely coming along so nice O: !! your mr. keepe character has a very mysterious + ironic tone it's v fitting!


The Leg Horsian friend Herb the Cacti finally emerges. I plan to spend the rest of the night finishing his battle sprites and finish the desert area of the game.

Also, unless I know for sure I have time to make their overworld sprites, all the non-boss enemies will be represented by the default asset sparkling


I want Herb to do a tippy tappy dance


You've given me an idea for his victory pose thank you


im so glad oh my god


Finally my favorite plant is getting some well deserved representation!


the first boss

new area i guess

Finished up with the first area and started working on the second, My goal for tonight is to finish all the sprites I need for the second area.

Also Potatofuzz I'm trying to figure out how to properly convey a tap dance in 3 frames don't you worry





Oh my goodness this is glorious

(also is that a bastion avatar)


it sure is bastion!!


Oh nice!! I actually have to admit that Bastion's one of the inspirations for this game, with characters dealing with the calamities in their worlds and the hub being floaty rocks meant as a salvation of sorts.


ooh i can see that! and you've got a good ol' slinger. you thinking about having some jaunty acoustic guitar for a soundtrack?


Most of the soundtrack so far is ambient electronic stuff from Free Music Archive, but the area for Herb's got this song.


lov this cactus friend.

your monsters are so neat!!


I've been busy with other things yesterday, but I've getting back to work today!

Sylvian is the final party member of the game, and I aim for her to have average stats but a bunch of skills focused on buffing party members. She also constantly glitches around and is a victim of my GIMP filters.

The enemies pictured are a bunch of nationalists that won't give up their world soul without a fight.


YYE new party member. I love games where you get parties of fun characters, ok really, specifically paper mario ttyd, but

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1/9/16 progress

Most of my day was spent on working on the new area. However, a friend of mine playtested the game and was able to find some glitches I missed, including one that crashed the game, so that's good.

My philosophy when it comes to making tilesets and sprites for this game is to make only the stuff that's absolutely necessary, and then to work on the details and stuff if I finish the main game before the deadline.

Also made a cutscene for this moment


You can't truly be royalty unless your throne is walking and armed with guns.

Anyway, I'm just about finishing up with this area and I've been working on the second to last area.

It's going to be some sort of amusement park place. Or at least, what's left of one. Has anyone played Final Fantasy VII and remember that you get a choice between climbing up a long path or fighting your way up the Shinra building? I'm going to give a similar choice for this area.

every character is so interesting and creative!!! i love the bosses/enemies too!! this looks SO GOOD!


Bad news and good news, guys! The bad news is, I've forgotten to update this thread.

The good news however is that the game is finished!!