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Oh neat I used to love card games! I'm gonna get a new deck for this!

Aaaand its done! and I'm so glad.

Thank you all for your support, I'm so happy to have been a part of this community!

Final thoughts coming when I feel less headachey

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A lo of work has gone into the game since I last reported! Long story short, I'm done other than a few tweaks and am on time for a release tomorrow. Its not what I wanted but I'm proud either way-look forward to it!!

Aw, thank you so much!

Last gif because I don't even know if this'll make it into the final game:


I figured out multi-jumps and finished all the main char's animations. I've really hit a wall, though-I can't move between rooms :/ I guess I have plenty of time but if something as simple as going to the next level is this hard then...

This looks SO GOOD and cute wtf! Too bad about the tetris system but I'd play this just to see this art in action!

What a good post! I feel you so hard on that "what i wanted vs what im getting" experience. At first it was exciting just to see a sprite move, but at this point I'm cringing at my animation skills and berating myself for not reading up more on coding beforehand. Plenty of "Why wont this work? Why wont this work?....Why is this suddenly working?!?"

But in the end it'll be worth it.

Decided to move coding to tomorrow in favor of finishing all the backgrounds. With luck I'll have a small demo for testing by Monday!

Progress shot of the first area (not perfect but I have to focus on finishing the game):

and a lil placeholder animation I ended up spending too much time on:

Putting things together:

Adding to the sprite love! And I love your use of color, it makes everything feel fresh and cozy at the same time.

Oh wow someone's already submitted a game! Congrats!


Idle animation

Part of a level I just finished

I've been putting off coding so I'm posting a small plan for myself for Saturday:

  • figure out parallax
  • add dialogue, saving, help menu
  • fix jumping so platforming feels nicer
  • stitch the first part of the game (which will hopefully be done by then) together so I'll have a playable demo at least
Replied to J in [devlog] Serpentine

For the first level that's totally what I was going for, you got it :) The rest of the game will look more storybook-y but will still be fairly monotone (with different color schemes)

Thank you! The backgrounds are kinda taking forever to do so I'm glad people like them :)

Finally my favorite plant is getting some well deserved representation!

The art and concept are both so cute! I love this aaaa

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I made a dev tumblr! :) Serpentine-Game.tumblr.com

Created a new topic [devlog] Serpentine
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Hey everyone, I'm Idley and this is my first game, Serpentine!


Serpentine is about a dragon trying trying to live up to it's mother's reputation. Over the course of the game it comes to understand what that means as it tries to lift a curse its mother cast over a quiet village.

Some early character sketches:


Serpentine will be a 2d platformer. If all goes well the challenge will be figuring out how to time multiple in air jumps with some very light metroidvania-esque item collecting. There will be no enemies to attack directly. My biggest influence is nifflas (creator of Knytt/Saira)


Serpentine will be drawn with Photoshop and put together in Gamemaker. I don't know if I'll have time to make music on my own or even code in any sounds at all but we'll see! Everything is done by me (and youtube tutorials 6_9) My biggest challenge will be my own attention span as I'm currently under-employed and over-steambacklogged (good luck to everyone juggling actual responsibilities! you're superhuman)

[small preview/does anyone know how to make gifs of our games that aren't 17 gbs?!]


That art is so cute! I love rough/sketchy drawings like that, I think it'll complement the tone of your game well. Look forward to playing it!

Posted in Game Jam Goals!

I'm super late but hi everyone! I never thought I'd actually make a game, even though I've been daydreaming about it for years now, so I'm really excited!

My goals are really simple, I'm making a platformer but it shouldn't be challenging to play because I want to focus on making an "interactive experience" (haha) first and foremost. By the end I want to:

  • Finish, so I can have focused long enough to actually finish something for once
  • Finish a whole background every other day at least (optimally there'll be 12-14 so last few will probably be pretty slim)
  • Write a simple and interesting story that complements gameplay and vice versa
  • Come away with enough experience and confidence to make a full game afterward!
Good luck everyone, Your devlogs are already filled with really cool ideas so I'm sure that even if we don't finish we'll have done something worthwhile :D