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[Devlog] Neru

A topic by Graminoid created Jan 04, 2016 Views: 612 Replies: 24
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Since all the cool kids are posting dev-logs, I might as well get down to it as well.

Sadly, I don't have as much time as i'd like to develop something like what I want to, since i'm starting college back up today, but I can probably get a little demo out by the end of this thing so I figured i'd take part in this. Neru is an RPG, currently being developed in RPGmaker 2003. If I had to say it was like anything, i'd probably have to say Space Funeral. I'm not good at art stuff, so it'll look real rough, but I don't really mind, as that's kind of the point. It's not supposed to look pretty.

Plot Synopsis

You are Gared. You are worthless.

Like your father, and his father before him, and his father before him, and his father before him, and his father before him, you have spent your whole life being worthless. You are the most adept at being worthless in all the land. You won an award once. You like to keep it on your counter to remind you of how amazing you are at being worthless.

You are a Humon. Humon are a rare species indeed, being the clearest link to the ancient race of Humans, from whom all creatures of the land are ugly bastardizations of. Long ago, the world changed. Humans ceased to exist, and the monsters that roam the land now took their place. Nobody knows for sure what happened, and nobody really cares at this point.

You don't feel like being worthless anymore. You decide to do something. Your mother wasn't very happy about that decision, but her opinion is worthless, so you don't take it any heed. You leave your home and look for something to give you worth.


Nothing special, honestly. Simple RPG stuff. The game is just supposed to be a silly/creepy mix that just uses creepy visuals in a silly manner. Basically, don't expect nothing serious. It's not supposed to make sense, and i'm just gonna have fun with it.


Day 1

I created the basic stupid concept behind the game, and created some basic placeholder graphics/test maps in RPG Maker to get my feet wet again with using it. I have class tomorrow, so I tried to bang out as much as I could today to make up for the lack of time i'll have tomorrow and presumably the rest of the week. Have this screenshot of the test map. None of the graphics are final, and most were made in 2 minutes to test different effects on.

Jam Host

space funeral! that's a name i don't see get thrown around enough! nice seeing someone mention it for inspo! it sounds like this is something i'm gonna like so i'm excited to see more work


It's honestly my favorite RPG behind undertale, even if it's really easy. It's a lot of fun!


Decided to work more on the graphics, but took a different approach!

Essentially, I simplified the graphics I had created and have worked on new graphics. (Currently working on them as I write this!)

I figured out how to give a little bit of depth to the game, by using a simple unpassable black block to simulate a ceiling/out of bounds area. Now that I have that, I can begin work on background elements to fill maps up. Once i'm done with those, I can begin working on actual character overworld/battle sprites. Hopefully I can finish the basic graphics in a few days time, so I can get to actually creating the game. So far so good.

this looks neat!


when i first scrolled down to the graphics i immediately thought space funeral. i'm really digging your world + style!! also it's awesome that you've already got a really solid tileset and sense of depth. i'm excited to see the rest of your assets for this game!

I'm excited to see what direction this takes. I'm kind of getting a LISA feel from Gared and their surrondings.

Gared is in for a surprEYES in that one screencap.

Space Funeral is a game I've been meaning to play, but I know enough about it to know that its a good game to have inspiration from! You've also got the sense of humor for it down pat, so I'm looking forward to seeing this go further!

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Couldn't get as much work done as I hoped, but i'm super tired today for some reason and can't bring myself to push farther ahead.

Anyway! I got a few characters designed, and worked on a few new background props. I still have a lot to make, but it's looking a lot more cohesive now than when I first started. Here are some screenshots that show the most of what I managed to eek out today.

Say hello to Gared's mom and pop! They're utterly irrelevant and will probably be used only this once. Gared also god a cleaner shirt, because I can't decide how I want it and am using that as a nicer looking placeholder.

Revising the first town! Say hello to eye-person NPC that will totally not be recycled a ton. (Definitely not.)

Her name is Marie.

Essentially, all I got done was a few graphics and some remodeling of the current maps to something that is a lot more planned out than the test maps. I also borrowed Space Funeral's system design because every time I tried to edit it, it wouldn't work, so i'm borrowing Space Funeral's until I can figured out how to make it work.

I'm tired and will probably be falling over out of my seat and sleeping on the floor now. Have a nice night everyone.

lovin' those eyeball walls


Gaaah!!! I'm too tired recently for some odd reason. Maybe quitting soda/coffee right before doing a gamejam wasn't the best idea in terms of having energy.

I got some decoration graphics done at the VERY least, and edited some previous graphics to make them look better. Now my maps won't seem so empty! No real point in flooding this thread with pictures of background props though, so I will just leave my log today at this. I'll try to go to sleep early tonight so I can have enough sleep to pump out a lot more work tomorrow. I'm getting really close to being able to start pumping out maps!

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DAY 5!

Finished some sprites for more enemies/townspeople! Also got some more work down on different buildings/maps. The one shown above is a work in progress, and will actually have more npc's in once I finish writing the dialogue for the rest of the NPCs in the first town. Though I have programmed the first fight in the game!

Sadly, the Lickboxer fight will have to wait to be shown, since battle sprites are a WIP.

I'm probably gonna do a few extra graphics tonight! I'll edit if I have anything noteworthy to show. As a sidenote: Yes. This game will be FULL of bad puns. I love them.


I got the mystery command to work in battle! Took me an hour or so of fiddling with variables and switches, but I figured it out for the most part. Now I can add in a mystery command like Space Funeral!

For those of you that don't know what a Mystery command is, essentially, it's a mystery! You can use it once per battle, and it'll have different and random effects each time you use it! One time you may throw up on yourself, the next you might play Rock Paper Scissors with the enemy, and then the next battle you might learn a special attack! Essentially, it's a fun little mechanic I loved from Space Funeral, so I worked to figure out how to make it work in Neru. I'm really excited about it!


omg ur character dialogue is rly good--v fitting for monsters in a world like this i think!


Ugggh!!! Mystery broke somehow! It worked perfectly fine in test battles, but when I tried to use it in the game itself, it doesn't work!!! I have no idea how to make it work if the way I was doing it doesn't work. I'll take a few more cracks it at over the course of creating, but there's no promise that i'll be able to make anything happen. Might have to remove it, as much as I want to keep it. :(

I had a busy day today so nothing of real importance was created, sadly. A little bit of dialogue was added to monsters, but not much else. I've got the weekend to focus on the game, so i'll be sure to get some new stuff out.

Been focusing on making maps with the assets i've created, instead of trying to make brand new assets for EVERY SINGLE MAP like I have been trying to do. Good thing I got the urge to start seriously working on my game at like 10pm at night and don't plan on stopping until at least 2 am. Joy.


ALL THE SCREENCAPS OF YOUR DIALOGUE ARE SO GOLD i love it it was really tough to pick what to feature haha

Aaa!!! Thank you very much!

I'm trying to fit in as much silly dialogue as I can. I'd like to post it all, but I've gotta keep some of it hidden for when people play the game!!!

I also love seeing this dialogue and tone. I'm excited to play!!

DAY 7!

Got a few enemies/areas done! Though the majority of my work today was spent on finding music/writing dialogue. Probably gonna have to use a long list of credits to give out at the end when it comes to music! I figured i'd try to find some older stuff, to emulate SF a little more because i'm totally not doing that everywhere already.

Heres two songs that i'm using, for a reference for the general kind of music i'm trying to stick around.

https://youtu.be/MffBnpVNGDg and https://youtu.be/7QbmZDG_0B8! I'm not sure how to embed the videos into here, so i'm just going to link them.

It's surprisingly hard to find music that I think fits. Both of the examples are from BBC Radiophonic Workshop, but generally those are the best examples! But i've got around 10 or so tracks that are to be possibly used, so it is seemingly working out. Either way, just a little more work on overworld sprites and then I can start making areas/battle sprites for all the monsters.

Looks like I might actually get a significant portion of my game done before the deadline! If I get to a far enough point, I could even theoretically pump most or all of it. Though i'm only counting on making it 1/4th of the way through the game, with 1/2 being the largest portion I can possibly expect to finish. Though you never know!

That music reminded me a lot of a random musician on bandcamp that I found, tekkaman. You might want to look into it, if not only just because it fits the sound, but also because it's all pay what you want. That Feel 1984 probably fits best with what you are looking for, but everything is worth a listen.

DAY 8!


Well, not entirely nothing, but VERY LITTLE. I got advice and got Mystery command working, somewhat! At the very least, it's working much better than before. A little bit of tweaks and it should be working entirely. Beyond that, all I've managed to get done today was finding a nice funky battle theme.

Here it is!

I'm going to VERY slightly adjust the speed to make it a little faster. If you were to change the speed to 1.25 on youtube, that would be too fast. It'll be a very slight adjustment. Either way, get ready for an extremely old-funk/old-electronic music soundtrack. It will be glorious.

Day 9 (or 10? I'm losing track of time.)

I managed to get more work done today! Though I don't want to spoil it through screenshots. I did some work on the first maps I made, bringing them up to the standard I set on later maps, as well as adding some new houses/characters. I'll only be showing some screenshots of stuff that isn't really spoilery from now on, if I can help it. Hopefully I can get battle sprites for Gared done. Maybe a few more monsters? I know I won't get the game anywhere near done in this time, but I want to get as much of the "demo" as I can by the end of the gamejam. I really want to see how people think about the game!


I managed to finish some battle sprites done for gared. Just need to do damaged/dying sprites and he'll be complete. Still, figured i'd post it.


i love the sprites for this and your dialogue is SO GOOD!!!



Okay but no really, i've submitted the game!


There it is! I hope you all enjoy it. It'd be appreciated if you take the time to rate/give feedback on my game, but you don't have to!