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[Devlog] Arch and Ane

A topic by deer created Jan 11, 2016 Views: 228 Replies: 8
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sorry im slow and just doing this now.
this is a game i've been working on developing for awhile and its nice bc i've gotten farther on it than i have previously! i would like for it to be a click and point and v character driven!

the placeholder title is Archaeologist and Anemone which follows an archaeologist who is researching an ancient civilization that very little is known about. Arch(v placeholder names) finds Ane in the ruins passed out.
it will be a story about finding out what happened to the civilization and the relationship between Arch and Ane.

ane is the short one and arch is the other

arch in green and ane in blue

arch model

if you have any questions please let me know!


wow i'm loving this!!! i'm super into point and click and archaeology and your sketches look super interesting! i love the aesthetic of those ruins and artifacts.

oh thank you!!!!!


That model looks neat!

thank you!!!

this looks very sweet! speculating about the civilizations that built ruins in games has always been one of my favourite things. may i ask what you're making it in?

even though i'm far from done and the jam is ending soon, i'm going to still try and work on it in unreal. I think i may try unity out too!!! thanks so much!


Love your concept sketches, especially all the little artifacts and the flower eyes! Looks like the design of this game will be really visually fun.

ahhhhhh thank you so much!