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[devlog] My Special Little Flower (cw: contains bunch of big gifs)

A topic by nadia nova created Jan 03, 2016 Views: 1,572 Replies: 42
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a game about coming of age, courage and most importantly a game about love and cute gals. this game is about you, a regular young plantkind living in your little home in the middle of an ancient jungle, which is inhabitated by your kind. the jungle is also filled with dangerous and delicious flora and fauna. so all you kids better stay safe in the village and let the adults handle going out to adventure. the game will have lore for the race and lots of information and concepts that are unique to the plantkind so don't forget to read everything if you want to learn it all!


platformer! jump around and smack some critters to the ground who try to stop you on your path, just because a boar might find you tiny and delicious that won't stop you from stomping them to the ground! i will add an unlockable weapon which will power up as you adventure . find tasty flora that have unique abilities and use them to your advantage and don't forget to bring something back home to your mom! i will have a simple inventory system and item carrying in place that will be used to complete quest and get through obstacles.


main characters will be a pair of flowerbuds Teme(the playable character) and Niki. flowerbud is their worlds name for romantic partner


cute little flowers

i am going to draw all the items, flora and fauna by myself. my girlfriend will help me with cover art and just general non-pixel art i want to have. (they're just gonna draw a lot of official fanart of the game lol) the tileset is from opengameart by surt. i have done small modifications on it and will build my game scenery on this. however i wont be using it in the final version of the game (if i manage to do my own art in time lol)


my gf will try and make some music for me! i'm looking forward to it :>


the game will be done on construct 2. i have been playing around with it for the past month but i havent done a game yet so i'm hoping to make this my first. i already feel like i'm getting too ambitious with my game but if i won't make it in time for the jam i'm just gonna continue it afterwards!

i hope you will enjoy my game!

cute little flowers

look im rly sorry for that cursor i noticed it after uploading everything...


the world and concept for this is entirely my jam omg!! i love the sorta pikmin-esque feel to the characters and it feels like a really rich, adventurous kind of world for a platformer. it's very exciting to see gifs of your progress already--those animations are so expressive!!


thank you! pikmin is totally my inspiration for these characters even though ive moved rly away from the original concept! me and my gf have been talking about 'plantkind' a lot and we have accidentally made a huge lore for them and so many concepts and things that happen in their culture so i'm excited to be able to share it with everyone heh!

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DIALOG SYSTEM IN PLACE!!! haha i also did background as you maybe can see (i cropped the gif to reduce filesize) i'm gonna share my background art probably later when i have more to show

look at that nice blue placeholder npc2 art lol

edit 2: oops in the dialog "what is it sweetie?" Niki should be talking not Teme lol

Teme is the the green mc (main character) and Niki is the pink fb (flowerbud)

this is so cute i love it! and gay! love your character animations


thank you so much! :> i haven't done animations like these before so i was surprised i got them to work so well, they seem so nice and fluid even when punching and wall-jumping! i still need to add weapon swinging and damage taking animation but after that they're all done! :>


This is looking really good! I love these animations and you already have so many things implemented!


thank you! i also just added a simple inventory system just now, my secret is that they are something i developed like two weeks back and i never had a chance to use it, so it was easy to just make the code since i already knew how!

from now on i have to do everything from scratch tho! wish me luck :>

also i just added in a banner at the start of the post art by my gf!

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art by my gf!

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SCREAMS this is so cute i can't wait... i'm a fan of plants and queers and being gay ๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘€


they are the source of my inspiration and motivation!

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little market place in the middle of the village

heh that big root looks a bit weird but im gonna be covering most of it with ground so hehehe




thank you :D

all the plants are asexual but they all present variations from total androgyny to femininity (no masculine plants here)

however asexuality wont stop them from having a lot of romantic relationships going on so yes and they touch plants together sometimes thats like the most intimate thing you can do w/ your gal pal

everyone is gay

extremely gay


they touch plants. .. how scandalous

but omg im really excited to see more of this game

oh wow this looks so cute!! at the end of the jam i may have to send it to all my friends who love gay plants. :'D (which is a lot of them) your color palette is really good too!!

do you have any tips/tutorials you used for a dialogue system in construct? i've been so busy battling my grapply hook i haven't had any time to think about it.


thank you! feel free to show it around when i get it done! tbh i can give you the code tomorrow (its 4am rn) HOWEVER its rly bad code like... i made it myself it is so complicated and im 100% a smarter person could make a better code and much easier one to use, but hey... it works so im gonna keep using it lmao

yeah for sure!! thank you so much!! messy code is the spice of life, and if there's a way i can clean it up (or even complexify it LOL) to make it work better for myself, well, that's just part of how it goes yeah? some things work better for other people!!


I wanted to make a comment talking about how much I love this, but then I saw this and, I LOVE THIS!! The concept is great, and the art so far is perfect. There's so much character in the little sprites!


your sprites are so cute!!!!! and i love the concept ahh this is exciting

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weapon pickup/upgrade: DONE

battle and hp system: DONE

picking up a weapon causes you to do more damage than punches(obv) and animations for weapon and i have the code in place for the final weapon upgrade.. yes they're holding a half of garden shears (kill la kill anyone?) and at some point of the game you will find the other half and then the weapon will be even more powerful

also you can use it to cut vines or something to go through paths maybe :D

also look at that mole ai i spent most of my day to that!! good battle took me a while to balance it so its not a unfair fight lol. i still need to fix that hp bar position but other than that... battle system is done? player has hp, can die etc... i just need to add a bunch of other enemies and thats basically it. my goal for today is somewhat completed

this is fantastic, yall have gotten a lot done so far major kudos ++

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random plantkind art my gf drew some time ago before i even had this game project in my mind :D i'm gonna add them in the game sitting somewhere together
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inventory and using items: DONE

so yeah you can like collect plants and berries and everything on your journey and use them to either get a power up activation to get past obstacles, just gain back some lost health with or maybe you just really like chili :>

chili, gives you the ability to shoot fireballs to burn down plant obstacles.

rubbertree seed: makes you rubbery and lets you jump higher!

aloe vera: gives you some health back

goji berries: gives you a lot of health back!

and more to come :>

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whoa be careful that boar might crush you, oh nvm u can just jump over it and punish it after it stuns itself....

Pixel art looks gorgeous! Excited to see where this goes!


oh my gosh you have so many animations and they're all so charming!! also cute art omg... i love this project so much :3c

I love this it's so cute.. gay goilfriends 10/10 :'''^) I'm def gonna play this

oh my, it's looking beautiful *w*

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down the hole you go!!

i made an imgur album so i dont fill this page with all my gifs if someone has slow internet connection

click here

i actually made a quest today like the first little quest in the nature!

there are gonna be smaller ones in the town tho but yeah im gonna do those later :D

... so yeah wormspiders are totally gross, thankfully quite weak... but thats accebtable cause there are many of them



omg!!!! this looks sooo incredible with the backgrounds!! i love this game so so much ;;o;; !!

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jump on objects and trees and everything???

little talk with the ladycow


secret waterfall cave!!!

devlog day 5:

so yeah basically ive done the sketch and basis of the town now i just need to add npc interaction and the main quest storyline... and yeah? im gonna smooth up the graphics closer to deadline if i have free time even now i spent way too long trying to make the art look even decent lol its a lot of work to create a map with no tilesets and just draw everything lol... kinda late to change it so im just gonna go w/ it

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so yeah i made a hud! i removed the extra item slots like at no part the game needs you to have even 2 item slots to beat the game so lol i made it bit easier so you dont just stock up on health things and freemode every boss lol

also like i added a boss today? remember those weird wormspiders? well yeah you find their queen.

i also added a new small platform puzzle and yeah the game is going forward pretty nicely. somehow i keep panicking that i'm about to run out of time and and like i feel like i'm never going to make it but then i realize i still have over half of the time of the jam to do the rest of the game and my game is getting already playable at this point heh!

i also did some general code changing to have global health and you can move from stage to stage w/ out resetting major game events every time lol and yeah A LOT of map drawings hehe! my game also has sounds now they remind me from good old runescape07 and my gf made a track for my game, they're going to make some more and i will hopefully have some nice simple tunes accompanying the player on the adventure.


this is such a neat gui!! it fits so well with your game's world + aesthetic!!


Ahhh this is looking so cute! Great job on the backgrounds!


Looks charmingly cute! great work with the backgrounds and sprites!

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Help out a nice turtle and she will help you over the river so you can continue your adventure! :>

I've added few more bosses, made few quests, added a lot of sounds, made my inventory work differently, built the powerup system and generally just polished the code everywhere I could. I have a lot of work to do with the graphics.

I feel like I only need to do few more areas and the boss fight and my game is getting pretty close to done!


help i am running out of time lol

ive spent last few days doing minimal work because low spoons and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

i have done the core of the game but im missing the most important parts which are the start of the game and end of the game lol im 100% sure im gonna be releasing this with unfinished art cause its rly unfinished rn lol

Submitted (1 edit)

surprisingly i have not yet broken down and just given up on trying to get this on deadline!

im once again feeling positive that i can make it! tho with unpolished art but thats not that important :D

basically only thing im missing is the bunch of dialogue from villagers, one small little quest that lets us go out and start our adventure and then the very end of the game, i did the boss, so basically what happens after the boss is dead. oh yeah also music is still missing lol :D

thank you for all the nice words you all really have helped me pull through w/ this project!

i LOVE THIS!!!!!! the characters are so adorable and i love the style!! i super love that mole enemy!!!!!!!!


thank you! hehe he is like the second hardest boss in the game :v i have to keep nerfing that lil bastard and he is still so strong lol


Wow, I finished it!!!! Like now you can play the game from start to finish! I just need to polish the art tomorrow and yeah...! Maybe add some NPCs if I have time lol!


my game is now released cause like i have no spoons to continue with this anymore. i will make a new release in the future whenever that time is i will try and share it w/ everyone

please give feedback