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[DevBlog] Dang Cowboys in My Bar

A topic by Zalonar created Jan 03, 2016 Views: 1,194 Replies: 45
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So, while I've been learning to use Game Maker I've been rewatching Samurai Jack , and just like with most of the media I consume, I came up with an OC I thought would fit into that universe. When I found out about this game jam, I decide to use her as a jumping off point for my first actual game. So far I've been calling her "The Woman Made of Straw" or "Straw" for short. She's short and like to drink alone where it's quiet. That's where my game starts.


"Dang Cowboys in my Bar" starts with Straw sitting in her favorite bar when a group of rowdy cowboys barge in and start shooting up the place. She doesn't really feel like fighting them so she tries to leave while avoiding their bullets.

The game itself is going to be a simple one level platformer with a double jump where the main hook is dodging enemy bullets. There might be a boss fight at the end if I can get everything else to work.

Concept art:

So far all I have is a rough idea what Straw looks like and one tiny sprite

so tiny

My experience:

I actually started college trying to get a degree in computer science so I know some basic C++. Getting that degree didn't exactly work out...

Mostly I've spent the last year drawing, but I got recently got the proffesional version of GameMaker for really cheap so I've been learning to use that.

My Goals:

1. Make a game that's functional

2. Have it be kind of fun

3. Maybe people will like it?


looks fun! can't wait for more progress pics !!


I love the name. I love it a lot.


collision testing's going well


that feel


she gone

Jam HostSubmitted(+2)

i'm screaming


sunday morning like


She is free

I got busy with other stuff yesterday so I'm just now getting back to coding. Basic platforming and collision is done. Next is implementing the double jump. I also want to give her movement some acceleration and slow down to give it a tactile feel.


She is too free

"multi"-jump implemented i guess


goodbye forever, my friend

Jam HostSubmitted(+2)



I love this


she has ascended



whoa your arting is rly nice--i like how your concept translates to pixels. it's cool you got the collisions worked out hehe :)c if you didn't figure it out before reading this usually you want some kind of collision trigger for the ground--this resets a boolean or integer like "secondJump" or whatever name so that the player is allowed to jump two times again before they must collide with the ground to do so again.


That's basically what I did for double jumping. I actually figured out the collision thing from one of the tutorial you linked in the resources page on tumblr.


thanks for the art compliment btw


Systems Implemented

Double jump and accel/deccel implemented. Next, I'm gonna try and implement some animations and tweak the movement variable to give it a good feel.

Submitted (1 edit)

I'm trying to decide between two linework styles for the sprites. The original is a black inline and the new one is black contour. Any suggestions? Sorry if they're hard to see.


I like the black contour more, way smoother looking. Also a bit easier to register what's going on with her costume without all the black.

Submitted (1 edit)

Thanks, I haven't done a lot of pixel art before so I was worried the contour would make the inner details less distinct.


I also like the black contour a lot! It makes the sprite a lot softer looking which is nice.


Well THAT took a while

After hours of futzing around in clip paint studio, I finally made an idle animation I'm kind of happy with. It's also the first time I've done any animation I guess


whoa yes i love the black contour! also aahhh nice first animation omg!! i can't wait to see your walk animation :3c


Today's to-do list:

1. Implement a system for different animations.

b. make walk and jump animations.

2. Make enemies.

b. Figure out how to make enemies inactive when off screen (I can already imagine that being a problem)

3. Maybe make an actual level.



1a: complete!

animation system is in place and ready for me to add the actual full animations.


Turns out I needed to tweak the animation system. Animation work will be done tomorrow, then I can start work on enemies.



Day the Third (technically the 4th but the 3rd day of me working)

Here's some really rough concept art for some possible enemies. The driving idea behind them is "inconsiderate dudebros."

Plus, here's straw's finished jump animation.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

they are so funky i love them

it's also awesome seeing all these lil bits shaping together


Looks good

All animations for Straw's movement are done. I decided to add a background and change the sprite for the walls. I'm probably going to change the background at some point, and I'm definitely going to change how I handle the walls. On a related note, does anyone know if there's a keyboard shortcut in GameMaker that lets you place objects in a sort of "brushstroke" way?

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

I think holding Shift while Left Clicking should give you a continuous placement of object/tiles... At least it used to!

This is looking great, by the way! :)


omggg YESSS this looks so good with the walk animation!! i'm so pumped!! :DDDD


Aw man, this looks excellent. And I'm a sucker for anything even remotely cowboy-like. Your progression gifs are amazing as well. GOOD LUCK AND GODSPEED. <3


Hello Yes I Have Been Working

I've been working on a lot today actually. More than I thought.

1. Save point: currently works well enough that you could almost say there's gameply in my game.

2. Bullet: does its job and animates. It doesn't move yet, but it "kills."

3. The First Enemy: is just a sprite. I does absolutely nothing right now.

p.s. @Alamantus You were half right. The shortcut is now shift+ctrl+left click. Thanks for helping out!


Does the Job

Enemies now do what they're supposed to do sans animation which I'm gonna work on next. Once I finish their animations, I'll tweak how they shoot.

And then...

Level Design

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

They Move

Enemies now have animation! It's kind of hard to see with the gifs frame rate, but it's there. Next up is building the level.

I actually spent part of the day tweaking the animation thanks to some unofficial QA testing from my old high school friend. He has a youtube channel where he posts some Smash Bros. stuff if you're interested in that. (

I've got some stuff to do tomorrow, so I won't be able to get much done. But...




I'm going to make this thing look like an actual videogame!


aaa this enemy animation is so lively!! very nice :)c


End of the First Week

I got more done yesterday than I thought I would.

- Fixed a collision bug that would stick you to walls

- Adjusted the collision boxes of bullets so that they will hit you before they kill you

- Tweaked some variable to make jumping feel good(it feels pretty good now)

- Added in a formula that automatically adjust the image speed of Straw's run animation to make it not look like skating

None of which would show up in a capture. So, today I'm gonna hangout in the discord room while I work on making a level.

Let's work hard! ( ._.)-b


Trust Me. I Did Something Today.

At this point, screenshots are going to be a little more sparse. I want to keep the layout of levels secret so that they're a surprise when you get to them. But, I did finally get to do the first pass of level 1's layout. Which brings me to my to-do list...

1. Set up the architecture for multiple levels.

2. Create a Title Screen and Victory Screen. (maybe some type of cut-scene too)

3. Sound. I've got a site that I can use to generate some sound effects, but I don't know what I'm gonna do for music. or if I'm even going to be able to put in music in time.

Oh well. I guess I'll figure that out tomorrow.


Level Design

Levels one and two are done! The title screen and victory screen are bare-bones but implemented. Tomorrow, I'll make art assets for them.

Y'know, level design is pretty fun. Maybe I should get that there "Mario Maker" all the kids are talking about.



Title Screen is done. All assets are done. The game probably won't have sound but whatever.
Tomorrow I'll finish level 3 and the Victory Screen. After that it's all polish.
Submitted (2 edits) (+1)

All three levels are done (with a surprise in level three >:3c). Victory screen is done. Here's a sneak peak.

The game also has sound and public domain music(The Smiler by Percy Wenrich). The game is now in a shipable state even if the average playtime is going to be about 5 minutes. Edit(1/14): less than 2 minutes

Tomorrow, I'll see if I can work in an "opening cutscene."

and then


Good Luck Everyone!



The game is done. Or as done as a two week first game/proof of concept can get. I'm going to wait until tomorrow to actually submit it. I'll probably play through it a few times to make sure nothing's blatantly busted.

See You Vodka Cowboy...


this looks amazing so far!!! i love the animation on the sprites! they look so fluid!




Well I Nearly Had a Heart Attack

But I did it! Dang Cowboys in My Bar is uploaded and submitted!

There was a surprise bug when I first tried to upload it, but I fixed it!

I hope you enjoy the short little game I made!