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Alamantus GameDev

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Thanks for trying it out, but it's too bad you didn't know what to do! I guess I should probably add some instructions in-game as well, or else make the correlation between clicking on stars and using the terminal more clear...

Anyway, thanks for playing! :)

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Seeing this jam made me really happy and I had to post. The first fishing jam was the first game jam I ever did! Don't know if I'll attempt this one, but I just wanted to share my delight. :)

Awesome!! Thanks much! :

Oh, awesome! Can I ask here, then? Right now my url is "alamantus-gamedev.itch.io", and I'd like to set it to just "alamantus.itch.io".

I just looked at the user settings hoping to change my url to something simpler (alamantus.itch.io, specifically), but there doesn't seem a way to do this... Is there any way to do this? Like, if I get in touch with Leafo or something could he change it for me, or am I just stuck with what I chose at the start?

Trade Winds

Trade Winds is my entry for the #LOWREZJAM 2016! It's “finished", but it still needs a lot of work, which I intend to put into it because I think it's a super cool idea.

In Trade Winds, you take control of a mercantile vessel and sail around a procedurally-generated ocean world trading among the islands. Every day, the world economy shifts based on each island's supply. You'll need to manage your money well and make long trips to get the highest profits. As you sail, you're in danger of contracting illnesses, so you'll need to stop at an island's tavern to heal. It's a big world out there, and it's up to you to learn and conquer it!

Day/Night Cycle Gameplay

Check out my Postmortem and Future Plans post to find out where I'm going from here!

An extra special thanks to Paws Menu for helping with the music and menu icons in the game! Check out the music for this game and some others they helped with on their Music from LowRezJam 2016 album on Bandcamp. And definitely be sure to check out the rest of their music, too!!

Rate Trade Winds for the jam!


Trading! Creating a working economy is hard work, but somebody's got to do it.

inventory trade

I've been working on GUIs! It's tricking in HTML5 canvas, but I've streamlined it pretty well for myself. I have the Storage (Inventory) GUI all worked out, and the trade GUI is coming along nicely. If you set your speed before opening the Storage screen, your ship will keep sailing while you manage your things. You'll have to be careful not to crash, though!

That's a great idea! I'll probably do something like that. :)

So it's going to be an exploration/inventory management/trade game where you control a trade ship and you have to sail across a big, unmapped ocean to both find and trade with multiple islands with a procedural economy. You can set a course and sail in any direction indefinitely while you manage your inventory and stats and stuff so sailing isn't too much of a bore, but you have to pay attention to where you're going because if you crash while you're moving too fast, the game's over.

The main goal is pretty much to survive and to make as much money as you can at the moment. I guess I should come up with an idea for a win state, though, huh? Haha!

Well that's handy. Should have thought of this before I started manually scaling everything up x4! XD

Land Ho!

Also, you can't see it here, but this game has seamless map scrolling now, so you can't even tell if you sail off the map and get put on the opposite side! Woo!

I got a little bit of a late start, but here are the 2 screenshots I've done so far:

The one on the right side is actual size and shows my 2 fonts! yay!

Nice work! I just looked at your Additional Info, and the Defold engine looks awesome! And while Lua is kind of a nightmare to learn after starting with a more traditional language like C++, it's kind of a nice break from the bigger stuff if you have enough time to learn it.

Anyway, I'm going to wait until voting opens up to play, but you can expect to see a comment on your submission soon. :)

Just so you know, the game has to be uploaded to Itch in order to submit it for the jam... Otherwise nobody will see it!

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Only five of you were able to get your entries in on time, but they're still good! Make sure they work on everyone's computers (as best you can) and help by playing and scoring other peoples' games!

Sorry to hear that, but don't let a game jam burn you out—real life is way more important!

I hope all goes well with you!

Hi there! If you have some time, please update your first post to follow the Game Announcement Guidelines in this post:


Thanks, and good luck!

Yikes, so I still haven't started coding yet, which means that completion is looking a bit iffy right now. I might be able to slap something together, but if I don't figure out how to carve out time for it, that's not going to happen! :O

We'll just see how it goes. Hopefully it does turn out to be as easy as it sounds in my head!

In true game jam style. :)

I'm almost done with most of the models and animations. I don't have screenshots yet because they're all in separate Blender files and I haven't started importing them into Unity yet. I'm hoping to start coding tomorrow—shouldn't be too hard once I get going. Gotta get the movement and attacking and stuff out of the way first, then I'll start building blocks for the generator to place.

For the generator, I'm planning on creating a bunch of pre-organized chunks that fit together well and have them randomly generate on a grid. Nothing too fancy, just a pre-defined width and length that gets filled in with those chunks. Should be pretty simple if I get everything set up right.

Don't wear yourself out! Lobbing stuff is probably more fun than tower defense anyway, honestly. :)

This sounds pretty interesting! Do you think you'll be able to have branching paths, or are you gonna stick with one path so it's more linear? Will there be more than just "click to see the next thing" like interacting for battles and stuff? Or will it be kind of like a storybook

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Alright, I streamed some of my work on modeling, rigging, and animating the frog, but it's not exporting to YouTube and I don't know how long Twitch saves the videos for... here's the Twitch link, though:


Haha, this could be fun! I hope you figure out the best way to pull it off! :)

Sounds like fun! I'm looking forward to seeing how you show the "planes of reality"!

Lol, nice seed! XD Your idea definitely sounds super video gamey, and I'm excited to see what you do with it!

This sounds pretty interesting! Looking forward to seeing what you do with it

Created a new topic Entry: Bomb Hopper
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Random Game Seed: ugh

Random Game Idea: A roguelike game where an amphibian explores an impact site. At the same time, a warlord analyses modernized iron rods.

Qualifiers: none

Title: Bomb Hopper

Idea: Ok, so this is going to be a roguelike game where you control a frog whose procedurally-generated home swamp has recently become a bomb testing site for a warlord (get it? What are bombs but "modernized iron rods"? HA!)! You need to save your frog family from the bombs and escape, but the bomb testing has caused other animals to become radioactive and violent! Fight through the dangerous animals, rescue your family, and escape alive!

I'm planning on using Unity, and it'll be a fixed-camera, isometric 3D game. What I'm thinking is that you start with just your frog (probably bipedal), then just kind of run around finding things to protect yourself with. I'm going to have to keep the scope really small, so I won't be putting much variety into the game—maybe 3 of everything if I have time (weapons, armor, collectibles, enemies, etc). I'm going to try to model everything in Blender, but I'm pretty sure I won't be able to texture anything in time. Maybe I'll find some time to make/find music and sounds for this one!

Anyway, this should be fun and, more importantly, doable!

This sounds awesome; I love the concept! Looking forward to seeing what you do with it! :)

Platformer/visual novel sounds like a cool mashup! Looking forward to seeing what you do with it! :)

Haha, sounds like you can have quite a bit of fun with this! I hope to see some pretty awesome kissing combos in this brawler! XD

Yes, you may absolutely use whatever seed you want! I wish people used their own seed more often, honestly.

Just be sure you save whatever seed you use and put it in your announcement thread, because you need it when you submit your game. :)

Alright, I've reached an exciting point in developing this game—it's "stable"!

My friend and I tested the changes I made yesterday, and all the rules work out really well! Giving the low cards a bonus plus making them heal provides a really interesting power balance. If you happen to have Ace–3 of one suit, that's great, but it goes to waste if your HP isn't low enough, but every turn that you're holding them prevents you from getting a super strong attack saved up!

I also specifically tested out the attack bonus on the low armor, and it works pretty well too. It's not too great an advantage that it breaks the game, but it really feels better knowing that you have compensation for having low/no armor if you're lucky enough to have the proper suit to use it while at the same time being a truly disadvantageous enough situation that (most) players wouldn't actively forego having armor just for the attack bonus.

My friend and I are going to try to play the game with some other friends over the weekend to see how the rules hold up against other people, but other than that, I'm calling this game done! I won't submit it until after we've been able to play a few more times, but I don't plan on making any more big changes—maybe just occasional little tweaks to improve situations we might have missed earlier.

Anyway, yeah! I do have the game page up at least, so if you're interested in checking it out in all its iterations before I submit it, here it is! :D

Woo! So the rules work great! The only takeaway is that Aces are just plain awful to have in your hand.

Because of this, I'm changing some rules surrounding low cards:

  • instead of hearts healing you, the cards valued 1–3 heal you double their value. So Aces would heal 2, 2s would heal 4, and 3s would heal 6.
    • You can play multiples of the same suit as usual per turn (i.e., no combining suits for healing).
    • If you happen to have Ace–3 of the same suit and play all of them, you can double the total again, giving you 24 HP total!
    • This removes the power imbalance that Hearts had by making all suits viable healers instead of just one suit.
  • To follow the healing logic, I'm toying with the idea of giving Ace–3s an attack bonus in the armor as well, instead of just Aces, and instead of a universal attack bonus, it'd only power up attacks matching that suit.
    • 3s would give 1 attack bonus, 2s would give 2, Aces would give 3, and no armor for a suit would give 4, because not having armor for a suit really sucks a lot!
    • This has an unintended consequence of nerfing the Joker attack, because now instead of just swapping for potentially stronger armor, you could also swap for weaker armor just to get an attack bonus.
I have no idea if this will be good or bad, but we'll find out when I playtest again tomorrow! I'm afraid that these will change the game a lot and adds a lot that you need to remember as a player, but I think it changes things for the better because it adds another level of strategy and makes low cards useful.

I'll check back in tomorrow!

Hey thanks! I figured I'd do something a little less ambitious for this jam since I work full time and don't have much time to actually develop stuff using software. I've never done it this way before, but iterating with playtesting has been a lot of fun! It turns out that it's a good way to make sure your game is fun and works well, too. :)

I hope you enjoy it when it's done! :D