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Super great! This idea is so fun and the use of the assets you make are so creative!

I did it! I just submitted SKATER+ with the word count coming in at 5248 words! Just over the required 5000!

I'm happy for that 5000-word requirement, though—it forced me to create some rival characters and flesh out what they're like and how their SKATE+ stats reflect who they are, hopefully providing a good pool of examples for people trying to create their own skaters.

I was able to playtest the game tonight with a group of my D&D friends, and it went really well! We were able to talk through modifying energy restoration and making sure that there's always some competition with areas. I also need to add some details about bonus points from special flourishes as well as modifying how many points different tricks are worth!

Either way, it was really fun and they all enjoyed it, which is a huge win for me!

I've got the character cards and skate park pieces designed! They're pretty simple, but that's kinda essential for game jams :)

The GM builds the skate park out of these pieces in configurations from 2x2 up to 4x4 (repeat pieces are necessary for 4x4)!

Yeah, that makes sense. I'm now halfway to 5000, and I'm pretty sure the rest will need to be examples!

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Alright, so I'm running into my first problem: The rules are almost complete but I'm only at about 2000 words.

I guess I need to start writing some skate park lore and some general story hooks? Or maybe I can just over-explain some of the mechanics and give lots more examples?

Let's see if I can do this!

I just made a cover and I've been getting going on getting the rules written! I'm pretty excited about it, but I hope the theme (particularly the slang) translates well enough for the others in the jam!

So the GUTS+ System is my RPG system that features custom stats and a special die rolling system with d6's. This game will use the die rolling system and main gameplay rules, but everything else is skater- and skateboarding-themed!

You and your crew are skaters taking on either each other or an opposing gang of skaters to do the sickest tricks and rack up the most points in the skate park. Set up your SKATER+ stats: Slide, Kicks, Attitude, Tricks, Energy, and Recovery, plus one custom stat that makes your character stand out from the rest!

I have some ideas for how play will work, but that's my basic idea! I'll try to post here about my progress. Hope this idea works for this jam! If not, I'll figure something else out.

Ah, I see, sorry about that! I guess that'll make it even harder haha. I'll do what I can!

Hello! I'm Robbie, and I've been playing Dungeons and Dragons for about 3 years now. I've also been developing an RPG system of my own for more than a year now called the GUTS+ System. For this jam, I'm thinking of creating an adventure module or something like that for GUTS+, which should be a big challenge for me considering that my only ideas for adventure modules so far are either way too big for me to even think of working on before I get more skilled or have already been written and would probably fall outside the scope of a game jam...

Anyway, I'm looking forward to giving it a shot and I'm excited to see what everyone comes up with!

The GUTS+ System

An easy-to-use narrative-based RPG system where  custom stats based on your character's personality and background determine the outcomes of actions.

I've been working on GUTS+ ("guts plus") for the past year, and I really like how it's turning out so far. It stands for the 4 base stats plus the custom stats your character has. To determine if something was successful, you roll as many d6's as the stat you are using to roll, so if your Gumption is 3, you roll 3d6. The value of each die is then weighed against a success scale, with 1 being a horrible failure where something goes wrong and 6 being a great success where some extra good thing happens, and the GM determines the outcome!

I also developed a magic system from the ground up that (I think?) is completely unique! It's optional, so you don't have to use it if you use GUTS+, and you can even use your own different magic if you prefer, but I think it's pretty interesting and fun!

All the rules are freely available and do a much better job of explaining than I'm doing here, so go check them out! They're not a very long read at all. :) If you want to see a GUTS+ campaign in action, I have one that I'm running that you can read along with  if you want here:

Oh dang! Thanks for letting me know! I wasn't able to test the Linux or OSX builds, so I was just trusting Unity to build them correctly...

I don't know when I'll get a chance, but I'll try to debug the Linux build! What distro are you using? I believe Unity targets Ubuntu specifically, so that might be part of the issue?

@Adam Pajor : Yeah, sorry about the reloading. I have an idea of how to improve that, so hopefully it'll work when I have time. The music is by the amazing Paws Menu! Go check out their stuff:

@PhoenixBoltS : I'm glad you were able to figure it out! When I have more time, I'll also try to add some in-game instruction so it's not as confusing.

@Meursault Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it in spite of that! :D

@Garrett Thanks so much! That's much appreciated! Yeah, for some reason it doesn't always load everything correctly. My only guess is maybe all the assets just aren't loading fast enough? But they should display after they're loaded, so I'm not sure. It does still work if there are no save files... Just have to figure out what's going wrong so I can fix it, then I continue development. :)

@bonus1up Did you look at the map? You might want to try reloading, too. Maybe the assets didn't load in. I'm uploading an optimization patch right now.

Also, since the text is so small in-game, I had to put the instructions in the text below the game! :)

Dang! This is freaking awesome! 10 hours?? Amazing. Great job!

I wish there was more

You can only download it if it's uploaded as a downloadable file... So if you've got some HTML file or something, you can upload the necessary files in a zip file and offer it as a download. But right now, it's only playable on the game page.

This was great! I loved the bouncy little guys, and the concept is so simple and silly. I also like that you shout at the people to get rid of them. XD Great work!

By any chance, is this x64 bit only? My x86 Windows 7 isn't letting me open it...

Either way, I'll try this on my other computer when I get home!

I'm not able to play it. It's crashing in Chrome and not loading in Firefox, newest versions of both on Windows 7. :(

Since there's no way to add an explanation to this page and people probably aren't going to know to go to the game page, here's the game page's contents:

Knights is a battle card game for two players that uses a standard playing card deck with 54 cards.

These are all of the progression files created as I designed the game. See notes that go with each version on the jam community devlog.

By the way, the newest official version plus any additional cool things I might add later (like custom cards, perhaps) can be found at the Knights game page.

This is really fun! I haven't gotten very far yet, but it's a really fun concept, and it plays quite well! Lots of brain bending. :) I was happy it was playable with a mouse, though, because I can imagine exactly how you would play on an NES, and moving a little cursor over every space in the grid wouldn't be quite as quick.

Congrats on finishing so fast! :D

Great game! I wish it could have been longer! 

I loved it! It could use just a little bit more polish, but it was very well done! Great work!

I loved the mood and the feel of the game, and the way you did the city and the flying cars was excellent! And the idea of the STAfE was really cool! Thanks for sharing! :)

Thanks for trying it out, but it's too bad you didn't know what to do! I guess I should probably add some instructions in-game as well, or else make the correlation between clicking on stars and using the terminal more clear...

Anyway, thanks for playing! :)

Seeing this jam made me really happy and I had to post. The first fishing jam was the first game jam I ever did! Don't know if I'll attempt this one, but I just wanted to share my delight. :)

Awesome!! Thanks much! :

Oh, awesome! Can I ask here, then? Right now my url is "", and I'd like to set it to just "".

I just looked at the user settings hoping to change my url to something simpler (, specifically), but there doesn't seem a way to do this... Is there any way to do this? Like, if I get in touch with Leafo or something could he change it for me, or am I just stuck with what I chose at the start?

Trade Winds

Trade Winds is my entry for the #LOWREZJAM 2016! It's “finished", but it still needs a lot of work, which I intend to put into it because I think it's a super cool idea.

In Trade Winds, you take control of a mercantile vessel and sail around a procedurally-generated ocean world trading among the islands. Every day, the world economy shifts based on each island's supply. You'll need to manage your money well and make long trips to get the highest profits. As you sail, you're in danger of contracting illnesses, so you'll need to stop at an island's tavern to heal. It's a big world out there, and it's up to you to learn and conquer it!

Day/Night Cycle Gameplay

Check out my Postmortem and Future Plans post to find out where I'm going from here!

An extra special thanks to Paws Menu for helping with the music and menu icons in the game! Check out the music for this game and some others they helped with on their Music from LowRezJam 2016 album on Bandcamp. And definitely be sure to check out the rest of their music, too!!

Rate Trade Winds for the jam!


Trading! Creating a working economy is hard work, but somebody's got to do it.

inventory trade

I've been working on GUIs! It's tricking in HTML5 canvas, but I've streamlined it pretty well for myself. I have the Storage (Inventory) GUI all worked out, and the trade GUI is coming along nicely. If you set your speed before opening the Storage screen, your ship will keep sailing while you manage your things. You'll have to be careful not to crash, though!

That's a great idea! I'll probably do something like that. :)

So it's going to be an exploration/inventory management/trade game where you control a trade ship and you have to sail across a big, unmapped ocean to both find and trade with multiple islands with a procedural economy. You can set a course and sail in any direction indefinitely while you manage your inventory and stats and stuff so sailing isn't too much of a bore, but you have to pay attention to where you're going because if you crash while you're moving too fast, the game's over.

The main goal is pretty much to survive and to make as much money as you can at the moment. I guess I should come up with an idea for a win state, though, huh? Haha!

Well that's handy. Should have thought of this before I started manually scaling everything up x4! XD

Land Ho!

Also, you can't see it here, but this game has seamless map scrolling now, so you can't even tell if you sail off the map and get put on the opposite side! Woo!

I got a little bit of a late start, but here are the 2 screenshots I've done so far:

The one on the right side is actual size and shows my 2 fonts! yay!

Nice work! I just looked at your Additional Info, and the Defold engine looks awesome! And while Lua is kind of a nightmare to learn after starting with a more traditional language like C++, it's kind of a nice break from the bigger stuff if you have enough time to learn it.

Anyway, I'm going to wait until voting opens up to play, but you can expect to see a comment on your submission soon. :)