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Free Steam Keys

A topic by FableButt created Jan 05, 2016 Views: 1,649 Replies: 5
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As I mentioned in my Bundle Stars post, I would be giving away the Steam Keys for products I don't need. I'll post them below, so it can just be first come first serve. All I ask is that one person doesn't be too greedy (though I can't really stop you, I guess) and to post below if you used a Key or two so I can erase them from the list. Also, if anyone else has keys they want to give away, feel free to post here. That way we can keep it all in one big thread instead of having a bunch of them.

Axis Game Maker

  • RT5FR-DXZTG-R4RZI - The Base Version. The program for making the games.
  • 96YPL-0GW43-ZYVN7 - Axis Game Factory's + Zombie FPS + Zombie Survival Pack DLC
  • V9TTW-GAE2H-05WRH - AGFPRO v3 Premium DLC

Game Guru

  • NBJ9G-KD7FR-YLFQ8 - The Base Program.
  • FX4RQ-TZMAQ-94WG3 - Mega DLC Pack 1
  • H23JZ-4ZCC7-53KW4 - Mega DLC Pack 2
  • XCXAX-8TYAD-GNVDC - Fantasy Pack DLC
  • WHDKG-RCE3I-QG6YV - Builds Pack DLC
  • 2V095-P4WRZ-WNLT6 - Death Valley DLC

App Game Kit

  • 77K0J-C7IEM-GLQZB - The Official App Game Kit Tutorial Guide DLC

RPG Maker XP

  • 4CM6K-CLVDQ-5PJQ5 - RPG Maker XP. The base Program.


  • CN430-P8VKV-NH939 - Last Word

Notes: - I don't know why some are bolded and some aren't. I am too lazy to fix that. Also, Steam locked me out of my Keys for 'Too many Unsuccessful attempts' when I was just seeing which Keys I owned and which I didn't. So Expect this list to update some more when my Freeze ends. I know there are some that I already own on the list of stuff I got, but I want to make sure first.

    oh dude thank you so much, this is really awesome of you to do!! 8)) i used the key for RPG maker VX ace, thanks again!!

    Submitted (1 edit)

    RPG Maker VX Ace used!

    I am not sure if I am gonna put other codes here or not. I will see what I may not need.


    I used this key! Thank you very much!!!! I've been meaning to get a newer version of RPG maker!

    Definitely gonna try to get some use out of this after i'm done making my game in RPGM2003.


    oh thank you so much!! i used the app game kit key ;v;

    thank you for this option! i have some game keys, if you want i can post those! they're not programming things, but games that i don't need keys for ;; let me know if you want me to remove them from the thread

    • War of Roses: Kingmaker - A0EJN-RP5D6-L3EEM
    • Total War: ROME II - Caesar in Gaul (DLC) - 6JGMQ-7XCDJ-WZEYJ
    • Walking Dead 400 Days DLC -VZ92H-XB9MX-6VM5Y

    AH! :v

    I've just bought Last Word from the Winter Sale! :v :v :v Oh well.