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FINALLY... I have time to comment. I already chatted a bunch on twitter wrt stuff I like on this game. It's just very simplistic and calming so far and I like that?? It brings me joy. I can easily imagine a nice calming jam in the background, or like. Scenic noises, ehehe.

In terms of basic interactivity, here are a few ideas that might help

  • Plants that react to motion, like a venus fly trap!!!
  • Rooted vegetables? Like you walk over a shrub and the vegetable underneath comes exposed.
  • Fruits and stuff in general, maybe? Like you collide with a tree and theres the probability of a few berries falling, or like whirligigs!

      aaaa yes i'm wondering if i wanna do some soft piano bgm..... and light Leaf or Cricket Noises.... i found woodsman was rly relalxing in this way.

      also these are really awesome suggestions! i'm gonna look into dynamics definitely and these are some really cool ideas!!

      if you make leafy/insecty noises i will literally shove myself into my computer and live in your game