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[DevLog] 60 Second Assassin

A topic by BigBread created Jan 05, 2016 Views: 497 Replies: 16
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Hey, so I guess should post something here to keep track of stuff and see what I get done. I'll start with a bit of an overview.

Environment: I'm using lua and LOVE2D, a lovely little framework for 2D games.

Game concept: A top down stealth assassination game where you play as a little ninja who has 60 seconds to go into a room, take out all the targets, and get out. I'm going for an old metal gear / hotline miami thing (without the trippy visuals).

- movement (done)
- map loader (done)
- camera/bounding box (done)
- cool(?) assassination move (done)
- raycasting (done, all directions)
- enemy movement (done, basic)
- can only do assassination move from behind (done, all directions)
- make a couple levels (tutorial stage basically done)
- menus (done-ish. The system's there.)
- title screen
- actually time the 60 seconds (done)
- player death/game over stuff (done)
- powerups? (smokebomb to lose enemies that are chasing? 1 use only.)
- sound fx (done, can be added to)
- visual fx (alright for now, could work on a shadow animation thing)
- music (song for levels done)

Art: If it's me doing 2D art, probably real bad, not gonna lie. I'm getting by on editing stuff from the free resources so it's actually not too bad right now.

My current edit of this http://opengameart.org/content/ninja-animated for the player

Music: Hoping to get a song or two done. Maybe a level song and a title screen song.

Enemies are just set to spawn randomly with a button press and the player currently can't die, so that's why it looks so messy. Jump ahead 30 seconds to see stuff actually happening. There's another cool(?) move at 1:30. I guess I should warn that there's some fairly cartoonish blood if you're squeamish?

EDIT: omg, I'm sorry I forgot to turn off my podcast while recording this. I didn't know screen capture recorded mic audio.

To explain the circle around the player, that's that radius where the player can do an instakill move. It can only be performed if the enemy if facing away from the player and it can take out multiple enemies at once.
The enemy "ai" is just "if you bump into something, go in the opposite direction. If the player enters your line of sight, start chasing and shooting at it". Not terribly smart of them.

If you made it to the bottom of this, thanks for reading! Looking forward to seeing everyone's end results.


This looks like fun!

I noticed in the video that you instakilled 2 at once one time. I hope you keep that in, because that'd be a really cool feeling to pull off!


Thanks! Yeah, as it is right now it just targets everything that is within the radius and also facing away from the player. I have a few ideas for levels where you'll need to chain multiple kills to get past things.


wow that's quite a bit of gameplay developed already--this is looking really nice!!


Hey, thanks! I went at it hard the first few day, it was pretty much all I did haha


January 5th end of day update

Mostly boring stuff. I only started lua a few weeks ago, and the moment I did I knew I would get lazy since it's so loose. And I did. Spent a good bit of time today cleaning up code and making it fit with oop rules (I had a problem with data hiding where I just wasn't doing it and I started accessing I shouldn't have been by accident. Fixed it all up though).
Finished raycasting and the assassination moves so that they both work for all directions now.
Wrote up plans for a new map loading system.

Goals for tomorrow
- implement new map loading system
- pause menu
- player death/restart
- if I'm feeling ambitious/have a lot of free time, make some enemy animations

Ooooooo YOU'VE GOT A LOT DONE ALREADY!!! That's really cool! : 0 And shhhh I'm inexperienced at graphics too so we can make it through together! > : ] Also good work on cleaning up code! I'm always way too lazy to do that kind of thing, ahaha


Haha, thanks. Cleaning and organizing is always the last thing on the mind, but ends up being so useful later on when everything get's split up across a billion files


January 6th end of day update

Not super productive, had other things to do. I did put together a simple menu system.

I also made a song to use in the levels.

Goals for tomorrow
- player death/restart
- title menu
- fix camera to readjust if it goes past the edge
- implement new map loading system
- design a few levels, if I have extra time


January 7th end of day update

Oh boy. Lots of fun stuff today.

Made a new map loader / menu loader
Put some structure into a tutorial level
added player death / level restarting
added a level timer (60 seconds)
added a zoom functionality to the camera
fixed the camera up a bit more so you never see past the edge of the map now (ever)
and the most fun thing, added a slomo function. The little bar at the top left shows how long you can stay in slomo and once it runs out you return to normal speed. I added it because some of the more complicated kills that required a bit of accuracy were too hard to pull off at normal speed . And I mean, hey. Who doesn't love slomo.

A quick video

and some screenshots of me messing about with menu stuff

I got rid of that arrow, but I didn't want to retake the screencap

Goals for tomorrow
- score counter / kill counter
- combo system (maybe)
- add a player shadow trail (like the dash in megaman zero) (maybe)
- add in music
- make it so that the player can't get stuck in a wall / off the map after an assassination move (because that's a real bad time)
- smoke bomb powerup (maybe? probably not)
- make a system for changing levels
- make a title screen

Submitted (Edited 2 times)

January 9th end of day update

Did a lot of cleanup stuff.
made a kill counter
added in music and sound effects
made a system for changing levels
made a batter kill animation
finalized a tutorial and level 1 (would post a video, but I don't want to spoil how to solve them)

goals for tomorrow
- shadow trail
- score/combo system
- title screen
- smoke bomb
- make kill animation vary depending on direction
- expand on level changing system
- more levels?
- someone who tested it recommended checkpoints since it was pretty hard to complete a level in 1 go. Maybe consider an easy mode with those.
- go back and look over blood spray and maybe mess with it a bit more (if there's time)
- add instruction to the menu page

- very extra goal -> look into love2D / GLSL shaders (I have absolutely no idea how they work)

Submitted (Edited 1 time)

January 10th end of day update

made a title screen and changed up how menus are loaded
made it so that the player faces the direction that they're moving during an assassination
changed it so that the enemy faces the direction that they're moving
fixed a problem where the enemy was moving faster in up/left than in right/down (it was a dumb rounding error)
cleaned up the existing stuff a bit more
added a shadow trail for slomo movement!

goals for tomorrow
- score/combo system
- smoke bomb
- another level
- add in the instructions menu


January 11th end of day update

some small stuff
Made it so I can choose where the player starts.
Made a few more levels.
Messed with map loading again.
Fixed a problem where the timer didn't stop when the game was paused
Added noises for moving the cursor in the menu and when ok is pressed
I think score will just be based on time now.

goals for tomorrow
- more levels
- add in the instructions menu
- add in a resume button on the pause menu
- save high scores
- tweet high scores

This looks REALLY fun, you are fitting a lot of functionality into this, love2d looks like its working out amazingly for you


Thanks! I've really enjoyed working with it.


Final update: it's done!

I didn't do saving high scores or tweeting high scores, but I just kind of wanted to hand it in since I have some other things I need to get going on. This was a really fun event and I'm fairly satisfied with what I was able to get done. Looking forward to doing this again, if it happens!


WOW!! i love the little ninja! the sprite looks great and i can't wait to play :3