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Game Jam Critique Thread Sticky

A topic by ludowoods created Jan 17, 2016 Views: 2,050 Replies: 73
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This thread is for game critique! If you would like some critique on your game post to this thread filling out the form below. If you're interested in critiquing games, reply to the game posts in this thread with the requested feedback.

Game url


I'd like feedback on

[Bulleted list, questions, or description of what you would like critique on. Can be "anything!" if you're not looking for anything specific]

I need help on

[Optional so remove if unnecessary, but if you have a specific problem or bug that you would like help or advice with solving]

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Game URL:

I'd like feedback on:

Literally anything. I'd say the art style would kind of be outside of feedback though, considering that yes, it's terrible on purpose. Other than that, I'd like to hear whatever you have to say about my game!

Edit: Actually, i'd like a little feedback on the difficulty of my game. Is it too hard? Too easy?


i absolutely adored your game

i remember though being confused in the first map with enemies, theres a skull npc that wasnt accessible and i wasnt sure if there was some sort of puzzle in the room i was supposed to do to talk to them.

MUSIC IS AMAZING!! it brought the ENTIRE game together for me

i think the combat is okay but id like to see some variety to let me be tactical, so far all i really did was use the mystery command to see the different responses, and heal very frequently. it might be too difficult in the beginning i did have to go back and heal frequently


Ah, but that skull IS accessible. You just have to break the rules of the game a little bit to find out. No real puzzle, you just have to do something that you usually wouldn't think to do to climb up there.


you really chose the best possible music? you get SUCH a good feel with all the graphics and humor and the music just ties that together. when my first fight happened i was bopping along so much that i almost died?

also, I think you should start Gared off with a couple of healing items, because I did not get any as a product of a fight until I was almost dead, and I could only buy one Fing at the shop...then you gave me all that money,, hhaa. I was avoiding all the enemies without it and it would definitely be too hard in the long run

one thing I noticed is that there's a pretty bright flash that happens when you cancel on the menu? is that intentional? you might want to take that out because it's a bit intense.

Loved all the little details, love Gared's fighting movements. Nice visual clue to how to get to the skeleton! and the other back cave. I'm excited to see any further work on this game, good luck.


Game url

I'd like feedback on

  • How difficult the puzzles/mysteries are and whether or not their satisfying.
  • Whether or not the general concept is interesting.
  • Whether or not the characters are compelling/interesting
  • Any general suggestions for improving on the concept/gameplay since I'm going to try to make this into a bigger thing.

I need help on

Puzzle balance, suggestions for good ways to learn Python / do more customization in Ren'py


I played it!! I really liked the idea you had in your thread about an AI designed for space travel therapy and then.... well I loved where you took the concept, it will definitely make for an interesting full game!

A few things I noticed: the font was pretty hard to read at times. My eyes aren't the best, so it took some squinting and rereading to get what was being said, especially when the font showed up broken in certain words. Maybe there's a similar font you can use that won't show up jagged and deformed in your game?

Also, I completely forgot what was in Gema's file promptly after I read it. I... ended up kind of guessing the right answers and then going back whenever I got an answer wrong haha... I remember you were planning on a way to access files, once that's in it'd help with my terrible memory a lot.


Thank you! I'm glad you liked where I took the concept. I've had a lot of fun coming up with different ways to mess around with it based on the premise. The full game will hopefully have a lot of twists and turns and complexities.

I definitely noticed that the game really messed with the kerning and stuff sometimes that made the game less readable but I ran out of time to mess with it. I'll keep searching around until I can find something easier to read!

And same with the file. I realized that this way it would end up being a bit of a memory game. I'm gonna keep messing around with menus and hopefully find a way to make the files re-accessible.

Thanks so much for the feedback! It's really helpful to know where to focus on fixing things.


I really enjoyed this! It's an effective demo: the player gets a good solid sample of gameplay, then uncovers something about the game world that makes them want to learn the whole story.

SPOILER WARNING below here (just in case anyone reading this hasn't played it yet!)

It took me a little while to understand how the "press suspicious statements" puzzle mechanic worked, since Gema's self-introduction has two lines marked with a ! and the player has the option to press her on each of them. It made me think there would be a one-to-one correlation of ! marks to suspicious statements, but then more ! marks showed up on lines in the "Ask about ___" branches and didn't add any new options to the list of statements to press her on. After getting that the marks are general indicators that something is suspicious, I realized that they essentially tell the player "here's some evidence you might want," which diminishes my enjoyment of the puzzles. The contradiction-finding puzzles in the Phoenix Wright games made the player really look through all the text to find something relevant, so identifying the right piece of information was really satisfying. I know a lot of people find that frustrating, though. Maybe consider having a hint setting that can be turned on to show the ! marks and turned off to hide them?

I liked that when I tried to call Gema on her lie about being a medical officer before I'd asked her about her family, I didn't have the option to point out that she didn't go to medical school, only to say that she looked too counter-culture to be a doctor. It wasn't my first playthrough, so I knew she was lying, but this playthrough's SAM didn't have a good reason to suspect that, just a very flimsy reason. (Gema's response to that option is great, by the way.) That made it feel like I couldn't just pick from the choices at random until I got the right one, something I'm ashamed to admit I did occasionally in Phoenix Wright. This isn't consistently the case, though: at the point where the player can guess Gema's occupation, the roboticist option appears even in a playthrough where Gema hasn't talked about her interest in robots.

Incidentally, I did like the lack of consistency between the sets of options. What I mean is that it would have been easy to always have there be a right choice and a wrong choice, as in "robots"/"software" and "not alien"/"not raised on Earth," but then there's the case of "not a doctor"/"not in space," where either option is viable if you have the evidence to back it up. This is a pretty short demo, but I got the feeling that being able to solve puzzles from multiple angles might feature more in the full game.

The one mystery element that felt awkward to me was that SAM always questions whether or not they're really in space. Gema's lines to the effect of "it sure is something to be on the S.S. Vision, in space, where we are" all have ! marks, and I was confused as to why until I got to the end of my first playthrough. SAM figured it out before I did; they even ask Gema about it with no player input, whereas in every other case, the player directs SAM's questions to Gema. It felt like the game prioritized getting the plot twist information across instead of letting me solve that mystery by myself. I can see how that would be more effective for a demo, though, since that information is the main hook for getting the player intrigued.

Gema is a great character! I already really like her and want to see more of her. The artist did a terrific job on her, and she has a distinct voice that comes through even in this relatively short scene. Something I also appreciate about her is that she has anxiety and ADD, as the player learns right off the bat, and that's not presented as inherently funny or tragic or otherwise weird. That feels like a low standard to set for writing characters with mental illness(es), but a lot of works don't manage that, especially video games, so it's a pleasant surprise.

I'd be glad to point out spelling, grammar, and general language flow issues if you want (I apologize for bringing it up if not), but otherwise, that's all. Sorry this post is grotesquely long. Thank you for sharing your demo!


Thank you so much!! I really appreciate the long and detailed critique and I'm so glad that you enjoyed it and that you found the story intriguing!

A lot of your critiques are things I had been thinking about--either stuff that I ran out of time to implement fully or that I ran out of time to figure out exactly how I wanted to do them, ha ha.

I definitely think it's a flaw that the only two statements you can press are from the introduction. I don't want to make the players able to turn off the ! because part of the idea for me is that SAM's built in polygraph can be set off either by lies or by intense emotion--which comes up a lot in therapy. I want the player to have to sort through what's really suspicious and what isn't. Of course, I didn't really achieve that with this, either, since the player can't really do much with any of the statements except the lies.

I still haven't decided how I want to go about fully implementing that idea. With the way the basic menus work I could never fit all the ! statements on screen so I'd have to figure out a different way of pressing. That's something I'm going to be spending a lot of time figuring out. If you have any suggestions, let me know!

I almost put a flag on whether or not you found out about her love of robots but decided to concentrate on other things. That should be something that's easy to go back and put in now that the jam is over and the time press is gone.

Going at things from different angles is something I want to do more with so I'm glad you enjoyed that element!

And yeah, the space thing is another thing that was kind of rushed because I needed to get it in for story reasons but didn't have the time to do much with. SAM actually only asks about it if you see a certain number of suspicious statements regarding being in space/on the ship, but if you're playing the game at all thoroughly it's hard to avoid seeing them. It's a fair critique that it doesn't allow the players to come to the conclusion on their own this way.

I'm so glad you liked Gema! I'll pass on your compliments to the artist. My family has a really extensive history of all sorts of mental illnesses (anxiety and ADD included) so creating good representation for people with mental illnesses--especially in a game about therapy--was something that was important to me in coming up with the idea for this game, so I'm really happy that you appreciated that! In the full game every character will have different mental illnesses that they deal with (and that you help them with) in different ways.

But once again, thank you for this incredibly detailed critique! This is all stuff that I was wondering how people would respond to, so this is all incredibly helpful! If you have time to go through and point out spelling and grammar stuff it would be really helpful, but I don't want to make you go out of your way too much.


Thank you for your response, and I'm so glad you appreciated the critique!

Right, the polygraph aspect – I admit that I forgot about it after the explanation, because my focus shifted to just looking for suspicious statements. But I do remember feeling uneasy when the polygraph was mentioned, because they're so often misrepresented as true "lie detectors," and then being happy to see that you acknowledged the way they actually work. (Maybe this is a weird thing to fixate on, but I have very high anxiety and know I would probably set off a polygraph immediately, so that's on my mind.) Considering that makes me like the ! system more, since it makes narrative sense: SAM is a robot/program, so it's plausible for them to have that kind of mechanism built in, and they're an AI, so differentiating human emotional responses probably isn't intuitive for them but it's something they can learn. That even seems like something that could mirror the player's process of learning when not to press someone, once you add statements that set off "false alarms" on the polygraph.

I'd definitely be willing to go over all the writing stuff I noticed! I can do that in another comment here if you'd like, but I'm very long-winded, as you saw. I could also DM you on Twitter to make it less public, if you don't mind having big blocks of text coming at you there.


My intention is to have other more subtle indications of when a ! statement is truly a lie and when it's just an emotional response. For example, you may not have noticed, but even in this demo Gema always shows a blank face when she's actually lying, but will be emoting if it's not an actual lie. I also want to encourage the player to make sure that they have other evidence that something a character is saying is a lie before they jump on it. Creating a system to achieve that is gonna be my main focus programming-wise for a while.

And twitter DM's could work, so that we don't take up too much room in the thread. My personal twitter is @brenna_asplund and the game's twitter is @void_talk. I'd be fine with you contacting me on either account.


Hey Cepheid,

Want to keep this short, but, I really love this idea. Its got a cyberpunk LA Noir vibe that I am 200% down for. I agree with some of the other comments, a way to bring up the papers would be beneficial to the player. I think the mystery that you set up really lends its well to a sequel/expansion and I really REALLY want to know where it goes.

Keep up the solid work mate,

Atomic Brainbag


Thank you so much!! The cyberpunk thing is definitely what I was going for, and I have to give massive credit to the artist for implementing it so well. My goal eventually is to implement a way to bring up the papers and a log of previous conversation for reference. Thanks for your interest in the future of the project, too!


Maybe somthing akin to papers please, where they are physical objects? Could add a cool digital design to it seeing as though you are a computer lol


Game url

I'd like feedback on

  • How useful the hint system is and if the recipes needs to be easier or harder.
  • The writing... anything about the writing, honestly lol
  • Does it work, having convos space out ingredient selection? Does it help to have the final confirmation menu at the end where you can change your choices if you want?
  • Which characters people like/don't like and why

I've only played through once so far and I may come back and add more after I've messed around with it a bit more, but I wanted to give you my initial impressions.

First off, this game is SUPER cute! The art style, the concept/gameplay, the writing, everything. It's adorable and I love it.

The puzzles were actually a little hard for me and I ended up kind of frustrated. I only succeeded for 2 out of the 4 customers. The most frustrating thing for me was that when I made a sprite for the merserker, in the description of that sprite it said that they're good helpers for gardening and such. So when the plant tamer asked for sprites to help around the garden, I immediately thought to try to recreate the sprite I'd done before. I used the exact same recipe as before but I ended up getting a boo-boo sprite.

I don't know if that was a glitch or if the recipes only work if you're making them for the right customer? It was just frustrating to do something that had made a real sprite before and have it turn out the failure sprite instead. Even if it's not the right sprite for the job if the player uses a correct recipe, I think it should still make a sprite.

But honestly that was the only problem I had with the game. I think it worked having the convos space out the ingredients (the things they all said were so cute and funny!) and the final confirmation menu was helpful. And frankly I loved all the characters so much.

Have you ever watched the Batman: The Brave and the Bold series? The merserker reminded me of the Aquaman from that series a bit. Which is a good thing.

Anyway, fantastic job! I'm glad I got to play it.


Thanks for the feedback, it's really helpful! And thank you for the kind words u////u

I did mix up the encyclopaedia entries for the harvest sprite and the tippy toe sprite u___u I didn't catch that until I tried playing through the game myself yesterday haha... shoulda left myself more time for bug catching ;___; Sorry for the confusion! It'd be neat to try and make it so that you could give different people different sprites.... could get their reaction and squeeze some more flavour text potential outta them lol.

I was actually worried I was making the spells too easy... buuuuut that's definitely my own bias as the person who planned them out for almost a month, I brainstormed the characters, ingredients, and recipes before the jam started pfffffft. I'm making the hint system a bit more robust, so hopefully that will help!

I watched a little bit of that Batman series! I mostly remember that great song the birds of prey sang :P


Hi! I hope it's not too late for me to post this. I was following your devlog thread throughout the jam, and I apologize for never having commented on it – your ideas and mockups looked so good that I think I was intimidated. I like the game itself even more than I expected! You've created something really impressive and charming.

SPOILERS BELOW if anyone hasn't played it yet!

The ingredient puzzles mostly weren't hard for me, but I did have trouble with choosing the liquid for the Cat Thief's fog sprite. Magic rainwater creates clouds, which become fog when they're close to the ground, and the dark smoke in the illustration for Dragonflame ale also seemed to fit the Familiar's suggested keywords of "hiding" and "dark." Jeweled honey was actually the choice that seemed least likely to me! If the player was supposed to pick up on the association of jewels with thievery, the Familiar's suggestions don't point to that; if the idea was that the amber crystals "hide" in the honey, then the Familiar puts the player on the right track, but it was a little confusing for me because I thought the answer would relate to fog imagery.

I guess that's related to another note I have about the sprite recipes: they're ostensibly weather spells, but sometimes the right ingredient has less to do with weather than with something about the client. The pussywillow in the Cat Thief's recipe is the example that the Cloud Mage comments on (and that made me smile), but what puzzled me is that the Gryphon Gunner's recipe ends up being about courage and flight more than it is about sunny weather, which is what she had requested.

I didn't find the puzzles very difficult other than my trouble with connecting the associations. There were relatively few ingredients to combine (this isn't a criticism; it felt just right for the length of the game) and I realized after a while that the first three clients' recipe ingredients were mutually exclusive. Having the Plant Tamer's recipe break away from that pattern felt like a neat way of elevating the challenge a little, since it meant I couldn't just eliminate ingredients I'd used for previous clients, but it was still straightforward. I don't feel like the puzzles were too easy, because it didn't seem like challenge was really the point of this game. You said in your devlog that you wanted to depict how failure isn't the end of everything, and I think you accomplished that. (As a side note, I really appreciate that message, since I strongly identify with the Boo Boo Sprite.)

Just as a side note, I love that the spell formula consists of a plant for life energy, a liquid catalyst, and a sweet to feed the sprite. It makes sense in magical terms (if that's not a contradiction), while being distinct enough from other depictions of witchcraft that it's a great worldbuilding element, too.

I liked the characters a lot! I think my favorite was the Familiar – their* visual design is not only cute but also a neat way of depicting that they were made from the Cloud Mage's own energy, and I found them really endearing right from the introductory flyer-distribution conversation. The clients were all charming in unique ways, too. On the other hand, I feel like I didn't get a very good read on the Cloud Mage herself. She seems very business-minded, but she says "oh, fine, ruin my fun" when the Gryphon Gunner tries to bring her attention back to the spell; she jokes around with the Merserker after getting over her initial intimidation, but her attitude toward the Plant Tamer is completely serious and very accommodating, and I didn't know if I was meant to interpret that as her having a little crush on him or what. I get that she tends toward sarcasm and is more guarded about expressing sincerity, but I think what threw me off was that she seemed flippant about her business just as often as she seemed like a hard-working entrepreneur. This might all just be my own difficulties with character analysis showing, though, and her relationship with her Familiar felt sweet and authentic.

*I apologize if you used pronouns for the Familiar and I just missed them or forgot what they were!

A couple miscellaneous things:

  • On the first night, there's a line in the "Talk about being yourself" sequence where the Familiar says that the Cloud Mage failed a spell, even if the player succeeded at their spell that day. (Conversely, I did notice and appreciate that their night 4 conversation about underwater society changes a little if you first talk about the client.)
  • I love the music stopping when the Cat Thief makes his pun, but I think it'd be even more effective if it stopped right on that line, rather than on the next one.
  • Near the end of day 4, the Merserker's sprite is supposed to flip, but doesn't, and an error message appears on the bottom of the Ren'Py window (sorry if you already noticed this one).
Again, I'm sorry for how late this post is, and I also want to apologize to everyone in this forum topic for long this post is. Thank you again for making this game!

Nooooo don't worry about it, I really appreciate the detailed feedback!!

The puzzle elements were definitely a challenge for me. Originally, the "hints" were gonna just be the preceding convos before the selection of each ingredient. I was gonna try and have ppl figure out recipes through the convos, but then I found it made the convos way too forced. You can see my attempt at it with the gryphon gunner though, with talking about sunny days before you choose sunflower, and then talking about courage/daring before you choose the made-up ale. Then I gave up and thought up a hint system instead lol. That particular example you brought up with the catalyst for the cat thief was something I really, really wracked my brain over. I didn't want too many characters to use the same ingredient (the rainwater) even though..... well, clouds are basically water. Maybe I didn't need to be worried about it, but I did want more variety in the spells at the time so I went with what I had. I do agree that the puzzle element could definitely be refined some more.

In the build I'm currently working on, I'm writing in a hint system where at the end of the spell the familiar will check one ingredient for you and tell you whether it's correct/incorrect. I'm making it so it can be only be done once per spell. Tbh, it feels I'm using the hint system as a bit of a crutch for the less satisfying puzzles.... buuut going in this direction with the game is giving me more ideas for the 5th day. Hopefully I can use what I've learned to make some satisfying endings, what I have planned for the 5th day so far breaks the mold a little...

re: the cloud mage, I had personalities in mind for each of the clients when I started writing the game, but I didn't really have any personalities in mind for the cloud mage and her familiar at all. Their personalities just emerged as I wrote the game. At some point I got the idea for night convos where the mage writes new info in her journal while the familiar initiates a few convos, and somehow the game grew into being more and more about the relationship between the mage and her familiar and how they bond over day-to-day events, so I'm glad to hear you liked their relationship! I think the cloud mage ended up business-minded because of the nature of the game. As for her reaction to the plant tamer, I tried to hint at how she was schmoozing him because ppl who garden/farm would have a lot of use for weather spells. She's trying to convert him into a regular customer, basically. And it's funny you should mention the gryphon gunner convo bc I left that specific convo blank for a while. I came back to it after I finished writing a couple of the other days and I still had no ideas for what to put in it so I just wrote in the first bit of filler I came up with. I guess it shows, pfffft.

I caught the two instances of bugs you mentioned, actually! I fixed them, but I haven't updated the game files yet... still in the middle of the hint system rehaul :X

Oh, and I think I've been using 'it' for the familiar, because it's a bird. I didn't really think of the familiar as having strong tendencies towards any gender.

ANYWAY!!! Thanks again for the detailed feedback, I really do appreciate it. It gives me a better idea of problem spots I can target in the puzzles and writing (و•̀•́)و


i finally got to finish this game!! ugh wow i love the art so much and your writing is very charming, i really enjoyed the familiar's lines. i do like the conversation in between the ingredient selection as well as the ability to change the ingredients at the end after i've chosen all of them. i think as a vn it works really well to weave the conversation + spell choices in this way. i liked almost all the characters and i thought they were pretty interesting in writing and design. i liked the peek into the world and the different species and professions.

i messed up one or two spells and went back to redo them... after the update i missed no spells and it kind of felt like the perfect difficulty. i could see maybe restricting this "check ingredient" to add a little more difficulty as i never really worried about messing up a spell.

overall really great work and an impressive game for the two week timeframe! i hope to see more games from you in the future O: !!


Thank you for the feedback, especially with the spell difficulty! I'm still really glad that people like the writing, since VNs live and die by their writing ;w; I think something I would've worked in if I could would be image mapping, for better-looking menus than the list of text options, but maybe I'll save the fancy stuff for the summer jam ∠( 」∠)_

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Game url


For some reason the link doesnt point to the url. Updated here


I'd like feedback on

  • The instructions of the game, is it useful?
  • Overall challenge of the game to your tastes. Is it challenging or too easy.
  • The leader crew system, does it change the way you utilize the crew?
  • The facilities. how useful they are in assisting you to defending your ship?
  • Well..pretty much anything else! suggestions, feedback, especially on the races if possible. Im experimenting the concept to decide which direction to go from here


Game url

I'd like feedback on

basically anything related to the game. was the game too hard? too easy? confusing? i know the art is special too so if you want to comment on that i can too (however remember that a lot of the art related stuff had to be rushed becauss of low time)

I need help on

well i need to make the items stay in inventory when changing layouts i honestly am not sure how to do it but i have some tiny idea on how to make that on constructed 2 but still if anyone has help please tell me (my whole inventory system is self made and i dont use arrays so yeah lol)


Hey there Nadia,

I only have a few major issues with the game:

  1. random awkward collision
  2. wall jump not working in the cave (that stopped me from progressing)

now what I do like are the imaginative tone, lovely art and great direction. I really hope you get the energy to continue with this one, I think it shows some great narrative promise.

Keep up the great work,

Atomic Brainbag


ahh.. the wall jumping is indeed working however i now have heard that its just extremely difficult to do.. the problem is that i guess the timing is too precise and thats why ppl have problems to go through? it is possible as i did pass the game but i guess it doesnt count since i made the game and exactly how the game works.

maybe try again if you still want to the game has lot to offer after that part. and like you have to press the arrow key away from the wall (not up/jump key) to walljump. i tried to add info about this on the game info page. im going to make an update in the future and obviously make it easier to work.

thank you so much for your input!

I actually really liked the background art, and made the game feel very detailed and lively regardless if it was completed or not. I actually got stuck after my plantbud gf was kidnapped by the giant bird? I talked to most of the npcs but was completely lost after that. I think a simple prompt telling me what to do might help? That might be intrusive game design wise but easier than like visual ques or something.


if you talk to your mom she gives a hint also run to very left of map there is a merchant with a cart telling you only thing leaving the city is the cart and you can then hide in the cart by pressing z while overlapping the cart. i should write a walktrough heh

Submitted (1 edit)

Game url

I'd like feedback on

  • Level design/difficulty
  • controls/game feel
  • sprite animation
  • sound effects

This game was super cute! Loved the music and the little jumping sounds. And the "save point vodka"!

Sometimes I was confused because it seemed like there were cowboys in areas I couldn't even get to? Were they there for atmosphere?

The levels were fun and I love the fast paced chain that I could go in, tippy tappin along with my lil feet. Also because of the fast pace you could go in, you could have fun solving the problems quickly and finding different paths. The double jump was maybe a bit over powered once you got the feel for it -- you could float for a while.

Sometimes the sprite would hit the side of something and do the standing graphic (I'm pretty sure) and it looked a bit stiff, but overall the animation was super cute.


I'm glad that the pace is fun. Also yes, some of those cowboys are there just for the sake of visual flair. Specifically, the first cowboy is there to establish what their behavior is like.

There's definitely some graphical hitches that I need to rework if I come back to Dang Cowboys. I'll also have to design more of a challenge regarding the double-jump.



Yeah that's what I thought, like the "boss cowboy"'s gang at the end. It did make me wonder if I could get to those sections.

I also like that you can't attack, so you can focus on platforming. And it reflects the sort of "just let me drink in peace..i'm outie..."

Good luck!!


Hey there Mr. Zalonar,

Dug the game and I have been eye balling your work on tumblr. I found the game to be really easy with some floaty jump control. The one bit that I really REALLY liked was the run down the ally with the bullet chasing you. Expand that feeling into the rest of the game, where you are JUST one step ahead of something, one step away from death. As has been said, the music was lovely and I really like the opening 'cinematic'.

Good job mate,

Atomic Brainbag


Thanks for the advice!

I was thinking the game might be too easy, but I wasn't quite sure. Now, I have a better idea why.


Game URL

I'd like feedback on

  • how clear are the tutorial signs
  • is the game too difficult
  • what do you think of the graphics and/or music


Hello!! Your game was one of the first I played.

I am not the best at platforming, but I could not make it past level two in this. I think it was a mix of the time being too short and some of the blocks being small enough to easily fall off of. I think if you made the platforms two blocks long instead of one, while still keeping the short time, it might make it a good level of difficulty. Also, I loved the teleportation mechanic and figuring out where it would send me.

The graphics are charming and pretty and I love the soft monochromatic purple!


Thank you very much for the reply!

I definitely think I'm going to revisit this in a few days to make the difficulty increase more smoothly, so this kind of stuff is helpful. I would like if it were a nice game for beginners to try out, but I'm no beginner at platformers so it was kind of hard to judge what was too hard.


what would get me in level two was the little back-and-forth section, because i would always hit the top of the next cranny and then fall to the bottom hhaa


i agree, i think the timer should be a lot more lenient, and some of the jumping was a bit too pixel perfect and became frustating. but it was SOO CUTE! and very fun!


Yeah after hearing some people's thoughts I'm thinking I'll change a bit of the layout and make the timer longer. I want the levels to encourage exploration more than they do now, because that sounds more fun and less difficult.



I'm going to get super analytical (because that's my bag yo) these are also in order of when I encountered a thing or thought of a thing.

  • Trust the player. We all play games as well as make them and with that come some expectations. I already was jumping around well before the sign told me to.
  • Really loved the inclusion of sudo-narrative elements within the tutorial. The sign where it asks why the teleporters are there. Include that more?
  • I like the little bit in lvl2 where you designed the level to allow the player to fail a jump, but then caught them after. Made me smile ;)
  • The passable blocks are hard to read when moving. They are not that different from the solid ones. Maybe make that stand out a tad more. Not too much or it will be TOO obvious.
  • I think I ran out of time because the game reset on lvl3. Had some awkwardness with a slight difficulty spike there. (got it on my sixth try by holding my breath and not blinking ;) )
  • Last level is similar, with the number of mistakes I was making I struggled. However, once I did it I felt SUPER awesome!!
All in all, great job. I dug the graphics, a nice mono color color scheme is always great to see. And the feed back the player gets when jumping is awesome, the little :o face the cube pulls is great!

Good job again mate,

Atomic Brainbag


Thanks for the reply!

While I'm sure the majority of other jammers are quite familiar with standard PC platformer controls I also wanted some of my friends and family to try this out so I wanted to be very clear lol. Speaking of which I'm probably going to try to redo parts of the levels to make some of it a little easier so beginners can play more of it. When I'm doing that I'll keep these comments in mind, but I definitely still want that great feeling of beating a tough last level.


You know, I didn't think of newbies or family so good catch on that one. Now I'm not saying hand it to the on a plate, I managed to beat the levels with some perseverance. However, I also had moments where I wanted to just quit. I think it stems from the time limit placed on the player, if I fell on the last level with 20seconds left I would just wait it out and try again the next one.


hi! i realize you're probably still reworking this but i was able to get a little bit into it while going down my list. i think the game is a little tricky and the difficulty should be eased in a little more--the one 1x1 blocks were very tricky and probably should be introduced later on. with the controls it was often quite frustrating to get onto them + jump up and time the key presses. i didn't make it past level three and level two took a few tries. i will say i like your level design aside from that! you have a really good sense of how to teach your different mechanics, and i liked how the transporter was able to put me back to before a difficult jump so i didn't have to go all the way around again.

i think the graphics and music are both very charming!! i like your color palette and the softened edges on your pixelling--it's very pretty and easy to read.

i think the tutorials signs are very clear! i might even say some of them aren't entirely necessary: in some ways you already "taught" the z press by using it in the start page. i think that was a clever way to teach something. i think most of the others are just fine to leave in, and i could see the jumping being left in too as an extra hint. this is a gem for two weeks of work--excellent job so far!


I didn't really consider if the 1x1 blocks were difficult. I'll keep that in mind when I'm reworking the flow of the levels. I'm glad you enjoyed my music and pixels! Thanks for the feedback.


Game URL:

I'd Like feedback on: Just aboot everything. Somethings I know are janky and I will iron those out.

I need help on: Just aboot everything. This is my first game so ;) Generally I'm trying to wrack my brain around arrays and how to use them in unity. Any and all advice there would be muchly apperciated.


Played the game twice. Ended with 100 happiness and 200 gold the first time round and 120 happiness and 150 gold the second time. It gave me the "long live the queen" sorta gameplay vibe (albeit a shorter,simpler version of it), which I really loved.

I would really like to see some in depth reaction from the nobles or the commoners at the end. Some scenarios were good for a laugh although it would be good to allow certain choices carry a harsher penalty (towards gold or happiness) or allow the choices carry over to another scenario.

Just curious though, the game didn't seem all that buggy (really awesome considering its your first game), so what kinda advice were you looking for in particular?


Hey mate,

Cheers for playing the game and double cheers for doing it twice. As far as reactions go, that is definitely something that was in the initial 'document' (my brain) and some of the in game choices were going to be risk now, pay off later deals. Like the inter knight problems were going to escalate if you didn't do specific things etc.

Right now, the advice I'm looking for is how to implement some of my ideas and the systems that I would need to achieve that. Basically, arrays/lists are something I am horrified of and intrigued by in unity. I'm also looking at how the game 'feels' in terms of player interaction to game reaction.

Thanks again for playing it, really appreciate it,

Atomic Brainbag


Well, just sharing my experience as one whom messed with Unity (or C#) for a fair bit:

  • I tend to use List more than arrays, they are very similar. I do think some of the beginner mistakes I made are usually due not keeping track of them (like initializing them or adding and removing of stuff), but errors logs will help you out.

some read on choosing collection type:

  • [SerializeField] (for private lists/arrays) / making list public (the former is a better approach imo) can help you keep track of your list in your inspector, so you can quickly refer to its contents during debugging
  • Pretty much everything else comes with experience. Do I need a class to store stuff or can a list of variables do the same trick? Planning out what your script does and needs on paper helps a bunch!

Considering your art style for the game. One approach I would try to emphasize on is the immediate feedback that comes along with the players choices (e.g. maybe a lower pitch SFX during speech to indicate hostility, colored font etc). Just my 2 cents though.

Hope it helped! :>


Hey mate,

Cheers for the help there. Will look into them. As for the player choices bit, never thought of that. 200% going into the next build.

Thanks again,
Atomic Brainbag


Game url

I'd like feedback on

  • How was the atmosphere? Were you comforted or was it too creepy(alone)?
  • Were things clear with the little to no instructions provided?
  • How did the dialogue feel to you? Was it rushed, did it fit the tone?
  • Anything else! Thank you.
  • the atmosphere was very relaxing/not creepy at all
  • the objectives were very straight forward. almost to the point where there wasn't a lot of challenge(which may have been the point, so take this as you will)
  • I played the game yesterday, so I don't really remember a lot about the dialogue. That could be a good thing or a bad thing. Nothing really stood out as really bad, but I also don't remember much of it.
  • I really liked getting the popcorn. That simple, little puzzle gave the game a lot of character.

thanks for the feedback!

yeah, it's supposed to be more about setting than challenges (or really, it's not challenging at all), but I am considering putting more multi-faceted interactions like the popcorn bowl. Even if it is easy, I would like to keep the players interacting. Maybe I'll have them actually make punch!! I actually have a better idea now.


Hey Potatofuzz (ace name btw),

Right, same as last time for me, I'm gonna get analytical!

  • Art drew me right in before I even downloaded the game. Really like the rough and ready look.
  • I love this almost personal feel to the game. Like I'm reading a slice of life in a fantastical setting. Looking at you, nicknames board.
  • I like the atmosphere. It was melancholic. I had this feeling of a past well remembered.
  • The little to no instruction really made me want to explore (I even think I found a little Easter egg) and it fit the tone nicely.
  • the dialogue was punchy. Though I feel a more wistful pace for it would have fit nicer, however, what was there worked.
Good job on it and I look forward to seeing what you add,

Atomic Brainbag


Thank you!!

I was really going for a personal/intimate type thing, so I'm glad you felt that. I plan on all of the screens having the level of detail/more detail that you get with the nicknames one.

Ohh what Easter egg did you find?? That's something I'm super big on.

I'm def going to work on slowing the dialogue down a bit, because while I want it to be friendly, I do feel a bit thrown around when I go through it. Thanks so much for the feedback.


You really nailed it then.

It's the unfinished screen, where it's still a rough sketch on paper. Really like the look of the level.

  • The atmosphere was very relaxed and to me it felt like a pleasant forest stroll!
  • Despite little instructions the goals were clear! Even then though I honestly just wanted to walk around instead of following the directions lmao
  • The dialogue for the objects were interesting because it felt like looking into another world and being an observer.
  • Also I think your art style is super cute and also I like that you use grid paper to make your maps it's very organized

hi! i already gushed about this on twitter but i'll spell out my thoughts more articulately here :9

i thought the atmosphere was very mysterious--something like looking into a magic woods. i never felt threatened, and i was curious to explore. it had a very easy adventure game feel so it made me want to explore immediately. (and i really mean it when i say it had a ghibli atmosphere!)

the fetch quest was very easy to understand! there didn't need to be any instruction--just the checklist alone made sense.

i don't remember the dialogue too well b/c iirc there was only one and it was at the end but i think the pacing was appropriate especially for the situation

finally i'd like to say i really liked the art and music for the game!! it's always really exciting seeing rpgmaker games with complete/not tiled backgrounds--it feels very adventure game and it's very exciting! i don't remember too well right now but i think the music was perfect, and i keep associating it with ib in a good way. i think i might suggest changing the font for the dialogue/message box? i think it could feel dreamier or somehow more "storybook" or forest-like. i think changing this would really add to the mood.

again, really great job, an incredible demo for two weeks!! i look forward to seeing this finished sometime in the future!


I wouldn't mind some crit, if anybody's got time! Just about to go through the thread and look at some other requests.



...Pretty much everything!


Hey TheSudz,

Really like the game, has a real Binding of Issac feel ;) Now, one thing I would do is pitch bend the sound of the axe swinging of make some variations on that sound. That way it is less repetitive. Also, game feel is something you should look into, adding a simple animation/sound/effect to enemies dying will really help with that.

Other than those things I really dug it,

Atomic Brainbag

at one point it became too difficult, you could try to slow down the spawn rate of the bats, it seems like their spawning goes up exponentially too quickly, i think they were a bit too fast in tracking me too. i couldnt really kite them. i think a bigger map, like big enough that it would require a camera would help


Really fluid combat there and I enjoyed the bits which allowed me to try to aim for higher score. The head swopping mechanic really relates to the context well.

Some gripes I have with the game were the difficulties of the 3 special enemies; the medusa and banshee were too easy while the minotaur deals way too much damage in comparison and the fact that the health drops were completely random kinda tacked on the difficulty.

Submitted (1 edit)

Okay, I'll bite. I wouldn't mind a little input from someone other than my friends who haven't actually played it, anyways. (though they occasionally watched me stream)

Non Player Character

I'd like feedback on:

I'm probably most curious about responses to the writing, events, characters. I specifically reduced combat to be as quick and simple as possible because.. frankly I had no time to wrap my head around that or balancing it. Honestly RPG Maker VX Ace's vanilla combat has always frustrated the hell out of me and I was almost to the point of taking it out altogether (which I still did, in a way).

Would people be interested in seeing me try and get the rest of my content/ideas in place for an expanded version, for instance. I mean, I still want to do that, but it'd still be nice to hear what others have to say.

EDIT: Sorry, just realized I didn't do the whole bullet-style thing. It's not really my way of writing...

  • Storytelling, is it hard to follow or does it seem to flow fairly well?
  • Do the scripted events feel okay? Did taking the control away at times feel annoying or did it help?
  • Did the character feel like actual people and not vanilla "Welcome to Corneria." NPCs?
  • How about the flavour text? Did anyone like all the little things you could check? I had fun with those.
Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Game URL

I'd like feedback on:

  • the combat
  • music choices
  • the maps, are they enjoyable?
  • edit: actually just let me know if you have any other problems with it!!
Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Okay, so I'm still in the middle of it but I thought I'd point out a couple of things.

  • The music is really good, but it's LOUD. Thankfully that can be turned down.
  • Combat is nice but it was really hard at first, probably healed after every fight and almost died in the first non-scripted one.
  • There's a number of little things you need to fix:
    There's a pixel or three on Herb's face picture. There is no way to finish the Desert World Cause quest. The trigger for Queen Uriel is action, but it causes the screen to fadein with the characters a few feet away. The trigger for the dialogue when you go into that town repeats even after you beat the queen, before doing the post-fight dialogue.

Otherwise I'm really enjoying it a lot and having fun. The one character's swearing gets a little obnoxious, but thankfully the others seem to tug their leash about it, so to speak.

EDIT: I just finished your game around 3 hours and a half hours or so. I'll be highlighting the stream later, but the important stuff is in that stuff up there. Nitpicks are down below.

In case you're interested in typos and such.. there's a couple, the one that stood out most was bureaucratic, the rest I can't really remember it was just that one stuck in the mind. Also, the protag Mx.Gunslinger. You're probably thinking of that supposed gender-neutral term? I kinda wanna say lose it or do something cause it causes the name to run into the class name in the status screen. Also, it's kinda confusing since some people end up calling them Mx. as a name. I kinda thought Gunslinger alone was enough, but this is just my opinion.

Only other thing I can think of is that I really wanted to know more about the world-portal stuff. Why did worlds have them even when they weren't having problems? That kinda thing. Also, did Keepe place all the radios or just the one they mention?


Those are definitely things I'm going to have to fix, thanks. Getting combat difficulty down is hard, but I'll do my best to fix the early game! Although, did you try interacting with the mailboxes in the Desert World?

The world portals exist in all worlds, it's just that the only ones accessed in the game are dying ones as they're the ones the characters are actively seeking. World traveling however is rare due to the untold dangers of going into other worlds, and is mostly why Mr. Keepe is reliant the gang to retrieve artifacts. Outside of the story he ventures into non-hostile worlds or commissions explorers to delve into the more dangerous ones. It's something I wanted to show off in the game but didn't really have time for; I originally wanted to make an extra world that had a gang of explorers that got there before you and you would have to convince the leader to hand you the world souls (and to do some trading for Mr. Keepe's artifact quest).

Mr. Keepe places all the radios in the void and the one in Queen Uriel's land. The other radios were already naturally there for other reasons, though I honestly should make different sprites for these specific radios to show that it's not the generic ones Mr. Keepe is putting.


I did interact with all the mailboxes, or at least I thought I had. I just always got the message about there being nothing in them. I have a save before the last boss, so I can go back and check that out again, though.

I'd love to see you add or expand where possible, cause it was just such an enjoyable game and the story was engaging. I liked visiting the different worlds and seeing what befell them. I'm just so impressed with the amount of work you got done!


I should definitely try to make the mailbox that has the message look different, my playtesters admittedly missed it too.

And thanks! I actually got to work as soon as the jam started and I've been staying up late to work on it, and I'm happy that you like the end result! Maybe I could one day work on an expanded version with all the stuff I wanted to add in.


All you'd really need is to give the mailbox that little red flag pointing up to set it apart. It'd be subtle but noticeable. Or so I'd hope.


Hey guys! I also want some feed back on my game

Id like feedback on:

  • The difficulty of the game, I had people play test the game and some say it's easy while the others say it was super difficult
  • Did the game deliver in terms of making you question your morality? or was the game too ambiguous and pretentious?
  • Did the music/sound create add to the game?
  • Did you feel the need to replay the game after you got your ending? Was there confusion whether or not you GOT an ending?
ANY input is appreciated, I could really use the help!

The difficult route definitely felt too difficult on the last level, but I'm not sure if it was just the level or the lack of visual feedback. By that I mean, since I was playing as a box I had no animation cues for how fast I was going or if I was at the top of my jump. It also felt like I would slide into obstacles when I was trying to stop in front of them.

I thought it was a very interesting concept, but I don't really like green being the easy path and red being the hard one. Green and red are often used to mean right/wrong or good/bad so it felt too much like the game was telling me which was the morally right thing to do. It would feel more ambiguous if they were the same colour and the difficulty of the actions would clue us into how hard the next level is. Speaking of which I feel like the actions themselves should be the deciding factor in the difficulty since some people might have different emotional connections to certain things that might change what they think would be the more emotionally difficult choice? idk if that makes any sense, but I saw a few where the easy choice was to take action and the difficult choice was to do nothing and I feel like that is backwards.

After writing all that I feel like I'm sounding overly negative, but I think you have a really cool idea! Just a few tweaks to some of the scenarios and maybe a few more of them and it will be great!


Thanks for the input! It really means a lot to me. I didn't it was overly negative at all.


Game url:

Who Do You Think You Are (Demo)

I'd like feedback on:

  • how was the atmosphere? did you enjoy the music and sfx? was the screen tint too dark, too light, too saturated, decent?
  • did you enjoy the flavortext? did it have substance? did it provoke any thought or lead you to a more intimate impression of or interest in the environment/main character? i would have liked to dedicate more time to ironing it out and editing it, but i'm hoping it felt decent so far!
  • did you feel actually compelled to look around and check everything? were the maps interesting? (tho i'll be the first to say that the large foyer area is pretty barren and lacks things to examine atm; this is the biggest corner i cut due to time constraints)
  • did you feel that there were too few events beyond simple message/flavortext events, or was it suitable enough for a demo? i would have liked to include far more than i was actually able to before the deadline, so consider things like the chair a really rough a preview of future things to come!
  • did you run into any weird bugs? here's a list of janky things i'm already aware of.
  • i think the indication of locked doors and such risks being unsubtle; i didn't want to leave anyone wondering if they'd missed a key or didn't complete the few actual objectives in the demo, which are essentially linear, but i think it may be too frank. did you find it hand-hold-y?
  • anything else you feel is relevant!! thank you! c:

Hey guys I would like some feedback on my game.

Miles Dauntless, Space Detective


I'd like feedback on:

  • Level design/layout
  • Difficulty
  • Plot
Its probably obvious but after the point where a certain character is arrested I rushed the story to reach the Jams deadline, that is not the actual ending I had originally planned.

I am also planning on doing a short video series on our YouTube channel doing let's plays and showcasing a few games from the Jam, if anyone wants me to do theirs then let me know, other wise ill pick a few at random. It will only be a 5-10 minute segment per game. My stuff on the channel has been lacking since Xmas so its time I got back into it.

I'd welcome any conversation about how my game worked, and what I could improve in future builds.

The Cabin of the Doe Alpha Build 1.0


I'd like feedback on: how people are feeling about how the plot is going, if there's anything pulling you out of the experience I need to address, etc.