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Atomic Brainbag

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Haha, I will tell you one thing, non of them are coherent as they were written with code still rattling around my puny mind. But, looking about over these things show how far we have come. I just want to say that your game is truly stunning!

Hey guys,
I'm working on my game and had a thinking, I would love to see any and all devlogs you guys have going on! Here is mine to kick start the fun: https://atomicbrainbag.itch.io/pastel-power-patrol-the-bots-of-lv-3559
Good luck and have fun,

Hello guys and gals,

This is my second real jam and I'm hella pumped to get something made this weekend! I'm working with unity (most experience in it).
Do any of you have ideas set out yet around the theme?

Can't wait to see what you lovely people make,

Hey mate,

Cheers for the help there. Will look into them. As for the player choices bit, never thought of that. 200% going into the next build.

Thanks again,
Atomic Brainbag

Hey mate,

Cheers for playing the game and double cheers for doing it twice. As far as reactions go, that is definitely something that was in the initial 'document' (my brain) and some of the in game choices were going to be risk now, pay off later deals. Like the inter knight problems were going to escalate if you didn't do specific things etc.

Right now, the advice I'm looking for is how to implement some of my ideas and the systems that I would need to achieve that. Basically, arrays/lists are something I am horrified of and intrigued by in unity. I'm also looking at how the game 'feels' in terms of player interaction to game reaction.

Thanks again for playing it, really appreciate it,

Atomic Brainbag

See, I wanted to avoid numerical outcomes. It smacks too much of systems and not enough of causal relationships. Hopefully the ending will, like in fallout, outline the choices you made and their outcome. However, given the time limit of 2 weeks and some massive headaches during production, these ideas had to be but on the back burner.

However, I can say that will be a 'good' ending in that your people are happy and 'bad' because them debt collectors are coming ;)


Atomic Brainbag


Thanks for the kind words. I'm working on a new version of the game with some visual indicators of how each thing is doing. My main aim with the game was to tell the story visually through changes in mood and such. With that will come better proofreading and a more cohesive design.

Many thanks,

Atomic Brainbag

You know, I didn't think of newbies or family so good catch on that one. Now I'm not saying hand it to the on a plate, I managed to beat the levels with some perseverance. However, I also had moments where I wanted to just quit. I think it stems from the time limit placed on the player, if I fell on the last level with 20seconds left I would just wait it out and try again the next one.

Hey TheSudz,

Really like the game, has a real Binding of Issac feel ;) Now, one thing I would do is pitch bend the sound of the axe swinging of make some variations on that sound. That way it is less repetitive. Also, game feel is something you should look into, adding a simple animation/sound/effect to enemies dying will really help with that.

Other than those things I really dug it,

Atomic Brainbag

You really nailed it then.

It's the unfinished screen, where it's still a rough sketch on paper. Really like the look of the level.

Maybe somthing akin to papers please, where they are physical objects? Could add a cool digital design to it seeing as though you are a computer lol

Hey Cepheid,

Want to keep this short, but, I really love this idea. Its got a cyberpunk LA Noir vibe that I am 200% down for. I agree with some of the other comments, a way to bring up the papers would be beneficial to the player. I think the mystery that you set up really lends its well to a sequel/expansion and I really REALLY want to know where it goes.

Keep up the solid work mate,

Atomic Brainbag

Hey there Nadia,

I only have a few major issues with the game:

  1. random awkward collision
  2. wall jump not working in the cave (that stopped me from progressing)

now what I do like are the imaginative tone, lovely art and great direction. I really hope you get the energy to continue with this one, I think it shows some great narrative promise.

Keep up the great work,

Atomic Brainbag

Hey there Mr. Zalonar,

Dug the game and I have been eye balling your work on tumblr. I found the game to be really easy with some floaty jump control. The one bit that I really REALLY liked was the run down the ally with the bullet chasing you. Expand that feeling into the rest of the game, where you are JUST one step ahead of something, one step away from death. As has been said, the music was lovely and I really like the opening 'cinematic'.

Good job mate,

Atomic Brainbag

Hey Potatofuzz (ace name btw),

Right, same as last time for me, I'm gonna get analytical!

  • Art drew me right in before I even downloaded the game. Really like the rough and ready look.
  • I love this almost personal feel to the game. Like I'm reading a slice of life in a fantastical setting. Looking at you, nicknames board.
  • I like the atmosphere. It was melancholic. I had this feeling of a past well remembered.
  • The little to no instruction really made me want to explore (I even think I found a little Easter egg) and it fit the tone nicely.
  • the dialogue was punchy. Though I feel a more wistful pace for it would have fit nicer, however, what was there worked.
Good job on it and I look forward to seeing what you add,

Atomic Brainbag


I'm going to get super analytical (because that's my bag yo) these are also in order of when I encountered a thing or thought of a thing.

  • Trust the player. We all play games as well as make them and with that come some expectations. I already was jumping around well before the sign told me to.
  • Really loved the inclusion of sudo-narrative elements within the tutorial. The sign where it asks why the teleporters are there. Include that more?
  • I like the little bit in lvl2 where you designed the level to allow the player to fail a jump, but then caught them after. Made me smile ;)
  • The passable blocks are hard to read when moving. They are not that different from the solid ones. Maybe make that stand out a tad more. Not too much or it will be TOO obvious.
  • I think I ran out of time because the game reset on lvl3. Had some awkwardness with a slight difficulty spike there. (got it on my sixth try by holding my breath and not blinking ;) )
  • Last level is similar, with the number of mistakes I was making I struggled. However, once I did it I felt SUPER awesome!!
All in all, great job. I dug the graphics, a nice mono color color scheme is always great to see. And the feed back the player gets when jumping is awesome, the little :o face the cube pulls is great!

Good job again mate,

Atomic Brainbag

Game URL: http://atomicbrainbag.itch.io/6-week-lord

I'd Like feedback on: Just aboot everything. Somethings I know are janky and I will iron those out.

I need help on: Just aboot everything. This is my first game so ;) Generally I'm trying to wrack my brain around arrays and how to use them in unity. Any and all advice there would be muchly apperciated.