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I really had fun playing your game! So far one of my favorites

Nice little game :o

I had differentiating what was actually a platform and what wasn't. But other than that i think it's pretty neat! :D

I really like the concept of this!

I love the sprites and cutscene!

I really love the character design! Glad to finally see the game!

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I am a Jack of all trades teammate looking for a team!

1. Introduction:
Hey, my name is Steven. I'm here for anyone who needs a teammate! My sole purpose is to get more comfortable being in a team environment and to hopefully help out newcomers in their pursuit to make games!

Timezone is EST, UTC−5

2. Skills:
My Skills include Game Design, Programming (in the context of unity C#), Level Design, 3D Modeling, Version control using Github.

Down to do whatever.

3. Programs/Languages:
Programs: 3DS Max, Unity, RPG MakerVXace, Photoshop, Audacity, Twine
Languages: Mainly C#

Skills vary. I'm down to try out new things as well.

4. Portfolio:

5. Contact: Hit me up on Discord (Steven #4726) or you find me on Twitter (@Steevuhnn). Don't use any of those? contact me through Steam aswell

6. Other: I prefer smaller teams if possible.

1. Hi! My name is Steven. I sometimes go by 5TEV3N or Steevuhnn

2. I didn't participated in the last jam, but I did join the first one! For this jam, I'll be looking into joining another team. I'm really used to working alone so this is the perfect opportunity for me to put myself out there get to know more people in this community.

3. I have too many favorite games to list. But if I had to choose one, I'd pick Dark Souls 1. My inspiration for making games are Passage and Drowning in problems

4. In terms of game development, I know how to use Unity(my C# skills are enough to squeak by), Construct 2 and a bit of RPG Maker VX ace. But I'm willing to learn any other program if need be. You can check out some of my stuff here.

5. Video Games (both playing and making them) and eating pho.

6. If this is your first jam, understand that your vision of what you want your game to be may not show in your final build and that's okay.The fact that you're willing to put in the work is an achievement in itself.

This is a copy paste from what I sent on Discord.

Hey everyone, my name is Steven. I'll be available for this gamejam as a aid/pal for anyone deciding to use Unity,Construct2 and any other gamejam related things (Teammates, Playtest/Feedback ETC.) I'll provide some help in both programs so if you need a quick question, then msg me. Please take note that I am no expert at these programs so i can't solve all the problems that you're encountering. This also means that I won't be participating in the gamejam but I will be here for anyone who needs help. This was my first game jam, and I support the people behind the jam. I just want to give back to the community that helped me sparked my drive to make games. To contact me ; my Twitter is @Steevuhnn, my discord is Steven#4726 and my Itch.io username is 5TEV3N. If you prefer tumblr, skype or any other social media, private msg me and ill get back to you. My Timezone is EDT (UTC - 4)

Thanks for the input! It really means a lot to me. I didn't it was overly negative at all.

Hey guys! I also want some feed back on my game

Id like feedback on:

  • The difficulty of the game, I had people play test the game and some say it's easy while the others say it was super difficult
  • Did the game deliver in terms of making you question your morality? or was the game too ambiguous and pretentious?
  • Did the music/sound create add to the game?
  • Did you feel the need to replay the game after you got your ending? Was there confusion whether or not you GOT an ending?
ANY input is appreciated, I could really use the help!

I really had fun playing your game! So far one of my favorites

Nice little game :o

I had differentiating what was actually a platform and what wasn't. But other than that i think it's pretty neat! :D

I really like the concept of this!

I love the sprites and cutscene!

Looking forward to see how this turns out. An Interesting idea.

Posted in tumblr thread

I don't have a separate blog for my work as i'm just using my main blog. Sadly I don't really like to liveblog my work. Just headover to my /tagged/dev and you'll find my logs

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Hey! I really appreciate the input!

-The idea of Morally "right" and "Morally "Wrong" is quite different for each individual, and the difference is quite vague, i hope to see questions that will "get you thinking" rather than questions that make you 'question' the question itself (if you know what i mean)

I think i know what you mean, Morality is an ambiguous topic as everyone has their own judgement in things. In terms of the questions they will probably look like this:

" An individual robs a bank, killing countless people in the process. Only to give that money to the homeless. Will you:

A: Let them go. B: Report them to the authorities."

-I also hope to see levels that reflect the player's choice, rather than : "you picked the wrong choice, so i will give you a harder level" because if that's the case all the player has to do is answer "correctly"

In terms of player choice, I wanted the player to choose the option displayed on the right (Hence the title, Do The Right Thing) to get the player to go against their morality just to play the game at an easier level. It makes the player choose whether or not they want to play the game as a player or as a person (If that makes sense).

-How about adding an answer that's "Neutral"?

Ill probably consider it once i got everything done

Created a new topic [Dev Log] Do The Right Thing

Hey guys, I'm gonna join in on the bandwaggon by doing a devlog too!

I'm excited to be apart of this Game Jam and I'm looking forward too seeing everyone's work and such!

So let's get down to business.

So I had this idea for a game back in November when I played the game Loved by Alex Ociasbut never got around doing it (mostly because i'm trying to learn c# and im a bit lazy lol). With this GameJam, my main goal is to get that idea out and finally go make that game, have something functional by the end of the 2 weeks and to have something polished and presentable.

Main overview

So what's the game about? Simple. It's a 2D Platformer in which you must reach to your goal.

The twist is that you choose the difficulty of your next level by answering difficult moral dilemmas.

Morally right answers will be displayed on the left of the screen while morally wrong answers will be displayed on the right.

In order for players to play the game at an easy difficulty level, they must pick the answer to the right while picking the one to the left will make the game difficult.

Core Game Loop + Levels (?)

So here's a the game loop of how the game is going to be played (Sorry for the messy drawing/writing)

I also sketched up some levels, Will probably sketch out more levels. I essentially want the easy and hard stages to reflect one another, mostly because it'll be easier to edit (Im kinda lazy lol)

Here's the link to my Tumblr where ill update on my work