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tumblr thread

A topic by nadia nova created Jan 04, 2016 Views: 344 Replies: 11
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tbh if any of you ppl have gamedev blogs id love to follow them cause i want gamedev stuff on my dash so yeah? i guess you can share your mainblog too if you want even if it wasn't strictly gamedev

my gamedev tumblr [link]

and my mainblog [link]

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Main art blog! it will have my dev stuff on it, but I'm doing a simple twine game with images so it's not going to be as exciting as the gamemaker crowd!

Adding my twitter since I post game-dev mussings on it a lot (like about a food truck ren'py platonic dating game) I'm also WAY more chatty on twitter.

sometimes my mainblog will have dev posts, but you're most likely to find me talking about it on my twitter, or just on my thread. i've been practically liveblogging on my thread.

art/gamedev/personal blog

I just use it for whatever. If you just want gamedev stuff, my thread is basically a liveblog at this point.

I don't have a separate blog for my work as i'm just using my main blog. Sadly I don't really like to liveblog my work. Just headover to my /tagged/dev and you'll find my logs

my gamedev blog

my personal blog disclosure: it's full of fandom shit, gay shit, and gay fandom shit ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

My gamedev/art sideblog, where I'm posting screenshots and assets from the game as it goes.

My main blog which is fandom shit (except for undertale i have another sideblog for that oops) and i am following e v e r y b o dy

i have an art sideblog that also hosts my game dev, as well as a personal though the personal isnt much worth noting lmao

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I figured i'd set up a devblog to post little things as they happen. Either will get used too much or not at all, time will tell.

Here's my main/shitposting blog if anyone wants to look at that too. It's NSFW, just as a warning.

my main blog is where i post most game dev things (for this game specifically, head to /tagged/wdytya!) because i have too many blogs as it is lol but i also tend to post more of my wips and thoughts on twitter (where i'm a lot more chatty in general, but i also prefer to keep my account private typically and just have it open atm for the jam)! both of these are personal accounts that include liberal fandom/oc/life talk tho, but feel free to follow if you'd like! c:

here is my art/gamdev blog! im really glad about this jam since ill be finally putting it into use!

and this is my main blog. i will occasionally reblog my dev progress there, but im sure once i get deep into development, it'll only be key highlights. other than that, it's random fandom things and stuff i find neat and/or funny

here my art blog!! ill probably be posting game progress once do a bit more spriting

heres my main blog as well, i probably wont be posting much dev progress so all you'll find there is shitposts!!