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Also do pixel art for the areas that I had things planned out for

These past few days I focused on getting my work done for school, and haven't really gotten anything out. But over the next few days I'm going to go in and flesh out areas and add in dialog so that by the end of the jam I'll have a prototype for what i guess would be part one (which is easy bc i devided the plot in to 3 parts thanks @ self).

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Day 5

Annnd my progress has slowed to a trickle for the week, but after tomorrow should be back for the long weekend.

Today I made some face placeholders:

Possibly final (probably not), with tweaking, adding color or changing a few things but this is the main gang.

Day 4

So far ive only gotten around to messing around with dungeon layouts because apparently I needed 4 hours to stare blankly into the abyss. These are really only me messing around with puzzle ideas and different dungeon rooms but if you have any tips for how to create interesting dungeon maps please.... tell me... apparently ive never seen one with the number of video games I've played....

I'm about to start writing some stuff and throw together party member placeholders since that will take a total of 3 seconds.

aaaa the color pallete is so cute

Day 3

  • Added a full screen and an actor battle icon script.
  • Switched colors of the bedroom to match rest of apartment
  • Wrote a bit of the starting script.
  • Added 2 scripted events and some switches to activate other events.
  • Planned out the first "arc".
  • Worked out some character designs.

Today I focused more on classes, but tomorrow I only have one class, so I will get more work done, specifically with pixel art, then.

To do tomorrow:

  • Pixel and map dungeon #1 and town.
  • Create placeholder sprites for the party.
  • Write the rest of the opening script.
  • Look up how to balance classes and enemies bc wth.

Day 2

Believe it or not I've been working on this all day, which I'm proud of because usually I get distracted. It's been too cold to go out and do anything though so I stayed cozy in my room doing mediocre pixel art.

These are all of the rooms I've gotten done today. They're not perfect but I'll focus on cleaning up and detailing things later down the line.

I think I'll spend the rest of my day writing the script and solidifying the game further down the line so I can start on those areas. Since this is the starting area this won't change all too much.

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Day One

I spent more of today writing up items and enemies than I did actually creating placeholders, as well as finding some scripts that will help with my game. So I have a list of items sitting on my document with their effects, and I got a concept for the final sprite will look like-ish too.

Ignore that those background pixels are blurry as fuck i was scaling them around bc i wasnt sure how big i wanted them.


A house cat named Pudding convinces her friends to play DnD with her.

Game Engine

RPG Maker VX Ace


Pixel art for characters and maps will be done by me, and I may attempt at messing around with music but it may all come from creative commons stuff.


It will probably have response options, but they won't really change the ending I don't think. If it does I may make a point system that if you get a certain number of points you'll get a bad end. I might use the side battle system or I might use a tactical battle system like fire emblem or pokemon mystery dungeon.

1. Yo yo yo I'm Everett but Ev is the easiest way to type that.

2. I've attempted many times to do this jam (since the first one actually) because I want to complete it so badly....... but I'm a dingus and never pull through...... I've been really good about putting out projects that reached the initial planned idea this year so!! I think I can do it!!

3. God okay I love Bioware games. Like, so much. Storytelling is so important to me in games and they do it really well (albeit sometimes not consistently). Some of my faves are Mass Effect 3 and Dragon Age 2. I also play Pokemon, Fire Emblem, and generic fantasy farming sims (Stardew/ Harvest Moon). I got into the RPGmaker games when I was 15 and those really inspired me to want to make my own games when I realized there was a WHOLE engine dedicated to that.

4. I've messed around in both RPGmaker 2003/VXAce and in Clickteam Fusion. I've attempted to make 3D models in maya and it looked fine until I fully rendered it and then it turned into spaghetti. One time I looked at Unity and cried... Needless to say I have a Lot of learning to do.

5. I like plants, fun socks, and bees like any generic hipster out there. I'm passionate about dogs, birds, and lizards (all animals are important tho). Space is great, but so is the ocean, and one time I did a project on how we have explored the same amount of space as we have the ocean.

In relation to the actual jam I'm passionate about drawing and character establishment, making characters seem lifelike and realistic is vital to a good game for me.

So far I have done very little bc I sleep a lot and work the other part of the day, that or my wifi is dying and I can't watch tutorials but excuses are excuses and I have more done than I did earlier so that's Progress (tm)

I started with clickteam fusion to see how the platforming worked and im gonna try construct in a bit when my wifi clears up a little more and i can actually load more than a 5 minute tutorial.

Im so used to working in RPG maker 2003 which has No Coding so its a bit weird to be assigning perimeters and stuff past event tiles but its fun and i like having the visual element clickteam gives towards it.

Additional Note: Debating changing the title to "Too Spooky"

SO a really long time ago I was super into this urban legend that there was a broadcast at like 3 am very obscure and weird natural disasters and a list of names of people who would die within the next day or week and for the life of me I can't remember what it was called, but that's kinda what this is based on and if anyone has the slightest idea what I am talking about you would be helping me a butt ton so I could stop bangin' my head on a table about this.


Currently unnamed main character and their dog attempt to track down the source of the broadcasting station with assistance of their non-believer friends who build them the equipment to do so.


I'll be doing all the art myself since that's something I'm kinda good at, and then either music will be from some stuff under creative commons license or if I have time I might try my hand and throwing something together.


So far, it's just going to be a generic platformer, nothin' too special, and I'm either going to use Construct 2 or Clickteam Fusion for this .

Shout of to me for making this so short omg. I have other stuff but I'm gonna wait to post more on it til later when I'm happier with it.

Im kinda disappointed i didnt get very far into the game jam becasue shortly after week 2 began, the musical started up and i ended up getting sick towards the end of it all. Its also a project i may want to spend some more time on than the game jam and my schedule permitted. thank you for the support and everythign!! i had a lot of fun and learned a lot in the process, i look forward to seeing everyones games. i hope ill be able to put out something for yall to look at in the near future!

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Day 4

so ive come to realize??/ this jam runs at the worst time for me due to me being a stage manager for my schools musical, and we're going to have rehearsals until 10pm everyday for the next 2 weeks!! whoops.

anyways i wrote a bit to my script, added a few new assets, replaced some place holders for events with the actual event, and 2 new map areas with the tiles i made the other day. hopefully i will get more done tonight and tomorrow (since tomorrow is basically my calm before the storm) but the rest of this may only get done during my minimal free time,,, lets hear it for proper planning....haha... i was hoping i was going to get more than a demo out but! this will give me an independent project for my animation class that i will get a month to work on if i cant finish the whole game by the end of the jam.

ah thank u!!

also i will do that now...

i have an art sideblog that also hosts my game dev, as well as a personal though the personal isnt much worth noting lmao

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AKA idk how to title and that is going to be changed like 200000 times before this is done. Idk how to forum or put photos in this and im not gonna try, so links will lead to my twitter or art blog where i post my updates regularly.

Please feel free to leave criticism, especially on coloring or map arrangement, sometimes im like "that looks ok" but it does n ot..


  • Due to time constraint by school, and my pea sized attention span, create a demo for what would be a game, at least.

Basic Plot:

A witch in the forest receives letters from God that people's "time" have come, and goes out to kill them, thus earning the name "The Forest Reaper". Upon heavy questioning whether what they are doing is right, and if these letters are even from the God which they so claim they are, the Reaper heads out to find who has been sending the letters.

Day 1:

Nothing to report seeing as I spent most of the day taking care of my baby cousin. Switched game engine from Construct 2 > Clickteam Fusion > RPG Maker 2003. Changed my concept from infinite runner, to infinite runner/ beatemup, to rpg adventure game.

I know my general ropes on RPG Maker VX, but have never made my own sprites or tiles, bought 2003 on the Steam Sale and plan to experiment with it.

Day 2:

Decided on plot finally and began to sketch characters and made sprites.

Day 3:

Is today day three??? I think it is...

Made some tiles for the first 2 maps

Made this beautiful error (video) -> http://osombu.tumblr.com/post/136630917046/

Finally took the time to make this post!

Set up some test events and started working on the sprites for them.