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Hello!! Your game was one of the first I played.

I am not the best at platforming, but I could not make it past level two in this. I think it was a mix of the time being too short and some of the blocks being small enough to easily fall off of. I think if you made the platforms two blocks long instead of one, while still keeping the short time, it might make it a good level of difficulty. Also, I loved the teleportation mechanic and figuring out where it would send me.

The graphics are charming and pretty and I love the soft monochromatic purple!

Thank you very much for the reply!

I definitely think I'm going to revisit this in a few days to make the difficulty increase more smoothly, so this kind of stuff is helpful. I would like if it were a nice game for beginners to try out, but I'm no beginner at platformers so it was kind of hard to judge what was too hard.


what would get me in level two was the little back-and-forth section, because i would always hit the top of the next cranny and then fall to the bottom hhaa


i agree, i think the timer should be a lot more lenient, and some of the jumping was a bit too pixel perfect and became frustating. but it was SOO CUTE! and very fun!

Yeah after hearing some people's thoughts I'm thinking I'll change a bit of the layout and make the timer longer. I want the levels to encourage exploration more than they do now, because that sounds more fun and less difficult.