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[DevLog] [PRO=PULSE]

A topic by Justyn created Jan 04, 2016 Views: 229 Replies: 6
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delayed posting this because i couldnt think of a name for this until just now



hello i am justyn! i have yet to complete a game and i am hoping that this will be my first.


PRO=PULSE is a time trial game played in first person perspective, with a focus on using propulsion to complete levels as fast as possible. PRO=PULSE is being developed for the GLOOME engine, a source port of the doom engine modified to be GPL-compliant.


I've been making Doom mods for about a year now, although I have yet to complete one. All my previous projects have involved modifying the base game's already existing actors and weapons. In this project, I will be learning how to create a full game within the doom engine, from scratch. I will also be learning how to make maps, a field I have only dabbled in thus far(if i dont make the deadline i will be blaming this lol).

Thanks for reading. Have an extremely barebones screenshot:


oooo this sounds really fun gameplay-wise. i can't wait to see this game in action!

i love doom and face paced first person games, im super looking forward to this


Progress! I got built-in splits working and the first map is starting to take form. I need to devote some time to finding more textures at some point, lol.


Never heard of GLOOME before, it sounds pretty cool. Love the style of it.


ooo yea some diff textures would def help w/ guiding the player and adding points of interest! i'm not sure if you're going entirely monochromatic but a highlighting color would def lead the eye for the player!


hide sonic somewhere in this