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Gamepad support was not planned for this game and currently I have no plans to add it, unfortunately.

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I have to admit I am terrible at this kind of game, I also don't quite understand how baseball works. But this is a very well made game and I really like how it is put in the context of the characters competing. It is charming and well executed , and the dialogs are also funny. Good work!

Watching all of the character's finishers is a lot of fun. It's really nice how you managed to implement every character in the game, the models are very accurate and it's really cool that you can play with alll of them. Making a fighting game is not an easy task so it's suprising to see it being delivered here. Good work!

It is undeniable how much this game reminded me of experiences such as Yume Nikki and LSD. Not just in the atmosphere and overall vibe, but in how it requires you to figure out that world by slowly trying to fit its pieces together, since it won't make a lot of sense immediately for anyone who is used to something more conventional. There are a lot of details here that made me think, from the character animations to the details inthe backgrounds. I got a bit stumped at some point and wasn't able to make further progress, but I appreciate the willigness to create something like this game and put it out there. Even for someone whow might have trouble understanding it, it definitely leaves an impression. Also I have to mention how much the music contributes for the atmosphere here, really good work.

This game oozes with charm and style, everything comes together in a very consistent way that is very pleasant to experience. The music is awesome, the environment is well detailed, the character portraits are great. The main gameplay mechanic made me wish there was a bit more game to play, the part with the shack and the key really showed a lot of potential. Overall a really nice game and an amazing display of the talents of everyone involved, great work!

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Really good version of the story and characters, Big George's friends ar as likeable as him. That was a nice version of DSD as well. The main gameplay idea was a cool way to make the friends playable and it was well executed. The ending definitely leaves an impact haha. Good work!

Thank you for the feedback MayorMcFrumples! The dash toggle was planned but I was afraid that updating the game with this sort of improvement could be seen as taking an unfair advantage during the jam's judging period. But once the jam ends the game will be updated to include that function.

This game was one of my favorites from the jam. I love the way the ghost mechanic was used and the gradual progression introducing new mechanics, it was a great mashup of stealth and puzzle. The story was funny, all of the characters were well represented and I love the models and the art style. Great presentation overall, and a special shout out to the music and sound design that are top notch. Had a lot of fun with this one, great work!

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The use of echolocation was a highlight of this game for me. The idea of having this big mansion with a many characters living in it and using echolocation powers to find objects and hidden characters is fun, specially when finding some of the little hidden easter eggs. Part of me just wishes it had more quests with that mechanic because it's definitely a fun premisse. Very good renditions of the characters as well, super accurate to the drawings. Good work!

My favorite game over screen of the jam so far, no doubt. It absolutely destroyed me. The main mechanic was clever and I liked the gradual progression of the idea, it was the right ammount of challenge and it had a good lenght. The puzzles were well thought out. Really enjoyed the implementation of audio too. Good work!

I enjoyed this game a lot. It had a very nice story and it was a very good take on the friendship theme. One of my favorite things about it is how Dark Schippie Dues was represented and how important he was for the story and for the protagonist, in a way that is unique compared to other games in the jam so far. Very fun and catchy music, and great used of foam. Well done!

Will definitely consider adding an "always running" option or turning the dash into a toggle, once the game jam ends. Thank you for the feedback!

Possibly the most unique entry in the entire jam, I never saw a weaving simulation game before and had zero prior knowledge about the process. Aside from learning about an important part of the history of looms, this game also taught me that weaving is very difficult haha. I do like how the process can almost be compared to a rhythm game, and the message at the end of the game was very thoughtful and sincere.

Great presentation and the cast is full of charm and personality. The ammount of detail in this is definitely the highlight, with all the little nods to the past games and jams and the highly detailed room. Very cool interpretation of DSD and nice selection of music as well!

This comment was heartwarming and made me really happy, thank you so much Wujak!

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This was such an unique game in so many ways. The quirky and dark art style was a very interesting take on the world and the character redesigns were pretty cool, I particularly liked the interpretation of Primeval Mask, DSD and Solveig. The way each character's powers were implemented in their unique play style is neat. I took a while for me to understand the rules of the game so my first playthrough was disastrous, but I ended it feeling like I've learned how to play and it was fun enough that it granted a second playthrough, where I managed to win every battle. Overall, really unique and fun game!

One of my favorite things about the game is how the "secret power" part of the lore was implemented as a gameplay mechanic,  it was a very smart way to turn lore into gameplay and tie the themes together. I found the controls a bit difficult to get used to at the beginning, but once I got it figured out I felt the game had the right ammount of challenge. Also, the story got some chuckles out of me! Good work!

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I'm really impressed by this game, the main mechanic is so simple but it was so effective and fun! The puzzles were really well thought out and the way each character's power played out in the story was very fun, specially the final boss. One of my favorite things from the game is seeing how it changed when George absorbed more cotton at the end of each stage, really nice touch! This was a really fun and well made game, congrats!

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31/07/2023 Update


  • Fixed instances of framerate dependency that could make certain behaviors such as stamina recovery and trap rooms work improperly
  • Fixed dialogue log not showing player selected options properly
  • Fixed an issue in which black fade in screens would appear bellow the HUD
  • Fixed visual glitch related to the bow weapon
  • Improved enemy collisions

QOL Changes

  • Added Brazilian Portuguese translation
  • Small changes to improve multiple dialogues
  • Slightly increased stamina recharge time

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23/07/2023 Update


  • Fixed some spelling mistakes

QOL changes

  • Added a "Sprint Toggle" option in the Settings Menu
  • Added a "Custom cursor" option in the Settings Menu
  • Added a Special Thanks section during the credits and a prompt to return to the Title Screen

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20/07/2023 Update


  • Fixed save data not loading weapon progress if the game was closed and reopened (previously patch didn't fix it)
  • Fixed player being able to enter houses from behind
  • Fixed visual glitch in the ending screen
  • Fixed some spelling mistakes

─────────────── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ───────────────

18/07/2023 Update


  • Fixed some of the music loops and wrong music triggers
  • Fixed multiple mistakes with text and spelling
  • Fixed dialog missing for one of the NPCs
  • Fixed a couple issue with shop items
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the ending screen would get obscured
  • Fixed some collision issues with monsters
  • Fixed the position of spikes that could prevent the player of entering a room in rare instances
  • Fixed a specific warp point that was missing, leaving the player to go out of boundaries
  • Fixed bow animations using the wrong sprites
  • Fixed sprites and positioning of books in wrong places

QOL changes

  • Removed debug message IDs from bellow the text boxes
  • Added messages to the doors of houses the player can't enter (those houses were not finished for the jam)
  • Added a sound for when the player tries to use a weapon without stamina
  • Added credits message after the end of the game

The game was made with Construct 3. The Heat distortion was created with a built-in effect called "Wave Ripple".

Press the Z or J keys on your keyboard (in game they are labeled as "Button A").
If the game is not responding, try clicking on the game area with your mouse to make sure your browser is focused on it. If you still have issues with it try to click on the fullscreen button.

This game is adorable. I love how there isn't a specific way to finish every room, so it's up to the player to choose if they want to be fast and efficient or to take their time tidying up the room. Switching characters around to reach every corner can be very fun and I like how you need to consider team work when moving big pieces of furniture. Great sprites and very truthful to the Famicase that inspired it.
Great work!

Lovely game! It can be challenging even after you get the hang of the controls, so it doesn't feel like an easy win when you get first place. The character designs are adorable and I really like how each one of them stands out, despite of being so tiny. Also, my favorite course is the chaotic 8-shaped one haha.
Great work!

There you go!

If you mean getting inspiration from a game that already exists, you absolutely can. This is precisely the theme of the jam! For example, turning Final Fantasy into "Final Phantasia" or something like that. Alternately, you can also pick a non-RPG series and make an RPG out of it.
Just try to be different enough so you can avoid issues with copyright!

This one was made with C2!

Aside from using third party plugins, I did everything for this one. Thank you very much!

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That's awesome, I was really hoping to see someone beating the high score! Thank you for playing it!

Yes, I plan to upload desktop versions soon. I'm just waiting to be able to make some improvements and fix some bugs. It takes some time to upload so I want to have a better build first =)

Lovely aesthetics. I really like the touches such as rain and petals falling, or the slight hustle of grass when you walk by. The game is very relaxing and cute, great work!

I'm so glad you liked it, thank you so much!

Thank you! The original idea was to have weapon drops throughout the stage, but I didn't have the time to implement it. The "E" key was used for debug, but I ended up leaving it in there. I might change that and implement the original idea in the future.

Thank you! It does have music, perhaps you are having some issue with the playback? Maybe try refreshing the game, the music should start as soon as you start the first level!

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I've "fixed" this bug multiple times, for some reason it finds a way to happen again! The most recent build should have a solution for this, but I'll keep checking why it happens.
Thank you very much!

Thank you so much! My secret for jam games is figuring out a way to make assets quickly and cheaply, but it helps having a lot of previous experience too. I'm also reusing some assets I did for old games whenever possible, like for visual effects and such. Seems like more people are mixing themes from both recipes so I might try that as well, when I have more of the themes I selected implemented. I'm looking forward to see your game!

Hello everyone! My name is Victor (aka Crowno) and I've been an EZA fan since the beginning. Unfortunately I missed the start of the jam (got distracted by E3 and life stuff) so I'm starting development on my project very late. I still have some busy days ahead of me and the chances of me finishing this game are slim, but I've been so in love with Glinny's Cauldron and the idea of a game jam based on it that I absolutely NEED to give it a shot, regardless of my chances of being successful.

I'll be working on it alone and on my free time, so bare in mind I will be doing this project for fun and with no stakes. Let me know if you want to help with anything, but have in mind that this game might not be finished and/or released.

Anyway, figured it could be cool to share a devlog with you guys since it could be entertaining or informative. Plus, documenting my progress might help me get motivated. Feel free to leave your feedback and ideas!

Gah! Bonelord! (temporary name, maybe?!)
So, for my game I decided to choose Glinny's recipe  instead of  Cahrsurraurher's.  Both of them have themes I'd absolutely love to incorporate, but I feel Glinny's may give me more flexibility to work with mechanics. It was a very hard choice to pass on "full voice acting by 1 person" and "character portraits are different on the menus", but sacrifices have to be made.  That being said, these are the primary themes I'll be attempting to incorporate:

  •  You have a 1% chance to not be able to double jump
  •  Spells that inflict status effects  virtually never work on bosses.
  •  The first waterfall you discover has a secret cave, but the following 23 do not.
  •  Instant death from touching the SIDE of a spike. Not the dangerous points, but the side of the spikes.
  •  The final boss of the game is a character first introduced directly prior to the final boss fight.
  •  There’s a cutscene where all the characters in your party hear news of a death of an NPC that was mentioned once before in the story. They all act incredibly devastated even though this character was insignificant.
  •  The game has a hunger meter, every time your character is hungry a loud stomach grumbling sound effect will play. This sound effect can drown out important pieces of dialogue or other important sounds.
  •  No buildings can be entered. Anytime you attempt to enter one your character says "It's not the right time for that"
  •  Every town has a mandatory Bad Anime Hot Spring scene
  •  The celebrity likeness

But what will the game be?
I've struggle a bit to settle on what kind of game I wanted to make. At first I thought a traditional turn-based RPG on RPG Maker would be perfect for this, but I figured it would be a bit difficult to adjust the pacing to fit into a short 45min game, considering all the rpg aspects such as random encounters, balancing and etc. Ultimately I decided to go with a simple action platformer.
The main idea is to give the player the ability to change between party members with different attacks and abilities, but keeping it as simple as possible. I'm aiming for 4 playable party members at the moment, but I might reduce it to 3 or even 2.
So far there is absolutely no plot and the plan is to make up as I go along. I have some ideas of characters and jokes already, but my goal is not to be too serious about it. I'll be focusing on character design, aesthetics and gameplay, which are my favorite parts.

Development so far
I usually start my games by choosing a theme, finding a style I want to work with and doing some sketches. Visually I'm taking a lot of inspiration from Paper Mario. Here are some preliminary sketches of character ideas.


It took me a while to decide between going with pixel art or hand-drawn art, but I decided to go with the latter. I work way too much with pixel art already, so I feel the hand-drawn characters will provide me with the looseness I need. I also opted to do hand-drawn animations instead of going with bones, but I need to work a bit more on it to decide if it's a viable option.

So far I have a prototype with basic platforming movement fully implemented, as well as some baseline I want to follow with the graphics. So far it looks like this:

Here's a gif of the game in action:

What is next
For now my absolute priority is to get 2 or 3 fully playable characters with different abilities, make the combat and implement some basic gameplay features (dialogue boxes, dying & respawning, transitioning between areas). Hopefully I'll return soon with some updates.

I guess that is it for now. Thank you for reading, and I'll be looking forward to your feedback.

When scanning through this year's edition of Famicase, "A Vivid Life" was one the covers that most caught my attention. I could not stop wondering what kind of story that art could be telling, and I believe this game does a fantastic job in translating it in its own unique way. The premise alone made me very curious, and the story (or stories) told is very thought-provoking. I love how effectively it uses the elements of body horror in different contexts, but always coming around the theme of feeling out of place. 

Great work, and thanks for the experience!

For some reason I thought switching between 2 actions with an extra button was a good idea, when using each button for an action would have been smarter haha.  Thanks for feedback!

Unfortunately the Hammer detection against the crystal tiles ended up being rather janky, aside from the hitbox being relatively small. It was not intentional but it is definitely something to be improved in the future. Thanks for feedback!

That was super fun to watch! Unfortunately looks like some of the visual effects were glitched (that's a browser thing), so the part with the mirrors wasn't working as intended. The mirrors shift their colors when you have a ghost following you, so it is easier to recognize when you can go through them. I'm impressed that you managed to finish the game despite of that, though!
Thank you so much for playing.