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Taavet Maask

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Hey! Thanks!

Thank you! :3

glitch lyfe :D

You can go outside. :D

Game is finally uploaded

That's all I can do in this game? :D

Working on a street level

Thank you! :)

Little footage of today's progress


Some pictures of first level so far:

Right now I've done all the programming, modeling and textures by myself. New pictures coming soon!

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Sorry for my non-native English that may hurt your eyes. My famicase is this one: I Am a Rock

Game itself

The game will be named after the famicase "I am a rock". The idea is that every morning all livings wake up as different things. In this game, you live a life as one of these livings and you wake up as a rock. The game will be a story based where you work as an operator at Grass Pictures (movie company). On your way to work, you have different puzzles. At work, you have to listen to the director (more puzzles) and so on... The game should be short and funny. Some sketches will be posted soon.

Who I need

I would love if someone joins. I really need an artist who can draw and make this game much cooler. I also don't have a musician, who can compose some cool background music and some other things as well. If you feel you can help me with something else, give me a reply. Also, anyone with good humor can help us a lot.


I'm a programmer, I have used Unity3D for five years already and I feel pretty comfortable with it. I also will make some sort of design, but we should do it with the team altogether.  I also try to motivate my team to create the best quality game of rocks without any pain.

Any ideas?

Hey! I'm Taavet, from Estonia. I have used Unity3D and programmed with C# for a five years allready. I like your art style! May I join?

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First of all, Thank you for the first post on this game.

We are allready working on making particles on cutting, powerups will be next thing. In the future the game will be multiplayer, Everybody is on the same yard and collecting points for the win.

Also follow us!

Thank you so much for the feedback! We are allready working on controls and fix them soon. I will also make the game avable to linux next time.