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Svetlana Tovarisch

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No. These songs were composed for other developers. I sell them with my rights as the composer, but they are licensed to other works. If you'd like me to compose for your game, please send a business inquiry to, thank you.

Nevermind... this happens if you try to overwrite the files of 2.0 with 2.2.0. A fresh install solves this.

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I tried updating the game to the latest version but now when I try to start it it just crashes saying "Plugin 'AppleARKit' failed to load because module 'AppleARKit' could not be found." Any ideas?

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And another one... stopping mid-build and continuing, some but not all pieces are now missing as well

Here's a couple of screenshots, just started the camper build.. the starting 2x6 is nowhere to be found in the instructions (though in this case it's easier to infer)

the new release is wonderful! i was already happy with the older version, this one was even nicer :)

two things though, first, the instructions seem to be a bit glitchy, i only built one model so far (the ducks and dog one) but it seems like previously built pieces (whatever's stationary) sometimes don't appear in the instructions, making them hard to follow. when starting the build the pieces i needed to put down were floating, and after i left and came back in the middle of the build, even more pieces that were already there vanished as well.

second, are there any plans for multplayer? i would absolutely love to build kits with my friends

thank you for making this!

my girlfriend is so cute y'all

hey! this game was super fun, though the color puzzle was a bit baffling :p it was also super short, i hope you make more like these! i've played it on one of my live streams here, it starts at around 50:40

hey there! this was one of the games i picked to play on one of my live streams, it comes on around 35:26. i really liked it! it even made me want to play more after i was done streaming :p

i'll do whatever you want just please keep the spiders away from me

this sounds like a 100% reasonable proposal

making a new post so people can reply to it instead of op, i'll start!

hi my name is svetlana and i make music for video games without music and i would like to make music for your video game!

hi here's a thread for people who want to find a team or need a specific member (like music, gfx) in their team!

just post what you do and what you're looking for! <3