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The Bricksperience

Build brick-building sets from the perspective of a minifigure. · By DasMatze

a couple questions

A topic by Svetlana Tovarisch created May 13, 2018 Views: 177 Replies: 7
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the new release is wonderful! i was already happy with the older version, this one was even nicer :)

two things though, first, the instructions seem to be a bit glitchy, i only built one model so far (the ducks and dog one) but it seems like previously built pieces (whatever's stationary) sometimes don't appear in the instructions, making them hard to follow. when starting the build the pieces i needed to put down were floating, and after i left and came back in the middle of the build, even more pieces that were already there vanished as well.

second, are there any plans for multplayer? i would absolutely love to build kits with my friends

thank you for making this!


Hi! Thank you for reporting this!

I just tried building the ducks and dog set but couldn't see anything wrong with it. There was a problem with the instructions not showing all bricks after loading a save during development but that has been fixed. Do you have a picture of this problem?

Multiplayer is something I expected to become requested but it would require a complete overhaul again and in all the years that I've been working with the Unreal Engine 4, I never touched anything related to multiplayer which would make it even harder to implement. Personally I don't play multiplayer games at all. For now I'm working on actual objectives you can enable when simply building a set isn't as fun.

Thank you for playing!

Here's a couple of screenshots, just started the camper build.. the starting 2x6 is nowhere to be found in the instructions (though in this case it's easier to infer)

(1 edit)

And another one... stopping mid-build and continuing, some but not all pieces are now missing as well

Developer (1 edit)

Thank you for posting pictures! I did not experience the issue with the bricks not displaying at the start of a build but I did experience the issue with continuing saved games. An update is available and it should fix both issues.

I'm actually having the Save Game missing previous bricks in the instructions issue on 2.0.6. Here's a screenshot of it. I can give my specs if need be, too. Really love the game so far, otherwise! This is something I never knew how much I wanted until I found it.


I attempted to fix it again in version 2.0.7. If it still doesn't show all bricks correctly, I will redo the whole instruction system.


Oh my goodness, thank you! It's working perfectly now, as far as I've seen.