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  • added 5 new bricks
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Additional content:

  • added 5 new bricks
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I sticky'd this thread, added the parts and released an update (it might take up to an hour to go live).

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Additional content:

  • added set "30152 - Mining Quad"
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Bugs fixed:

  • Editor import file path was displayed relative to the install location
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Use the Super-Jumper skill (default key is Q) to reach higher placed bricks. Also buy some "Double interaction range" upgrades once possible to increase the distance you can pick up and build bricks at.

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I appreciate your offer but have to decline.

Not only the entire project is made with blueprints (unprofessional but I cannot code) but also the reason why I taught myself many aspects of game development in the past 12 years instead of focusing on one or two areas is because I am not good at working together with other people when it comes to projects which are important to me.

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Unfortunately not. The only thing that can be done is posting which bricks are missing / which bricks you need (the list of IDs that is shown after importing/loading a set with missing bricks).

I then need to convert them into the right format and size, edit them if they have too many visual problems, import them, apply materials, edit some settings of the meshes, create icons and add them to a database in the game. It's a lengthy process. Additionally only at the weekends I find time to work on this project.

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Thank you for posting pictures! I did not experience the issue with the bricks not displaying at the start of a build but I did experience the issue with continuing saved games. An update is available and it should fix both issues.

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Bugs fixed:

  • Preview images made in the editor were not moved to the correct location.
  • When continuing a saved game, the instructions didn't show all bricks which were built earlier.

I made a video tutorial:

I am working on a tutorial. I will link it here once completed.

Hi! Thank you for reporting this!

I just tried building the ducks and dog set but couldn't see anything wrong with it. There was a problem with the instructions not showing all bricks after loading a save during development but that has been fixed. Do you have a picture of this problem?

Multiplayer is something I expected to become requested but it would require a complete overhaul again and in all the years that I've been working with the Unreal Engine 4, I never touched anything related to multiplayer which would make it even harder to implement. Personally I don't play multiplayer games at all. For now I'm working on actual objectives you can enable when simply building a set isn't as fun.

Thank you for playing!

With that upgrade you can display the instructions onscreen by pressing TAB.

I didn't see a new version was out so my post refers to version 2. With version 3 it is indeed possible to create more complicated commands. Nice. And the menu for it is much closer to what I thought about.

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First of all, really nice game! It has a lot of potential.

I like how you teach the workers actions by doing it yourself but I'd rather prefer a proper menu for creating, viewing and editing action chains. I have trouble keeping track of the robots (custom colors, names and labels would help) and it seems more complex actions are impossible at the moment (carrying more than one tool from one place to another or supplying more than one workbench with materials).

I'm looking forward to new versions!