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Once you have an .ldr file, you don't need LDraw anymore. Are you placing it in the correct folder? The directory is shown in the "Import Set"-window. You might have to create the "Sets" folder first. It's not the "Sets" folder in the "Content" folder.

I see. Try the mirror, which works for me, while the official download does not: https://www.1000steine.de/downloads/LDraw_AIOI_2018-01_setup_32bit_v2.exe

Also if you download Stud.io, LDraw might not be needed.

I'm sorry, I still don't understand what might wrong. Can you post pictures or a video of it?


Additional features:

  • Bricks are outlined when you can pick them up
  • Added tweak to change pickup radius
  • Added tweak to rotate the set
  • Added setting to turn off brick highlighting

New content:

  • Added content to match The Bricksperience V 2.0.16

Bugs fixed:

  • Bricks were sometimes appearing with a way too long delay

I added both a flashlight in in the instructions and a new way out-of-bound bricks are recognized and returned. I hope this fixes the problem.


Bugs fixed:

  • The icons of some bricks were cut off

New features:

  • You can now toggle a flashlight on and off in the instructions


Bugs fixed:

  • Bricks were still passing through the ground
  • The collisions of the bricks were not optimal

Additional content:

  • Added 7 new bricks
  • Added set "6596 - Wave Master"


Bugs fixed:

  • The Brick Finder skill could not be used without a second battery, therefore the battery unlockable is now a dependency for the Brick Finder skill
  • There were smaller UI appearance issues
  • Some bricks of some sets had unrealistic dependency settings
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Additional features:

  • Save and load system implemented
  • Clock that shows the system time added on the wall to the right
  • Added descriptions to tweaks

Bugs fixed:

  • Built bricks did not have any collision.

That normally shouldn't happen and they are supposed to respawn once they move beneath the surface. I will look into it later but for now try exiting to the main menu and continuing the saved game. It should respawn.

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Bugs fixed:

  • The Bricksperience Points menu items were not displayed correctly
  • Bricks in saved games were spawning all at once and made the game crawl

Additional content:

  • Added 13 new bricks
  • Added set "3225 - Classic Train"
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I looked at it and don't see anything wrong or not working. I made a video about how I start setting up dependencies and how to look inside of a model (in case that becomes a problem):

The missing wheel brick will come with the next update.

Dropbox and Google Drive are good ways to share files. Or send it via email at dasmatzeapps at gmail dot com.

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I can't find any info on a brick with the ID 54944. Can you post a picture of it? The other two have been added.

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Bugs fixed:

  • Newly added sets were not copied to the savegame folder

The more bricks a set has, the longer it takes and the worse the performance is. The largest set I had in the game before the release of V2.0 had 1300 bricks. It took around 45 minutes to finish with the cheats I use when testing the game. Without them it would have taken me at least two hours. But if you really want a bigger set, I added one of the two houses from the Pet Shop modular building (975 bricks) in the latest update.

I'm not sure what you mean by "it wouldn't place the slope". The dependency mode simply adds information to the bricks, it doesn't move, place or connect them. Or maybe I'm misunderstanding your post. Have you watched the video tutorial?

If that doesn't solve your problem, maybe you can send me the file?

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Bugs fixed:

  • The sliders in the audio menu didn't show the correct value upon opening the menu
  • The number input fields didn't work as intended

Additional content:

  • Added 19 new bricks
  • Added set "10218 - Pet Shop (House 1)"

New features:

  • Added counter to main menu to tell how many bricks are implemented

You select a brick, switch to dependency mode (the button in the lower right corner or by pressing 2) and mark all the bricks which need to be built before the selected brick can be built. This side-view graphic showing dependencies might help:

This process can unfortunately not be automated. But you can make use of three features to accelerate the process:

  • Enable "Orbit Mode" (top right corner of "Edit Bricks"-window) to center the camera on the selected brick
  • Enable "Smart Cull" to only display the bricks around the selected brick
  • Press E (or click "Next Brick") to select the next brick which has no dependency information set

This way you don't have to move the camera much and don't need to leave the "Toggle Dependency" mode. Simple sets (especially older, non-Technic sets) can be setup within a few minutes this way. I hope this helps. If you have an idea on how to make it even easier and quicker, let me know!

You are right, they are available in Stud.io. My LDraw library wasn't up to date. I added the remaining 7 bricks.

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Additional content:

  • Added 7 new bricks


Bugs fixed:

  • "Replace Color"-menu in editor was unusable
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In this topic you can share sets you have imported and prepared for the game. To share a set, go to the savegames folder ("C:\Users\itch-player-{someID}\AppData\Local\TheBricksperience\Saved\SaveGames" when you use the itch.io client), zip up the three files with the filenames "Set_[setname].sav", "Set_[setname].jpg" and "Set_[setname]_t.jpg", and upload the zip file somewhere (such as Google Drive).

Some sets by Cr1TiKa7 can be found here: https://www.indiedb.com/games/the-bricksperience/addons

I suggest not to upload to indiedb.com since I don't upload new versions of The Bricksperience there anymore and would like to remove it from that site.

If you need help importing a set: https://itch.io/t/229146/how-to-import-files-from-ldraw

If the bricks of the imported set are not available in The Bricksperience: https://itch.io/t/238206/missing-bricks

I added most of them but these could not be found:

  • 98313
  • 18041
  • 21599
  • 18841
  • 18897
  • 16001
  • 16000

Have you used Lego Digital Designer to export your model? It uses the wrong IDs for some bricks (and rotates/translates them the wrong way) which is why these IDs don't exist. I suggest to replace them with existing LDraw bricks in a software like Stud.io then you can post the corrected IDs.

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  • Upgraded game to Unreal Engine 4.20 (this could mean slightly better performance)
  • Internal redesigns of user interface (you won't notice a difference but there might be bugs I didn't notice)

Additional content:

  • Added 82 new bricks

I attempted to fix it again in version 2.0.7. If it still doesn't show all bricks correctly, I will redo the whole instruction system.


Bugs fixed:

  • Bricks in the instructions were still missing when loading a saved game


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Additional content:

  • Added 5 new bricks
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Additional content:

  • Added 5 new bricks

I sticky'd this thread, added the parts and released an update (it might take up to an hour to go live).

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Additional content:

  • Added set "30152 - Mining Quad"
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Bugs fixed:

  • Editor import file path was displayed relative to the install location
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Use the Super-Jumper skill (default key is Q) to reach higher placed bricks. Also buy some "Double interaction range" upgrades once possible to increase the distance you can pick up and build bricks at.

I appreciate your offer but have to decline.

Not only the entire project is made with blueprints (unprofessional but I cannot code) but also the reason why I taught myself many aspects of game development in the past 12 years instead of focusing on one or two areas is because I am not good at working together with other people when it comes to projects which are important to me.

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Unfortunately not. The only thing that can be done is posting which bricks are missing / which bricks you need (the list of IDs that is shown after importing/loading a set with missing bricks).

I then need to convert them into the right format and size, edit them if they have too many visual problems, import them, apply materials, edit some settings of the meshes, create icons and add them to a database in the game. It's a lengthy process. Additionally only at the weekends I find time to work on this project.

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Thank you for posting pictures! I did not experience the issue with the bricks not displaying at the start of a build but I did experience the issue with continuing saved games. An update is available and it should fix both issues.

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Bugs fixed:

  • Preview images made in the editor were not moved to the correct location
  • When continuing a saved game, the instructions didn't show all bricks which were built earlier

I made a video tutorial: