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The Bricksperience

Build brick-building sets from the perspective of a minifigure. · By DasMatze


A topic by astra created Oct 26, 2018 Views: 93 Replies: 5
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The game really needs optimization because when i load in a set doesnt matter the size or settings (have tried) it just doesnt respond and i have to wait 5 mins for the set to load in pls fix 

Thank you


What system do you have?

I am using a windows computer

Btw i think the issue comes from the start of the level when the bricks fall down they all spawn at the same time in the same place which makes a ton of collisions between the entities that might be the problem 

If it could help i could try and get some screenshots


You were right! This somehow slipped past me. It's fixed.

Thank you, you have really made a great game!