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The Bricksperience

Build brick-building sets from the perspective of a minifigure. · By DasMatze

how to download LDraw files premade and put them into bricksperience.

A topic by techminer created Jan 22, 2019 Views: 67 Replies: 3
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ive found a couple sets that i want to build from the ldraw website but cant figure out how to turn the mpd into the files that the bricksperiece needs to run the set

i was able to turn mpd to ldr but it doesnt say i cant open it it just doesnt open int the editor in bricksperience


The editor doesn't support sub-models. Maybe it contains some. You can open the file in, click on a sub model and click the "release"-button at the bottom of the screen. Then save it as an ldr file.

awesome. that worked thank you much