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New features:

  • Sets need to be bought with Bricksperience Points before being able to build them
  • Settings can be accessed from the pause menu
  • The set list displays icons next to the names to indicate which sets have been bought and which have been built
  • Buttons added to the settings menu to reset different kinds of progress
  • Completing a set for the first time gives two times the amount of Bricksperience Points

Additional content:

  • Added set "7346 - Seaside House (A)"
  • Added set "6624 - Delivery Van"
  • Added 3 new bricks
  • Added Auto Clicker unlockable


  • The Bricksperience Menu is now located at the main menu
  • Removed "Dynamic Music" feature
  • The "Difficulty" setting has been replaced by a "Bricksperience Points Reward Multiplier"-slider which goes up to a factor of 5

Bugs fixed:

  • The instructions camera was teleported above the ground upon moving
  • The set in the main menu was already fully built when displaying a set (instead of building) before