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The Bricksperience

Build brick-building sets from the perspective of a minifigure. · By DasMatze

Dependency test

A topic by astra created Dec 08, 2018 Views: 69 Replies: 7
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i cant get the dependency test to work it just wont...

Developer (1 edit)

You either have forgotten to set dependencies on some bricks or you have a loop somewhere (example: A needs B, B needs C, C needs A). The test should build as far as it can, which means there needs to be a problem with the bricks which are hidden once it fails. If you cannot find it, you can send me the save file, if you like to.

How do i set dependencies? 

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Add me on discord : Astra#8617 (easier chat) 

Developer (1 edit)

Sorry, I don't like to chat. Have you seen this tutorial video?

You add dependencies by selecting a brick, clicking on the "Dependency"-button and clicking on the bricks the selected brick depends on.

i havent seen that, seems very useful thank you!

its gonna take sooooo long tho

Developer (1 edit)

If your set is big, then yes, it will take a while. It cannot be done automatically but it can be accelerated by using the provided features:

  • Press E or press the "Next brick" button (bottom left corner) to automatically select the next brick which has no dependencies
  • Use the 1 and 2 keys to toggle between the "Select" and "Dependency" mode
  • Toggle on "Smart Cull" (top right corner) to only display the bricks around the selected brick
  • Toggle on "Orbit Mode" (top right corner) to rotate the camera around the selected brick

Once you get used to this workflow, it can be done in half the time. Better start with some small sets.