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The Bricksperience VR

A VR version of the block-building game "The Bricksperience" · By DasMatze

Vive not detected

A topic by Bonesteeler created Jan 18, 2019 Views: 49 Replies: 4
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When I boot up the game the VR camera is in the default position, and my Vive is showing the default lobby room.


Thank you for reporting this! Does the just published version fix this issue if you run SteamVR before starting The BricksoerienceVR?

I’m away from it this weekend, but I’ll tell you when I get back

The issue appears to be fixed, but input is still messed up from the previous thread. Reset position is mapped to the face button, and I couldn't find any buttons to interact with the menu. I would offer some advice on what the proper names for the input is, but my experience is in Unity rather than Unreal.


I checked again how I mapped the keys. As far as I can see have the Vive controllers four buttons on the touchpad. I mapped menu interaction to the top one. Reset position is clicking the pad.

How would you, as a Vive owner, map the keys? These actions need to be mapped to each controller: grabbing, pushing, menu interaction, reset tracking, reset bricks.